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Top 10 Adverts for the 2014 Brazil World Cup

Top 10 Adverts for the 2014 Brazil World Cup:

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The world cup presents advertisers with a golden opportunity to reach a global audience, aligning their brand and products with the passion that fans have for the game.

With the tournament in Brazil in full swing, we take a look at some of the most talked about adverts gracing screens this summer:

1 Nike: The Last Game

This 5 minute animated film features a number of players sponsored by the sports giant. The human players must take on a team of clones in an effort to save the game from boring and unadventurous football, promoting the brand's 'risk everything' tag line.

2 Adidas: House Match

Official sponsor Adidas feature David Beckham and other stars who become bored playing a football video game and so start kicking a real ball about indoors. This means disaster for the furnishings and décor at Beckingham Palace.

3 McDonalds: GOL!

This ad takes the focus away from famous players, instead showing tricks and skills performed in real-world locations. Unusually it doesn't feature the brand's products or restaurants, however is part of a World Cup campaign by McDonalds that includes an augmented reality app and interactive food packaging.

4 Coca-Cola: World Cup 2014

Coca-Cola's ad suggests that football unites people around the world for four weeks every four years and asks 'shouldn't the world be more like the FIFA World Cup?'. Of course, there are some shots of people enjoying a refreshing Coke included for good measure.

5 The Sun: Do Us Proud

The ad for the newspaper uses a tracking shot to showcases skills used to pass the ball along a line of players without it touching the ground, with song lyrics printed on the backs of their shirts that match the ad's soundtrack. The ad suggests the theme of teamwork and promotes the paper's DoUsProud hashtag.

6 Budweiser: Believe as One

Budweiser's series of World Cup ads use the ever popular advertising theme of football bringing the world together. It includes a range of people and locations around the world to convey this message, interspersed with images of the beverage producer's special World Cup edition gold bottle.

7 Mars: World Cup 2014

This ad for Mars shows an England supporter having a revelation while eating a Mars bar in the closing seconds of a game, which enables him to give the team the strategy they need to score the winning goal.

8 Currys PC World: Football? What Football?

Part of a series of tongue in cheek ads from the electrical retailer which use the premise of men trying to con their wives into letting them get a new TV, conveniently enough just in time for the World Cup.

9 Beats by Dre: The Game Before the Game

Featuring a host of footballers, together with other sporting and non-sporting celebrity cameos, this ad from the headphone manufacturer focuses on the pre-game rituals and mental preparation undertaken by players and fans alike before a match.

10 Samsung: Galaxy 11

Samsung's series of World Cup ads bring together football and sci-fi, following a storyline in which a number of the world's top footballers need to beat a team of aliens in order to save the planet.

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