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Wine Accessories

  1. 2 piece wine set 46761

    2 piece wine set
    Wine set including a waitress knife and bottle stopper with pouring function. Presented in a gift...

    £2.64 EACH

  2. 3d Laser Engraved Wine Stoppers 7013495

    3d Laser Engraved Wine Stoppers
    Any image be it a complex engine or simply a company logo can be lasered in 3D within the optical...


  3. 4-function Wine Tool 112749

    4-function Wine Tool
    4-FUNCTION WINE TOOL with corkscrew knife foil cutter bottle opener. Stainless steel.


  4. 9 pcs professional wine set 132669

    9 pcs professional wine set
    9 piece professional wine set including 2 wine stoppers, thermometer, black ABS foil cutter,...

    £28.03 EACH

  5. Aerato red wine carafe 152327

    Aerato red wine carafe
    Aerato takes red wine tasting and drinking to a higher level of enjoyment. With this easy but...

    £38.02 EACH

  6. Barlot 2-piece digital wine set 273060

    Barlot 2-piece digital wine set
    Serving wine at the right temperature with the digital wine thermometer. The wine ring makes sure...

    £7.03 EACH

  7. Barola wine writer set 273061

    Barola wine writer set
    A fun two piece wine glass gift set with gold colour ink glass decorator, the ideal way for guests...

    £12.31 EACH

  8. Belgio 2-Piece Wine Opener and Pourer Ensemble 218858

    Belgio 2-Piece Wine Opener and Pourer Ensemble
    Two piece set includes waitress corkscrew and a bottle pourer/stopper combination presented in a...

    £5.27 EACH

  9. Belgio 4-piece wine set 46710

    Belgio 4-piece wine set
    Wine gift set with waitress knife, bottle stopper, drip stopper and wine pourer. Presented in a...

    £6.57 EACH

  10. Belgio wine and champagne set 273062

    Belgio wine and champagne set
    Two piece gift set with a waitress corkscrew to open your favourite wines and champagne bottle...

    £5.73 EACH

  11. Bordeaux Wine Bag 203307

    Bordeaux Wine Bag
    An eco friendly jute bag with handles, The perfect size for a bottle of wine. A great promotional...

    £1.51 EACH

  12. Bottle Cooler Raycon 240640

    Bottle Cooler Raycon
    PVC wine bottle cooler with sturdy plastic handles and colourful bubbles. Keep your drinks cool in...

    £4.95 EACH

  13. Bottle Cooler Starton 241749

    Bottle Cooler Starton
    Table top wine cooler with removable cooler sleeve.

    £24.58 EACH

  14. Bottle Stopper (barrel) 45mm 112061

    Bottle Stopper (barrel) 45mm
    Bottle Stopper (barrel) 45mm


  15. Bottle Stopper Holder 112123

    Bottle Stopper Holder
    Bottle Stopper Holder


  16. Bottle Stopper (mirror) 45mm 112098

    Bottle Stopper (mirror) 45mm
    Bottle Stopper (mirror) 45mm


  17. Bottle Stopper (rectangle) 45mm 112104

    Bottle Stopper (rectangle) 45mm
    Bottle Stopper (rectangle) 45mm


  18. Cap Dispenser Qimax 240683

    Cap Dispenser Qimax
    Plastic wine pouring spout.

    £1.05 EACH

  19. Cap Holder Kolsi 241212

    Cap Holder Kolsi
    Push on wine bottle stopper cap and stand.

    £2.01 EACH

  20. Cento waitress knife 47322

    Cento waitress knife
    Waitress knife with foil cutter and bottle opener. Stainless steel

    £1.18 EACH

  21. Chablis Wine Set 248595

    Chablis Wine Set
    Deluxe wooden six piece boxed wine gift set containing lever corkscrew, replacement screw, foil...

    £25.80 EACH

  22. Chess wine set San Gimignano 170048

    Chess wine set San Gimignano
    Material: stainless steel, Zinc alloy, woodInformation: waiters knife, drip ring, metal bottle cap,...


  23. Cielo wine cooler 46722

    Cielo wine cooler
    Stainless steel double walled wine cooler. Stainless steel

    £11.90 EACH

  24. Cork Jack 186709

    Cork Jack
    Corkscrew with lever function 18/8 stainless steel spiral non-stick coated


  25. Corkscrew Evo 239702

    Corkscrew Evo
    Waitesr friend bottle opener and corkscrew.

    £5.14 EACH

  26. Corkscrew Nolix 240277

    Corkscrew Nolix
    Bottle shaped waiters friend style corkscrew bottle opener.

    £2.57 EACH

  27. Corkscrew Set Perfecto 239680

    Corkscrew Set Perfecto
    Corkscrew bottle opener set with foil cutter and lever style corkscrew.

    £35.63 EACH

  28. Corkscrew Trolex 240885

    Corkscrew Trolex
    Lever action cork screw with ergonomic soft feel handle.

    £23.43 EACH

  29. Coulan Wine cooler 116634

    Coulan Wine cooler
    Double wall stainless steel wine cooler presented in a Paul Bocuse gift box. Exclusive design....

    £24.58 EACH

  30. Crowdio collapsible drink insulator 218920

    Crowdio collapsible drink insulator
    Foam insulation drink holder helps to keep beverages colder or warmer for longer periods of time....

    £0.42 EACH

  31. Drinks Stirrer 248271

    Drinks Stirrer
    Stir things up with this novelty cocktail stirrer. Available in seven colours.

    £0.39 EACH

  32. Electric wine opener - battery operated 250293

    Electric wine opener - battery operated
    This battery operated electric corkscrew uncorks a bottle of wine with the push of a button....

    £18.99 EACH

  33. Electric wine opener - USB rechargeable 250292

    Electric wine opener - USB rechargeable
    Modern electric corkscrew with innovative 3.6V lithium battery. With built-in blue light. Opens...

    £28.48 EACH

  34. Eon 2 step corkscrew 152374

    Eon 2 step corkscrew
    Eon is the tool for every barman. Its a stylish, compact and easy to use 2 step opener. The...

    £7.94 EACH

  35. Executive 2-piece wine box 47248

    Executive 2-piece wine box
    Wine box with bottle stopper and waitress knife. Presented in a gift box and including logo plate....

    £13.20 EACH

  36. Executive 9-piece wine set 46648

    Executive 9-piece wine set
    Luxury wooden gift box with 2 wine stoppers, drip stopper, thermometer, foil cutter, funnel, lever...

    £28.00 EACH

  37. Executive pull it corkscrew 75329

    Executive pull it corkscrew
    Corkscrew with lever mechanism made of aluminium, hardened steel and teflon coated spiral,...

    £18.94 EACH

  38. Flaschenpost 209457

    Wine bottle collar and card holder incl. 6 greeting cards for various occasions metal/felt shiny...


  39. Foil Cutter 248594

    Foil Cutter
    Foil cutter for use with wine bottles.

    £0.90 EACH

  40. Foil Cutter Ribera 241747

    Foil Cutter Ribera
    Wine bottle foil cutter.

    £1.19 EACH

  41. Glass Identifier Cheers 240088

    Glass Identifier Cheers
    Set of six metal wine glass tags.

    £9.04 EACH

  42. Gliss white wine carafe 152329

    Gliss white wine carafe
    Gliss takes white wine tasting and drinking to a higher level of enjoyment. With this easy but...

    £38.02 EACH

  43. Glu mulled wine set with glasses 111900

    Glu mulled wine set with glasses
    Glu is an all year round carafe set. The included tea light can heat up your drinks during those...

    £37.97 EACH

  44. Grape lever corkscrew 90273

    Grape lever corkscrew
    Modern style corkscrew with spare corkscrew. Including logo plate and presented in a gift box. Metal

    £14.08 EACH

  45. Hadley Wine Stopper 2001105541

    Hadley Wine Stopper
    Heavyweight bottle stopper with a brushed silver finish on lower section with shiny top area.

    £7.18 EACH

  46. Hyta 0.5L carafe with drinking glass 219099

    Hyta 0.5L carafe with drinking glass
    Hyta is your personal carafe providing you with 0.5L of water for staying hydrated. The handmade...

    £12.02 EACH

  47. Hyta 1L carafe 249876

    Hyta 1L carafe
    Hyta is an elegant way to serve water for all your nice lunches, dinners and even parties. The 1L...

    £14.28 EACH

  48. Kava wine stopper 156441

    Kava wine stopper
    Trendy self locking vacuum stopper gives an airtight seal and preserves your wine for a few more...

    £1.77 EACH

  49. Lumm water carafe 152328

    Lumm water carafe
    Lumm adds more atmosphere to the serving of your beverages. With an integrated LED light this...

    £37.97 EACH

  50. Luxurious Wine Set "montepulciano" 113601

    Luxurious Wine Set
    For all who like to enjoy a glass of wine! Luxurious wine set in decorative wooden gift box...


  51. Marlot 4-piece wine set 273075

    Marlot 4-piece wine set
    The four piece wine gift set includes a stopper, waiter corkscrew, drip ring and pourer with...

    £10.56 EACH

  52. Metal Waiter's Knife "montalcino" 113583

    Metal Waiter's Knife
    Multifunctional! This metal waiter's knife has all a wine knife needs: a knife for easy removal of...


  53. Mika champagne stopper 94146

    Mika champagne stopper
    Champagne bottle closure. Stainless steel

    £1.84 EACH

  54. Milo Waitress Knife 156432

    Milo Waitress Knife
    Waitress knife with bottle opener, corkscrew and foil cutter. ABS plastic body with stainless steel...

    £0.99 EACH

  55. Milo waitress knife 47325

    Milo waitress knife
    Waitress knife with wooden details. Presented in a gift box. . Exclusive design. Stainless steel,...

    £5.09 EACH

  56. Mino 5-piece wine set 218856

    Mino 5-piece wine set
    Set includes a stainless steel waitress corkscrew and four square coasters with fine detailed...

    £7.94 EACH

  57. Mino Wine and cheese ensemble 218855

    Mino Wine and cheese ensemble
    This 6piece set includes a solid wood cutting board, three cheese knives for cutting soft, hard and...

    £24.94 EACH

  58. Mino wine box and cheese set 258270

    Mino wine box and cheese set
    Wine box with waitress knife and a wooden cutting board includes 2 cheese knives for serving cheese...

    £19.65 EACH

  59. Napa 112750

    NAPA 6-function wine tool featuring corkscrew foil cutter bottle opener magnifying glass and knife....


  60. Neoprene Wine and beer bottle coolers 143985

    Neoprene Wine and beer bottle coolers
    Neoprene beer cooler with or without zip Can be pantone matched


  61. Neoprene Wine Bottle Cooler 209523

    Neoprene Wine Bottle Cooler
    Neoprene Wine Bottle Coolers are the perfect way to carry your Wine bottle around whilst keeping it...

    £3.87 EACH

  62. Neoprene Wine Bottle Cooler 002116030

    Neoprene Wine Bottle Cooler
    This promotional wine bottle holder is made in smooth soft feel neoprene. The insulating properties...

    £4.66 EACH

  63. Noron wine cooler sleeve 187064

    Noron wine cooler sleeve
    Easy way to serve chilled wines. Place the inner gel coat into the freezer, and when ready place it...

    £8.55 EACH

  64. Nova Wine Stopper 277657

    Nova Wine Stopper
    Silicone wine stopper with metal top suitable for laser engraving of full colour dome.

    £1.95 EACH

  65. Ora lever corkscrew 152375

    Ora lever corkscrew
    Ora is a very functional and easy to use lever corkscrew. The integrated foil cutters help you...

    £28.48 EACH

  66. Paddle Bottle Opener 273071

    Paddle Bottle Opener
    Bottle opener. Stainless steel

    £0.79 EACH

  67. Rally Magnet Bottle Opener 156437

    Rally Magnet Bottle Opener
    Bottle opener with magnet. ABS plastic

    £0.39 EACH

  68. Tritan 2L fruit infusion pitcher 258948

    Tritan 2L fruit infusion pitcher
    Enjoy flavour-infused beverages naturally made at home. Tritan material 2L. infuser carafe. 100%...

    £15.19 EACH

  69. Valdi 3-piece wine set 46647

    Valdi 3-piece wine set
    Gift set with a drip stopper, waitress knife and bottle stopper with wooden detail. Presented in a...

    £5.64 EACH

  70. Veneto automatic wine opener 46684

    Veneto automatic wine opener
    Veneto automatic wine opener with charging station. Automatic wine opener with recharging station,...

    £26.35 EACH

  71. Vine boxed wine cooler 247344

    Vine boxed wine cooler
    Keep your favourite boxed wines chilled on sunny days. Simply take the wine bag out of the box and...

    £7.03 EACH

  72. Vine wine aerator 156426

    Vine wine aerator
    Wine needs to breathe. The aerator from the Paul Bocuse collection aerates the wine when pouring it...

    £20.53 EACH

  73. Water carafe 187609

    Water carafe
    Trendy 1.2 litre glass water carafe with silicone lid.

    £18.04 EACH

  74. Wine@8 157127

    Wine bottle collar and cork holder metal/felt shiny chrome plated incl. cork (silicone black)


  75. Wine Aerator Crianz 241323

    Wine Aerator Crianz
    Acrylic clear wine aerator.

    £8.09 EACH

  76. Wine bag Bardolino 226402

    Wine bag Bardolino
    Material: PVCBranding Method: pad printingPrint Area: into the upper thirdPrint: M3


  77. Wine & Champagne set 75345

    Wine & Champagne set
    Stainless steel wine pourer and champagne stopper packed in luxury gift box.

    £4.60 EACH

  78. Wine cooler 219253

    Wine cooler
    Round shape stainless steel bottle cooler with AS plastic outside.

    £9.58 EACH

  79. Wine cooler sleeve 187922

    Wine cooler sleeve
    Fashionable wine cooler sleeve to chill your wine and keep it at the right temperature.

    £11.35 EACH

  80. Wine Decanter Renis 239682

    Wine Decanter Renis
    Bottle top glass decanter .

    £25.39 EACH

  81. Wine Decanter Rivers 241322

    Wine Decanter Rivers
    Acrylic clear wine decanter with black stand.

    £26.71 EACH

  82. Wine Rack Ducal 239766

    Wine Rack Ducal
    Wine rack with space for 24 bottles and removable black board topper.

    £89.57 EACH

  83. Wine Set 298300

    Wine Set
    Wooden wine box. Including drip catcher, bottle stopper and stainless steel waiters friend.

    £14.18 EACH

  84. Wine Set "arras" 113322

    Wine Set
    Bamboo style. Treat your special clients to this luxury wine accessory set. Inside this box you...


  85. Wine Set Baco 241926

    Wine Set Baco
    Executive wine set in wooden case with bottle stopper, drip catcher, pourer, thermometer and...

    £24.22 EACH

  86. Wine Set Boenim 268959

    Wine Set Boenim
    Wine set with drip catcher, waiters bottle opener, bottle stopper and thermometer.

    £21.24 EACH

  87. Wine Set Bradimor 298198

    Wine Set Bradimor
    Small wine set including four accessories supplied in a black wooden storage and gift box. This set...

    £28.18 EACH

  88. Wine Set Chess 241925

    Wine Set Chess
    Wine and chess set with bottle stopper, drip catcher, thermometer and waiters friend bottle opener...

    £23.61 EACH

  89. Wine set in bottle form Bergerac 113521

    Wine set in bottle form Bergerac
    Material: plastic, rubber effect finishInformation: waiters knife, drip ring, Spout with closure,...


  90. Wine Set Ludus 240269

    Wine Set Ludus
    Wine glass shaped wine set with drip catcher, pourer and waiters friend bottle opener.

    £21.55 EACH

  91. Wine Set Quantium 298166

    Wine Set Quantium
    Wine accessory set including five accessories and a bottle shaped storage container. This set is...

    £22.36 EACH

  92. Wine set Rioja 179271

    Wine set Rioja
    Material: metal, plastic, cardboardInformation: waiters knife, foil knife, vacuum stopper, Spout...


  93. Wine Set Sarap 240268

    Wine Set Sarap
    Wine bottle shaped wine set with drip catcher, pourer and waiters friend bottle opener.

    £20.23 EACH

  94. Wine Set Sousky 298165

    Wine Set Sousky
    Wine accessory set including three accessories and a bottle shaped storage container. This set is...

    £20.25 EACH

  95. Wine Set Totens 298197

    Wine Set Totens
    Large wine set including four accessories supplied in a black wooden storage and gift box. This set...

    £30.03 EACH

  96. Wineskin 1,5L 239668

    Wineskin 15L
    Leather wine bottle 1.5L.

    £8.67 EACH

  97. Wineskin 1L 239667

    Wineskin 1L
    Leather wine bottle 1L.

    £8.35 EACH

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