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Your Favourite Christmas Ad of 2013

Review of Christmas Ads 2013. Which one's your favourite?

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Christmas ads have become a major event in UK culture, not only do they usually signal the start of the festive period but they are anticipated, cloaked in secrecy and unveiled, similar to a new car launch. Have the ads become a bigger event than Christmas itself? Ad executives would say yes.

Looking at a selection of this years ads for me they are a heady mixture of sentiment, glamour and unbridalled hope and love.

1 ) John Lewis - The Bear & The Hare

Advert 1

The most hyped ad of 2013 was John Lewis' "Bear and the hare" a £7 million cartoon fantasy featuring a hare giving a bear the one product featured in the whole 2 minute ad, an alarm clock. I do hope alarm clock sales have soared!

2 ) M&S - Believe

Advert 2

The M&S "believe" ad is an Alice in Wonderland style fantasy of decadence and make believe all topped off with cute dog. I mean come on who doesn't love dogs?!

3 ) Debenhams - Wishes made fabulous

Advert 3

Debenhams have also focused on glamour with their "wishes made fabulous" campaign featuring a selection of designers and collections, they have rolled as many ideals into one ad as possible, fabulous parties, love, friendship and children. These circles of life shape who we are.

4 ) Tesco - Christmas Ad

Advert 4

Sainsburys and Tesco's have focused on the sentimental family route. Grabbing a share of the hugely important Christmas wallet by selling you the perfect family Christmas. The journey through life shared with your family is the most important one, at least until December 27th when you're ready to go back to work and stop eating. To be fair, the Sainsburys "Homecoming" ad is very touching

5 ) Sainsburys - Homecoming

Advert 5
Odd that we don't even need to see products or even humans to spark the excitement of Christmas and encourage us to spend, spend, spend. As Christmas becomes more and more commercial the drive to tug heart strings, develop ideal fantasies and live the dream will grow stronger and stronger until we see award winning ads featuring celebrities, animals and melancholy tears all rolled into one. The perfect family Christmas, a large slice of sentiment and a huge dollop of glamour. I just hope it doesn't cause indigestion as you watch the Queen's speech. Merry Christmas!
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