Travel Light

  1. Carina dynamo key light 46226

    Carina dynamo key light
    2 white LED dynamo key light with on/off power switch. This wind up key light torch never burns...

    £2.02 EACH

  2. Led Grip Torch U1-2006

    Led Grip Torch
    LED Grip Torch printed in one colour, one side

    £1.58 EACH

  3. Travel Flip Light 163920

    Travel Flip Light
    The travel light slides open to illuminate books and magazines. The travel book lights compact...

    £1.72 EACH

  4. Usain LED shoe clip 218954

    Usain LED shoe clip
    Outdoor visibility shoe clip with on/off power button for blinking or steady mode. Easily clips to...

    £3.06 EACH