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Travel Accessories

  1. 12.1'' Chromebooks? Sleeve 187137

    12.1'' Chromebooks? Sleeve
    12.1'' Chromebooks? sleeve. 12.1'' Compact neoprene sleeve allows you to safely transport your...

    £22.50 EACH

  2. 2in1 fleece blanket/pillow Radcliff 169953

    2in1 fleece blanket/pillow Radcliff
    Material: polar fleeceInformation:, size 180 x 120 cm, washablePrint Area: centered to one...

    £10.78 EACH

  3. 2-in-1 travel pillow 262688

    2-in-1 travel pillow
    2-in-1 travel pillow with polyfoam beads. The pillow can be transformed from a round neck pillow in...

    £14.49 EACH

  4. 3-in-1 multifunctional zippered neck pillow 193717

    3-in-1 multifunctional zippered neck pillow
    Polyester (190T), 3-in-1 multifunctional zippered neck pillow with Velcro closing, can also be used...

    £12.79 EACH

  5. 3M reflective strips for bicycle spikes 225996

    3M reflective strips for bicycle spikes
    3M reflective strips for bicycle spikes; set of ten pieces.

    £4.05 EACH

  6. 57mm Vanity Mirror 31000

    57mm Vanity Mirror
    57mm Vanity Mirror - Metal front covered in laminated paper. Mirror on the reverse.Great for...

    £1012.38 EACH

  7. ABS carabiner hook with LED light 326073

    ABS carabiner hook with LED light
    ABS carabiner hook with COB LED light. A push button switches between three settings: bright, less...

    £2.93 EACH

  8. Air Blower Tucco 240882

    Air Blower Tucco
    Wind up BBQ fan.

    £13.29 EACH

  9. Alcohol Tester Gamp 268907

    Alcohol Tester Gamp
    Alcohol breath tester. Two AAA batteries needed (Batteries not included).

    £34.28 EACH

  10. Aluminium bicycle bell 262643

    Aluminium bicycle bell
    Aluminium bicycle bell.

    £1.68 EACH

  11. Aluminium bicycle bell with compass. 160629

    Aluminium bicycle bell with compass.
    Aluminium bicycle bell with compass.

    £2.14 EACH

  12. Armbands Sanvi 241765

    Armbands Sanvi
    Inflatable armbands.

    £6.83 EACH

  13. Arm Strap Amstrong 240147

    Arm Strap Amstrong
    Arm band for MP3 player with earphone hole, also suitable for some mobile phones.

    £6.42 EACH

  14. Arm Strap Bantur 241400

    Arm Strap Bantur
    Soft shell velcro arm strap, with touch screen. Suitable for smart phones.

    £6.37 EACH

  15. Arm Strap Kelan 286619

    Arm Strap Kelan
    PU reflective arm strap with touch screen for mobile phones. Great for using while jogging or...

    £7.51 EACH

  16. Arm Strap Tracxu 240569

    Arm Strap Tracxu
    Soft shell and PVC armstrap for mobile phones and ipods.

    £6.42 EACH

  17. Atlantic Compass 248279

    Atlantic Compass
    Promotional compass with neck cord.

    £2.41 EACH

  18. Backpackers Travel Adaptor 248528

    Backpackers Travel Adaptor
    Travel adaptor with sockets compatible in USA, Europe, Asia and the UK.

    £7.01 EACH

  19. Bag hook, metal 200178174

    Bag hook metal
    Foldable metal bag hook in a gift box.

    £2.41 EACH

  20. Bag Tag 166608

    Bag Tag
    Large Bag Tag finished in soft touch Belluno PU with a real leather look and feel. Belluno is...

    £4.57 EACH

  21. Bag Tag 166606

    Bag Tag
    Small Bag Tag finished in soft touch Belluno PU with a real leather look and feel. Belluno is...

    £4.16 EACH

  22. Bean Compact Mirror 245702

    Bean Compact Mirror
    silver plated metal double mirror with clasp. ladies corporate gift. gift box

    £12.31 EACH

  23. Bicycle cover 96284

    Bicycle cover
    Polyester bicycle cover (190T) with PU interior coating to make it waterproof.

    £0.93 EACH

  24. Bike Light 298292

    Bike Light
    Pair of mini bike lights supplied in a white front light and red rear light. Comes with 2 functions...

    £5.98 EACH

  25. Bike Lights 286706

    Bike Lights
    Pack of two bicycle lights supplied in a handy plastic storage box. PVC free. Yellow front white...

    £2.73 EACH

  26. Bike repairing kit Minneapolis 113694

    Bike repairing kit Minneapolis
    Material: steel, polyesterBranding Method: transferPrint Area: centered on to the flap,...

    £11.76 EACH

  27. Bocina Horn 248227

    Bocina Horn
    PP plastic horn with carrying cord.

    £4.55 EACH

  28. Branded Eye Masks - Luxury Silk with Logo Print 320734

    Branded Eye Masks - Luxury Silk with Logo Print
    Printed in the UK. MOQ 1. Manufactured from a luxury silk. Elastic fastening. Printed with a 1...

    £16.49 EACH

  29. Carabineer 145712

    The Carabineer is a great for retaining kit to rucksacks, belts etc, and clips to just about...

    £0.80 EACH

  30. Carabineer Strap 145710

    Carabineer Strap
    Polyester strap with carabineer and split ring

    £1.02 EACH

  31. Car Bin Oness 297988

    Car Bin Oness
    Small black car bin. Keep this bin in your car so you can keep your car clean. It fits in your...

    £12.85 EACH

  32. Chair Bonsix 297878

    Chair Bonsix
    Travel chair which expands as a seat and folds into a carry case for convenient storage. Seat made...

    £52.80 EACH

  33. Chair Copacabana 239930

    Chair Copacabana
    Foldable beach chair with pillow.

    £49.23 EACH

  34. Chair Flentul 297879

    Chair Flentul
    Travel chair which expands as a seat and folds for convenient storage. Seat made from durable...

    £44.95 EACH

  35. Chair Mediterraneo 241803

    Chair Mediterraneo
    Foldable beach chair with carry handle.

    £51.57 EACH

  36. Chess Karpov 240835

    Chess Karpov
    Cristal Chess Set with multicoloured pieces.

    £40.18 EACH

  37. Cigarette Case 245719

    Cigarette Case
    silver plated metal classic in gift box

    £24.73 EACH

  38. Classic Heart Compact Mirror 245725

    Classic Heart Compact Mirror
    silver chrome plated ladies corporate gift compact double mirror in gift box

    £12.31 EACH

  39. COB bicycle light 326138

    COB bicycle light
    USB-charged COB bicycle light. With 4 settings: steady, dimmed, rapid blinking and slow blinking....

    £19.36 EACH

  40. Comb With Mirror Cetus 240464

    Comb With Mirror Cetus
    Plastic slide out travel comb with mirror.

    £1.32 EACH

  41. Compass Clark 240833

    Compass Clark
    Compass on caribiner clip.

    £1.68 EACH

  42. Compass Rasko 240832

    Compass Rasko
    Compass and whistle with neck strap.

    £6.48 EACH

  43. Compass Saida 241670

    Compass Saida
    Aluminium military style compass.

    £14.56 EACH

  44. Credit card sized reading lens Posen 113351

    Credit card sized reading lens Posen
    Material: PVCInformation: 3 times magnificationBranding Method: pad printingPrint Area: below the...

    £0.30 EACH

  45. Crystal Globe 248145

    Crystal Globe
    Glass paperweight. Complete with plinth. Presented in a fully lined gift box. dimension(plinth) 35...

    £26.80 EACH

  46. Digital Luggage Scale 269797

    Digital Luggage Scale
    Supplied with battery


  47. Domed Ski Pass Holder 159415

    Domed Ski Pass Holder
    Plastic recessed ski pass holder with a belt clip

    £1.11 EACH

  48. Double Lipstick Holder 245727

    Double Lipstick Holder
    silver plated metal lipstick holder hold 2 lipsticks. includes mirror on the inside lid & hinged...

    £12.31 EACH

  49. Ear Plugs 325432

    Ear Plugs
    Pair of Ear Plugs with Plastic or Cotton Rope Connector Supplied in a Personalised Pillow Box.

    £1.89 EACH

  50. Earplugs in Coloured Logo Printed Metal Container 320699

    Earplugs in Coloured Logo Printed Metal Container
    Plain stock MOQ from 1 unit. Pad Printed from 100 units Metal container available in a range of...

    £6.83 EACH

  51. Earplugs Pannos 241048

    Earplugs Pannos
    Travel EVA ear plugs supplied in a handy clear keyring case.

    £1.27 EACH

  52. Emergency Hammer Laguel 298140

    Emergency Hammer Laguel
    Multi-functional emergency hammer in black or white. Included in the tool is a LED torch, four COB...

    £14.65 EACH

  53. Emergency Hammer Seleter 269042

    Emergency Hammer Seleter
    3-in-1 Emergency hammer. Including LED torch, knife and hammer with safety cap. Button batteries...

    £31.92 EACH

  54. Emergency Light Trend 298027

    Emergency Light Trend
    Emergency light with 15 LED lights. This circular yellow light will help you in low light...

    £34.58 EACH

  55. Exercise Band Mansat 298145

    Exercise Band Mansat
    Resistance exercise band with two loops. Perfect for the gym.

    £3.46 EACH

  56. Explorer USB travel plug 321729

    Explorer USB travel plug
    travel adaptor with 2 x USB ports supplied in attractive EVA zipped travel case. Conforms to the BS...

    £19.62 EACH

  57. Eye Mask 203484

    Eye Mask
    Eye Masks are an ideal and practical promotional giveaway for Travel & Leisure Hospitality or...


  58. Eye Mask 182480

    Eye Mask
    Eye mask full colour dye sublimated to your design.


  59. Fabric Antimacassars with Logo Print 297819

    Fabric Antimacassars with Logo Print
    UK Made. MOQ 1. Any size up to 60cm x 30cm. Range of Cotton and Polycotton colours and fabric....

    £11.38 EACH

  60. Flat Ski Pass Holder 58865

    Flat Ski Pass Holder
    Round retractable Ski pass holder. Belt clip included.

    £1.16 EACH

  61. Folding Camping Chair 286705

    Folding Camping Chair
    Folding chair with armrests and cup holders. Great for camping or the beach. Wipe clean. Folds down...

    £22.18 EACH

  62. Folding tripod stool 96262

    Folding tripod stool
    Polyester (600D) foldable tripod stool with a metal frame, supplied in a polyester carrying case...

    £8.10 EACH

  63. Freedom Clothes Carrier 248014

    Freedom Clothes Carrier
    Perfect travelling business companion, this 600d polyester clothes carrier is the ideal companion.

    £30.30 EACH

  64. Full Colour Xpress Eye Mask 325434

    Full Colour Xpress Eye Mask
    Full Colour Eye Mask with Elastic Fitting. 210D Polyester with Inner Mesh Material.

    £6.03 EACH

  65. Glazier Ice Scraper 189308

    Glazier Ice Scraper
    Plastic ice scraper with a long handle enclosed inside a fleece lined water resistant glove.

    £3.09 EACH

  66. Hannover Non Woven Suit Cover 46943

    Hannover Non Woven Suit Cover
    Features a carry handle and can hold 1 suit. Non woven 80 g/m polypropylene

    £4.82 EACH

  67. Head light with 5 LED lights 50143734

    Head light with 5 LED lights
    ABS head light with five LED lights in a plastic casing and strap for size adjustments. Batteries...

    £5.44 EACH

  68. Head light with 8 LED lights 50143732

    Head light with 8 LED lights
    ABS head light with eight LED lights in a plastic casing and strap for size adjustments. Batteries...

    £5.51 EACH

  69. Head light with powerful 8 COB LED lights 262654

    Head light with powerful 8 COB LED lights
    Head light with eight powerful COB (chip on board) LED lights. The straps can be adjusted for a...

    £7.17 EACH

  70. Head torch, LED lights 96241

    Head torch LED lights
    Aluminium three function head torch with five LED lights. Batteries included.

    £8.10 EACH

  71. Heart Pocket Mirror 245726

    Heart Pocket Mirror
    silver chrome plated heart shape handbag double mirror ladies corporate gift. gift box. quantity: 25

    £14.79 EACH

  72. Heatrow Security Lock 47433

    Heatrow Security Lock
    Secure the content of your suitcase with this 3 digit combination lock. You can reset the code when...

    £2.57 EACH

  73. Holder Berton 297955

    Holder Berton
    Inflatable drinks holder shaped like a doughnut. Ideal for holding your drink as you lounge in the...

    £6.39 EACH

  74. Holder Rechel 297956

    Holder Rechel
    Inflatable floating drink holder in the shape of a rubber ring and sun umbrella. Perfect for...

    £6.51 EACH

  75. Holder Ryper 240167

    Holder Ryper
    Padded lightweight laptop and netbook lap stand.

    £35.42 EACH

  76. Holder Swing 241811

    Holder Swing
    Inflatable can holder.

    £3.46 EACH

  77. Inca keyring clutch - BK 311970

    Inca keyring clutch - BK
    Three PU clutches with zippers joined together by a key ring.

    £10.03 EACH

  78. Inflatable Tube Mikely 268787

    Inflatable Tube Mikely
    Inflatable floating tube.

    £5.01 EACH

  79. Inflatable velour travel cushion 30544171

    Inflatable velour travel cushion
    Inflatable velour travel cushion in velour pouch.

    £1.87 EACH

  80. Instant Shine 96066

    Instant Shine
    Instant Shoe Shine. Buffs your shoes up nicely

    £1.16 EACH

  81. Kingsford Tsa Luggage Lock 94276

    Kingsford Tsa Luggage Lock
    Protect your luggage while travelling with this TSA approved 3 digit lock. If the TSA needs to...

    £8.51 EACH

  82. Lanyard Pass 145714

    Lanyard Pass
    Clear PVC pass holder for 85x54mm card.

    £0.73 EACH

  83. Large Shoe Shine 002112121

    Large Shoe Shine
    Make your promotions shine with this larger pad. Great area for a company logo or message.

    £0.23 EACH

  84. Luggage Belt 182510

    Luggage Belt
    Luggage belt with clip-in buckle and adjustment feature, printed using full colour dye sublimation.


  85. Luggage Cover 261665

    Luggage Cover
    Luggage Covers are perfect for any holiday or business trip. They are the perfect solution for...

    £29.58 EACH

  86. Luggage Lock 273376

    Luggage Lock
    This attractive TSA approved Luggage Lock is a really useful product for travellers and is the...

    £11.03 EACH

  87. Luggage Porter Kuyax 240686

    Luggage Porter Kuyax
    Adjustable polyester luggage tag.

    £3.34 EACH

  88. Luggage scale electronic 167514

    Luggage scale electronic
    Electronic luggage scale to weigh your luggage. You will never be surprised while checking in!...


  89. Luggage Strap 145709

    Luggage Strap
    Bespoke polyester luggage strap with buckle. Ideal to secure your suitcase

    £5.16 EACH

  90. Luggage Strap Ripley 268989

    Luggage Strap Ripley
    Adjustable polyester luggage/suitcase strap with buckle closure.

    £13.24 EACH

  91. Luggage Straps with Full Colour Logo - British Made 157577

    Luggage Straps with Full Colour Logo - British Made
    UK Made Logo Luggage Straps. MOQ from 1 unit. Many colour choices. Full colour logo print area....

    £13.88 EACH

  92. Luggage Strap with Scales 208144

    Luggage Strap with Scales
    Polyester luggage strap with buckle, combination lock for added security and integral digital...

    £22.84 EACH

  93. Lux Compact Mirror 248467

    Lux Compact Mirror
    Chrome finished deluxe mirror, both standard and magnifying. Supplied with pouch.

    £6.30 EACH

  94. Lux Compact Mirror (Matt) 298276

    Lux Compact Mirror (Matt)
    Matt finished deluxe mirror, both standard and magnifying. Supplied with pouch.

    £5.10 EACH

  95. Mat Misbiz 268793

    Mat Misbiz
    PE floor mat. Supplied in a range of colours.

    £4.87 EACH

  96. Medford Luggage Scales 145626

    Medford Luggage Scales
    Handy portable luggage scale with clear display showing weight

    £20.32 EACH

  97. Miami Jersey Travel Set 148959

    Miami Jersey Travel Set
    Soft travel set contains an inflatable neck pillow with bright blue zipper eye mask with bright...

    £6.78 EACH

  98. Mini bicycle lights with one LED light 96281

    Mini bicycle lights with one LED light
    Set of two ABS mini bicycle lights, each with one LED light, supplied in a translucent plastic box....

    £4.25 EACH

  99. Mirror Nail File Alyn 240294

    Mirror Nail File Alyn
    Fold out pocket mirror with nail file.

    £1.39 EACH

  100. Monocular Ketor 241669

    Monocular Ketor
    Aluminium Monocular with carry case.

    £50.80 EACH

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