Wine Related

  1. 2-piece bar tool set 247320

    2-piece bar tool set
    Jamie's bar tools set is great for opening your favourite bottle of beer or wine. Supplied in Jamie...

    £12.83 EACH

  2. 2-piece wine set 46761

    2-piece wine set
    Wine set including a waitress knife and bottle stopper with pouring function. Presented in a gift...

    £2.34 EACH

  3. 4-piece cheese gift set 47258

    4-piece cheese gift set
    Wooden serving plate and 3 cheese knives including a cheese slicer, knife with fork tip and a knife...

    £9.67 EACH

  4. Aston Wine Stopper 179887

    Aston Wine Stopper
    Rubberized lower section with shiny top area

    £5.60 EACH

  5. BACOOL 220491

    Cooler bag in transparent PVC for one bottle. Put the cooler in the freezer before using and it...

    £2.90 EACH

  6. Baron 12-bottle wine fridge 247317

    Baron 12-bottle wine fridge
    Wine fridge for storage of up to 12 bottles of wine. Temperature control switch located on the...

    £133.41 EACH

  7. Belgio 2-piece Wine Opener and Pourer Ensemble 218858

    Belgio 2-piece Wine Opener and Pourer Ensemble
    Two-piece set includes waitress corkscrew and a bottle pourer/stopper combination presented in a...

    £4.59 EACH

  8. Belgio 4-piece wine set 46710

    Belgio 4-piece wine set
    Wine gift set with waitress knife, bottle stopper, drip stopper and wine pourer. Presented in a...

    £5.94 EACH

  9. Belgio 5-piece wine set 46760

    Belgio 5-piece wine set
    Gift set with waitress knife, thermometer, drip stopper, bottle stopper and a bottle coaster....

    £11.78 EACH

  10. BOTI 220671

    Stainless steel bottle cooler with AS plastic outside, double wall in round shape.

    £8.93 EACH

  11. Bottle Coaster & Pourer, Celebration 80237428

    Bottle Coaster & Pourer Celebration
    These wine accessory sets in wooden presentation boxes provide the perfect way to present useful...

    £45.85 EACH

  12. Bottle Coaster & Wine Pourer, William Morris 80237429

    Bottle Coaster & Wine Pourer William Morris
    These wine accessory sets in wooden presentation boxes provide the perfect way to present useful...

    £45.85 EACH

  13. Cento waitress knife 47322

    Cento waitress knife
    Waitress knife with foil cutter and bottle opener. Stainless steel

    £1.08 EACH

  14. Chablis Wine Set 248595

    Chablis Wine Set
    Deluxe wooden six piece boxed wine gift set containing lever corkscrew, replacement screw, foil...

    £18.73 EACH

  15. Champagne Stopper 95230

    Champagne Stopper
    Chrome plated champagne stopper. Simple to use and effective. Supplied in lidded gift box.

    £4.45 EACH

  16. Cheese Platter 211779

    Cheese Platter
    The looks stunning on any table or worktop. Includes five pieces of ceramic cheese markers ensuring...

    £22.59 EACH

  17. Cielo wine cooler 46722

    Cielo wine cooler
    Stainless steel double walled wine cooler. Stainless steel

    £10.89 EACH

  18. COOLIO 220516

    Double wall stainless steel bottle cooler in round shape.

    £12.11 EACH

  19. Copano single lever corkscrew 46666

    Copano single lever corkscrew
    Lever corkscrew presented in a gift box. Metal

    £12.28 EACH

  20. Cork Extractor & Pourer, Celebration 80237425

    Cork Extractor & Pourer Celebration
    These wine accessory sets in wooden presentation boxes provide the perfect way to present useful...

    £33.48 EACH

  21. COSTI#RES 220183

    Wine set in wooden gift box with space for one wine bottle. Includes bottle collar, pourer,...

    £14.31 EACH

  22. Coulan Wine cooler 116634

    Coulan Wine cooler
    Double-walled stainless steel wine cooler presented in a Paul Bocuse gift box. Exclusive design....

    £22.52 EACH

  23. DECANTY 220745

    Wine decanter used to enhance the flavour of the wine. Made of AS and rubber. Includes holder.

    £10.98 EACH

  24. Double wine cooler 75347

    Double wine cooler
    Acrylic design wine cooler for two bottles.

    £17.75 EACH

  25. Duras 8-bottle wine fridge 116642

    Duras 8-bottle wine fridge
    Stores maximum of 8 bottles of wine. The temperature switch inside allows you to set the correct...

    £111.17 EACH

  26. Executive 2-piece wine box 47248

    Executive 2-piece wine box
    Wine box with bottle stopper and waitress knife. Presented in a gift box and including logo plate....

    £11.44 EACH

  27. Executive 9-piece wine set 46648

    Executive 9-piece wine set
    Luxury wooden gift box with 2 wine stoppers, drip stopper, thermometer, foil cutter, funnel, lever...

    £25.64 EACH

  28. FAST BOTTLE 215306

    Bottle opener in design of a sports car, with keyring, aluminium, matt

    £4.33 EACH

  29. FASTOP 220424

    Electric bottle opener in ABS housing in black matt finish. Includes a foil cutter stand. 4 AA...

    £14.98 EACH

  30. Fiesta Wine Cup 247408

    Fiesta Wine Cup
    Single walled wine cup with bottle opener. Compact and easy to assemble. Enjoy your wine while...

    £2.54 EACH

  31. Flow 2pc wine set 211774

    Flow 2pc wine set
    Exclusive design wine pouring spout and stopper set. The pourer ensures controlled, non-drip...

    £8.06 EACH

  32. Flow 4-piece wine set 211773

    Flow 4-piece wine set
    Exclusively designed wine set offering all wine essentials for opening, serving and preserving your...

    £21.78 EACH

  33. Flow aerator 211776

    Flow aerator
    Exclusive design aerator. Place onto the bottle and let the wine aerate when pouring into the glass...

    £5.65 EACH

  34. Flow waitress knife 211775

    Flow waitress knife
    A handy and easy-to-grip waitress knife designed and equipped with a foil cutter that slides out of...

    £6.46 EACH

  35. Flow wine cooler 187048

    Flow wine cooler
    This double-walled wine cooler keeps your wine cold without using ice. Stainless steel cooler with...

    £16.06 EACH

  36. Flow wine decanter set 187047

    Flow wine decanter set
    The funnel gently disperses the wine down along the glass of the decanter providing aeration and...

    £27.44 EACH

  37. Foil Cutter 248594

    Foil Cutter
    Foil cutter for use with wine bottles.

    £0.88 EACH

  38. Grape lever corkscrew 90273

    Grape lever corkscrew
    Modern style corkscrew with spare corkscrew. Including logo plate and presented in a gift box. Metal

    £12.71 EACH

  39. Kava wine stopper 156441

    Kava wine stopper
    Trendy self-locking vacuum stopper gives an air-tight seal and preserves your wine for a few more...

    £1.61 EACH

  40. Magnetic Wine Collar 91502

    Magnetic Wine Collar
    Magnetic Wine Collar

    £5.96 EACH

  41. Mika champagne stopper 94146

    Mika champagne stopper
    Champagne bottle closure. Metal

    £1.68 EACH

  42. Milo waitress knife 47325

    Milo waitress knife
    Waitress knife with wooden details. Presented in a gift box. . Exclusive design. Stainless steel,...

    £4.66 EACH

  43. Milo waitress knife 156432

    Milo waitress knife
    Waitress knife with bottle opener, corkscrew and foil cutter. ABS plastic body with stainless steel...

    £0.90 EACH

  44. Mino 5-piece Wine Set 218856

    Mino 5-piece Wine Set
    Set includes a stainless steel waitress corkscrew and four square coasters with fine detailed...

    £7.65 EACH

  45. Mino Wine and Cheese Ensemble 218855

    Mino Wine and Cheese Ensemble
    This 6-piece set includes a solid wood cutting board, three cheese knives for cutting soft, hard...

    £23.81 EACH

  46. NEW CASTEL 220266

    Wine set in wooden box. Includes waiter's knife, wine collar, wine stopper and wine pourer with...

    £12.46 EACH

  47. Noron Wine Cooler Sleeve 187064

    Noron Wine Cooler Sleeve
    Easy way to serve chilled wines. Place the inner gel coat into the freezer, and when ready place it...

    £8.05 EACH

  48. Philippi - Collar wine bottle-neck drip stopper 172829

    Philippi - Collar wine bottle-neck drip stopper
    Philippi - Collar wine bottle-neck drip stopper, 2pc magnetic, Nickel, mirror polished. Giftboxed.

    £10.27 EACH

  49. Philippi - Luca wine set 3 pcs set 245796

    Philippi - Luca wine set 3 pcs set
    PHILIPPI "LUCA" WINE SET 3PCS SET. Corkscrew, Wine collar drip stopper, and foil cutter. Mirror...

    £51.09 EACH

  50. Pinot Wine Set 248589

    Pinot Wine Set
    Beautiful wooden wine case with four accessories including a waiters friend, bottle stopper, wine...

    £17.64 EACH

  51. Pourer, Extractor, Drip Ring, Celebration 80237431

    Pourer Extractor Drip Ring Celebration
    These wine accessory sets in wooden presentation boxes provide the perfect way to present useful...

    £38.63 EACH

  52. Prestige carafe 178439

    Prestige carafe
    Prestige carafe with 4 glasses. Serve in style with this glass carafe and 4 piece matching glasses....

    £32.19 EACH

  53. Prestige Decanter 178438

    Prestige Decanter
    Prestige Decanter with 2 Wine Glasses. Elegant carafe for serving red and white wines. The set...

    £37.35 EACH

  54. Prestige Wine Set 248590

    Prestige Wine Set
    Wine set in a wooden box containing a lever corkscrew with replacement 'screw', thermometer,...

    £27.70 EACH

  55. Rhone Wine Set 248592

    Rhone Wine Set
    Four piece wine set containing a corkscrew, drip ring, wine pourer and bottle stopper presented in...

    £15.47 EACH

  56. SONOMA 220590

    Wine set in bamboo box includes a corkscrew, wine collar, and stopper in stainless steel and bamboo.

    £10.19 EACH

  57. SPRAK 220580

    Champagne stopper made of acrylic/silicone. Helps to keep your bubbly drinks fresh.

    £1.82 EACH

  58. TARDOR 220666

    Bamboo gift box for holding one wine bottle with 4 wine accessories. Wine bottle not included.

    £17.15 EACH

  59. Valdi 3-piece wine set 46647

    Valdi 3-piece wine set
    Gift set with a drip stopper, waitress knife and bottle stopper with wooden detail. Presented in a...

    £5.01 EACH

  60. Veneto automatic wine opener 46684

    Veneto automatic wine opener
    Veneto automatic wine opener with charging station. Automatic wine opener with recharging station,...

    £23.95 EACH

  61. Vine 3-piece wine set 148830

    Vine 3-piece wine set
    This wine set includes a corkscrew, foil cutter and wine pourer. The wine set is presented in a...

    £19.29 EACH

  62. Vine wine aerator 156426

    Vine wine aerator
    Wine needs to breathe. The aerator from the Paul Bocuse collection aerates the wine when pouring it...

    £18.55 EACH

  63. Vine wine tote 218857

    Vine wine tote
    This isolated wine tote is perfect for drinks on-the-go and can hold one bottle of wine or...

    £8.06 EACH

  64. Wellington champagne and wine cooler 247328

    Wellington champagne and wine cooler
    Keep your bottle of champagne or wine nicely chilled. Place the bottle in the cooler and cover it...

    £16.06 EACH

  65. Westwood wine rack 247329

    Westwood wine rack
    A decorative and practical way to store and display your bottles. This wine rack can store up to 6...

    £13.32 EACH

  66. Wine@8 157127

    Wine bottle collar and cork holder, metal/felt, shiny chrome plated, incl. cork (silicone, black)

    £13.01 EACH

  67. Wine aerator and pourer 2-in-1 224083

    Wine aerator and pourer 2-in-1
    Wine accessories Mauro Conti 2-in-1, wine aerator and pourer in presentation box

    £4.82 EACH

  68. Wine Box 179440

    Wine Box
    Wine box.


  69. Wine Decanter Renis 143882

    Wine Decanter Renis
    Bottle top glass decanter .


  70. Wine Funnel, Archimedes 80237422

    Wine Funnel Archimedes
    When wine is poured into the funnel, it flows down in a vortext fashion. This exposes greater...

    £25.23 EACH

  71. Wine Funnel, Cascade 80237423

    Wine Funnel Cascade
    This funnel is inspired by the shape of fossils and encrustations found in underground caverns. It...

    £25.23 EACH

  72. Wine Funnel, Celebration 80237421

    Wine Funnel Celebration
    This funnel, in bright pewter, is designed with a 'soft launch' spout which has five small openings...

    £20.09 EACH

  73. Wine Funnel & Pourer Bacchus 80237426

    Wine Funnel & Pourer Bacchus
    These wine accessory sets in wooden presentation boxes provide the perfect way to present useful...

    £43.78 EACH

  74. Wine Funnel & Pourer, Celebration 80237424

    Wine Funnel & Pourer Celebration
    These wine accessory sets in wooden presentation boxes provide the perfect way to present useful...

    £33.48 EACH

  75. Wine Funnel & Pourer, William Morris 80237427

    Wine Funnel & Pourer William Morris
    These wine accessory sets in wooden presentation boxes provide the perfect way to present useful...

    £35.53 EACH

  76. Wine set 224082

    Wine set
    Wine set 4 pcs in wooden box, wine accessories: waiter's knife, ring, stopper, wine pourer

    £9.30 EACH

  77. Wine set 224081

    Wine set
    Wine set 2 pcs in wooden box, wine accessories: waiter's knife, wine stopper

    £6.17 EACH

  78. Wine set 224080

    Wine set
    Wine set 5 pcs, wine box for 1 bottle (wine excl.) with wine accessories: ring, wine stopper,...

    £13.37 EACH

  79. Wine Set Baco 143905

    Wine Set Baco
    Executive wine set in wooden case with bottle stopper, drip catcher, pourer, thermometer and...


  80. Wine Set Chess 143903

    Wine Set Chess
    Wine and chess set with bottle stopper, drip catcher, thermometer and waiters friend bottle opener...


  81. Wine Set Ludus 143902

    Wine Set Ludus
    Wine glass shaped wine set with drip catcher, pourer and waiters friend bottle opener.


  82. Wine Set Romeral 143904

    Wine Set Romeral
    Wine accessory set with thermometer, bottle stopper, pourer, drip catcher and large lever style...


  83. WINETEMPER 220746

    Wine thermometer with clip made of ABS. Including LR11330 battery.

    £6.34 EACH

  84. WINORY 220509

    Wine set including bottle opener, stopper, pourer and anti-drip ring presented in tin box.

    £7.52 EACH

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