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  1. 1W Lighthouse Torch 156311

    1W Lighthouse Torch
    Made of an aluminium body with red silicon rings the lighthouse torch makes a strong impression. It...

    £6.95 EACH

  2. 1W outdoor light 259020

    1W outdoor light
    Outdoor camping light with 1W led light that provides up to 40 lumens. Made from ABS and...

    £5.75 EACH

  3. 3W Polaris Technical Torch 178344

    3W Polaris Technical Torch
    3 watt LED white light aluminium torch with frosted lens and push button activation. Belt clip and...

    £10.58 EACH

  4. 40mm PVC Torch Keyring 50193211

    40mm PVC Torch Keyring
    40mm welded pvc torch keyring in any bespoke shape. Both sides are reverse printed so that the logo...

    £0.75 EACH

  5. 60mm PVC Torch Keyring 50193181

    60mm PVC Torch Keyring
    60mm welded pvc torch keyring in any bespoke shape. Both sides are reverse printed so that the logo...

    £0.76 EACH

  6. 8 LED torch 187180

    8 LED torch
    with aluminium body with its head in the shape of a bolt. Pushbutton on/off at the bottom. Nylon...

    £3.70 EACH

  7. 9 LED torch 187179

    9 LED torch
    Use this compact torch to promote a safety programme. Includes 9 super bright LED lights...

    £2.78 EACH

  8. 9 LED torch 211804

    9 LED torch
    Handy and well designed bright with black rubber handle and metal head. Packed in a STAC gift box....

    £4.94 EACH

  9. Alpha Torch 277685

    Alpha Torch
    Deluxe metal torch with 3 LEDs and fabric loop supplied in black card box. 1 x AAA battery not...

    £5.70 EACH

  10. Ashby Torch Keyring 205290

    Ashby Torch Keyring
    Aluminium base torch keyring providing 1 LED of illumination, activated by and on/off button at the...

    £1.91 EACH

  11. A-tract magnetic torch 178345

    A-tract magnetic torch
    Flat magnetic torch with two white LED, on button and arm strap. 2piece CR2016 button cell...

    £1.15 EACH

  12. Atria carabiner COB light 272985

    Atria carabiner COB light
    Ultra bright COB light with on/off power switch providing steady and flashing light modes. Includes...

    £1.75 EACH

  13. Banner Torch Pen - Mini 218113

    Banner Torch Pen - Mini
    The Banner Torch Pen - Mini is a multifunctional tool that can be used as a Pen Torch and the...


  14. Beacon Torch 248556

    Beacon Torch
    Single LED pocket torch with silicon key ring connector. Batteries included.

    £2.35 EACH

  15. Beam Torch 154012

    Beam Torch
    Ultra bright LED torch on a mini keyring. Strong aluminium casing in a metallic blue finish....

    £1.36 EACH

  16. Beech Dynamo Torch 50192581

    Beech Dynamo Torch
    2 LED Hand held dynamo powered torch

    £1.91 EACH

  17. Bike Torch Conor 240612

    Bike Torch Conor
    Bike torch with 5 LEDs. Requires 4 AAA batteries, not included.

    £4.22 EACH

  18. Blackhill Torch 257287

    Blackhill Torch
    Small compact and lightweight metal torch with 6 LED of illumination and a black wrist strap.

    £1.85 EACH

  19. Bottle Opener Flashlight 218818

    Bottle Opener Flashlight
    Be the life of the party with this 9 LED bottle opener and flashlight. Pushbutton on/off. Includes...

    £3.17 EACH

  20. Capella dynamo torch 46319

    Capella dynamo torch
    Bright 3 LED torch with dynamo mechanism and on/off power switch. Perfect for emergency situations....

    £4.18 EACH

  21. Carabineer Bright Torch 248546

    Carabineer Bright Torch
    Carabineer hook with integrated torch.

    £3.52 EACH

  22. Carabiner Hook Flashlight 218819

    Carabiner Hook Flashlight
    Take this compact 9 LED karabiner hook flashlight with you anywhere. Perfect for storing in your...

    £4.05 EACH

  23. Casper 8 function mini multi tool flashlight 258139

    Casper 8 function mini multi tool flashlight
    8 function multi tool includes single LED flashlight. Includes nylon pouch with belt loop and...

    £4.39 EACH

  24. Clicker Keyring Torch 002112120

    Clicker Keyring Torch
    Small but has a good print area for a company logo and very useful promotional gift. Its a...

    £0.76 EACH

  25. Clip Reflective Flashlight Flash 239747

    Clip Reflective Flashlight Flash
    Reflective light with clip to attach to clothes or bags. Great for using at night to stay safe...

    £2.05 EACH

  26. Clip Torch 248552

    Clip Torch
    Pen style LED torch with metal clip for carrying in your pocket.

    £1.16 EACH

  27. COB head torch 259023

    ABS head torch with ultra-bright COB torch. Including adjustable headband to fit all sizes....

    £6.04 EACH

  28. COB light with carabiner 259017

    COB light with carabiner
    Aluminum ultra-bright COB light with carabiner. Easy to hang on your bag, jacket or even on a work...

    £2.52 EACH

  29. COB light with magnet and bottle opener 259026

    COB light with magnet and bottle opener
    1W ultra-bright aluminium COB torch with bottle opener on the back. Including carabiner to attach...

    £3.76 EACH

  30. COB torch 295248

    COB torch
    Super bright pocket sized COB torch. This COB torch is much brighter than regular LED torches and...

    £1.89 EACH

  31. COB working light with magnet 259015

    COB working light with magnet
    Working light with both LED light on front and ultra-bright COB light. The light has a magnet and...

    £4.70 EACH

  32. COB Work light 258127

    COB Work light
    COB Work light with Magnet. 3W LED flashlight with 3 light modes: 100%, 50% and flashing mode. When...

    £7.05 EACH

  33. Colshaw Torch 257293

    Colshaw Torch
    1 LED aluminium torch in a triangular shaped design with wrist strap.

    £2.63 EACH

  34. Comet torch 116272

    Comet torch
    5 white bright LED torch with wrist strap and push button on/off power switch at the back....

    £1.64 EACH

  35. Compact flashlight 272974

    Compact flashlight
    Compact flashlight with COB sidelight. 3W LED Flashlight with 3W COB sidelight. Flashlight has 3...

    £9.51 EACH

  36. Credit card torch 35471

    Credit card torch
    Printed 1 colour 1 side

    £1.99 EACH

  37. Cube Torch 189387

    Cube Torch
    High Powered metal 6 LED torch in a cube design - Batteries included

    £2.17 EACH

  38. Double Torch Foton 297839

    Double Torch Foton
    Double ended torch with a flip rotation point encased in transparent plastic, wrist strap and...

    £0.99 EACH

  39. Duvall LED Torch Keyring 002110792

    Duvall LED Torch Keyring
    This multifunction keyring consists of a 3 LED torch and silver bottle opener. The torch sleeve...

    £2.05 EACH

  40. Dynamo lantern spotlight 218820

    Dynamo lantern spotlight
    Dynamo high power LED flashlight, spotlight and lantern with 5 LED. 5 watts. Push-button on off....


  41. Eagle zipper puller key light 258121

    Eagle zipper puller key light
    This key light is the shape of a zipper pull and provides blinking or steady coloured LED light...

    £0.99 EACH

  42. Eco Torch 160933

    Eco Torch
    Eco friendly torch which requires no batteries. Pumping the storable lever for 30 seconds will...

    £1.68 EACH

  43. Everest headlight 75122

    Everest headlight
    3 LED + 1 krypton bulb with 2 function switch and adjustable headband.

    £7.94 EACH

  44. Extendable work light 247270

    Extendable work light
    Compact design 0.2W flashlight which can be switched from 090. When extended, the flashlight...

    £8.37 EACH

  45. Falcon LED spoke light 258118

    Falcon LED spoke light
    Clip on spoke LED light with 2x blinking and 1x steady light mode to provide better visibility...

    £1.39 EACH

  46. Fan Sping 268915

    Fan Sping
    Dynamo hand held fan and two LED torch. Safety strap and button batteries included.

    £4.46 EACH

  47. Flashcard Torch 60133915

    Flashcard Torch
    Low cost promotional torch printed in full colour on both sides. Thin enough to carry in your...


  48. Flexible work light 259025

    Flexible work light
    Unique design flexible working light with 12 LEDs. The silicone can be twisted in many ways to give...

    £13.24 EACH

  49. Flexi Grip Torch 248557

    Flexi Grip Torch
    Innovative stainless steel 3 LED torch featuring pocket clip, extendable and magnetic head....

    £7.39 EACH

  50. Happy Camping Lantern Light 258120

    Happy Camping Lantern Light
    Lightweight and compact camping lantern with 5 white LED lights. On/off power switch allows you to...

    £2.63 EACH

  51. Heavy duty 7 LED torch medium 75095

    Heavy duty 7 LED torch medium
    Compact but powerful 7 led torch with strong aluminium casing. With nylon wrist strap.

    £7.40 EACH

  52. Helper illuminator 218926

    Helper illuminator
    Single white LED bulb shaped light with pull on/off power switch. Convenient lamp creating light...

    £2.73 EACH

  53. Holder Lamp Rapsi 241296

    Holder Lamp Rapsi
    2 LED torch. Button batteries included.

    £3.99 EACH

  54. Hurricane blow sensor lantern light 258141

    Hurricane blow sensor lantern light
    Table top lantern light with dimmer function. The on/off switch is triggered by blowing inside,...

    £5.27 EACH

  55. Keyring Depor 241329

    Keyring Depor
    Rectangle metallic key ring with a range of designs. Designs: Golf, Runner, Tennis, Trophy,...

    £2.60 EACH

  56. Keyring torch 35470

    Keyring torch
    Vinyl keyring torch. Cut to any shape within 40 x 70mm any printed upto full colour. One LED light...

    £1.13 EACH

  57. Keyring Torch Blesak 252167

    Keyring Torch Blesak
    Single LED lightbulb shaped torch on a keyring.

    £1.22 EACH

  58. Keyring Torch Flonse 252168

    Keyring Torch Flonse
    Single LED torch on a keyring.

    £1.10 EACH

  59. Keyring Torch Scam 240781

    Keyring Torch Scam
    Keyring torch, 1 LED, button batteries included.

    £0.98 EACH

  60. Keyring Torch Sunled 239903

    Keyring Torch Sunled
    Three LED Solar powered keyring torch.

    £2.53 EACH

  61. Keyring Torch Zander 240560

    Keyring Torch Zander
    Torch key ring, 1 LED with button batteries included.

    £0.89 EACH

  62. Kinetic Torch 32205

    Kinetic Torch
    Eco friendly battery-less wind up torch. Printed one colour. Supplied in acetate box.

    £1.61 EACH

  63. Klip reflector light 247414

    Klip reflector light
    Reflector light with coloured back clip and 2 light settings; steady white or blinking red. On/off...

    £1.74 EACH

  64. LED Flashlight 257628

    LED Flashlight
    Robust pocket sized flashlight with 12 incredibly bright LEDs with low power consumption. (140,000...

    £10.05 EACH

  65. Led Lamp "odessa" 113358

    Led Lamp
    With its 7 LED's, this mini-torch is really bright. The body is made from aluminium with a...


  66. LED Pop-up Torch Keyring 002112119

    LED Pop-up Torch Keyring
    Aluminium cased torch keyring. 3 sided case and looks great and represents very good value. Button...

    £1.58 EACH

  67. Led Torch "haro" 170007

    Led Torch
    For a brilliant appearance! Surprise your customers with this super bright matt black aluminium...


  68. LED Torch Keyring - McQueen 204441

    LED Torch Keyring - McQueen
    Europe's best selling key ring torch! The McQueen torch comes with a key ring attachment and is...

    £1.32 EACH

  69. Led Torch "limerick" 170020

    Led Torch
    Practical! Small torch for all occasions. This aluminium torch with one LED features a handy belt...


  70. Leonis torch 46368

    Leonis torch
    Stylish bright white 9 LED torch with wrist strap and push button on/off power switch at the back....

    £1.75 EACH

  71. Libra carabiner combo light 272986

    Libra carabiner combo light
    Combo light with ultra bright COB light on detachable colour panel and 2 white LED's on the bottom....

    £2.27 EACH

  72. Light 'n' Write 248553

    Light 'n' Write
    Dual purpose gadget, a single LED torch with capped ballpoint pen and clip.

    £1.29 EACH

  73. Luke Sabre Flashlight 258124

    Luke Sabre Flashlight
    Fun handheld flashlight with 4 modes on/off power switch. Provides single white LED on the front....

    £1.49 EACH

  74. Lumino Torch Keyring 277716

    Lumino Torch Keyring
    Popular metal torch keyring with 3 LEDs. 4 x cell batteries included.

    £2.14 EACH

  75. Lyra carabiner key light 148907

    Lyra carabiner key light
    White single LED key light with twist on/off power. Batteries included. Not intended for climbing....

    £0.93 EACH

  76. Maglite 2D Cell Torch 50114464

    Maglite 2D Cell Torch
    Manufactured in the USA from high strength aluminium. Durable, rugged & shock resistant. Fully...

    £29.04 EACH

  77. Maglite LED 2D Cell Torch 153474

    Maglite LED 2D Cell Torch
    Featuring powerful performance orientated LED technology for enhanced brighter whiter light &...

    £35.59 EACH

  78. Maglite LED Solitaire Torch 149158

    Maglite LED Solitaire Torch
    Featuring powerful performance orientated LED technology for enhanced brighter whiter light &...

    £16.01 EACH

  79. Maglite Solitaire Torch 50114447

    Maglite Solitaire Torch
    Maglite Solitaire Torch, manufactured in the USA from high strength aluminium, anodised inside and...

    £8.82 EACH

  80. Magnet Flashlight 187199

    Magnet Flashlight
    3 bright white LED torch with 2 modes; standard and steady blinking. On/off power switch on the...

    £1.39 EACH

  81. Magnetic 28 LED torch 187176

    Magnetic 28 LED torch
    Slim and magnetic torch which has three modes. The first mode is a 4 LED flashlight, the second...

    £4.16 EACH

  82. Magnetic Telescopic Pick-up Tool Light 218824

    Magnetic Telescopic Pick-up Tool Light
    Telescopic magnetic tool with light to help locate small metal objects/parts in places that are...

    £5.02 EACH

  83. Mars gift torch 218924

    Mars gift torch
    9 white LED torch with push button on/off power switch and wrist strap. Includes gift box with EVA...

    £3.96 EACH

  84. McQueen Soft Touch Torch Key ring 291637

    McQueen Soft Touch Torch Key ring
    Europe's best selling key ring torch is now available with tactile soft touch finish. The McQueen...

    £1.46 EACH

  85. Micro Torch Keyring 215486

    Micro Torch Keyring
    Super handy torch on a keyring. A very useful gift to promote your company name. Battery included....

    £0.79 EACH

  86. Mini Grip Slim and Bright Magnetic LED flashlight 218823

    Mini Grip Slim and Bright Magnetic LED flashlight
    At just the right size, this spray rubber mini flashlight is slim and bright with 3 modes. The...

    £3.34 EACH

  87. Mini Lamp 258133

    Mini Lamp
    Mini Lamp with bottle opener. Compact COB light in an elegant metal compact design. Features a...

    £3.87 EACH

  88. Mini Lantern Flashlight 258132

    Mini Lantern Flashlight
    Compact flashlight that can be used as a lantern or a torch. Includes a karabiner for easy clipping...

    £2.91 EACH

  89. Mini Maglite AAA Torch 50114458

    Mini Maglite AAA Torch
    Mini Maglite AAA Torch, manufactured in the USA from high strength aluminium, anodised inside and...

    £13.19 EACH

  90. Mini Maglite AA Torch 50114460

    Mini Maglite AA Torch
    Mini Maglite AA Torch, manufactured in the USA from high strength aluminium, anodised inside and...

    £15.45 EACH

  91. Mini Maglite LED aaa Torch 149161

    Mini Maglite LED aaa Torch
    Featuring powerful performance orientated LED technology for enhanced brighter whiter light &...

    £19.32 EACH

  92. Mini Power Torch 300112309

    Mini Power Torch
    Hardwearing mini LED power torch with a waterproof aluminium casing. Available in black and silver....

    £5.68 EACH

  93. Mira carabiner key light 46314

    Mira carabiner key light
    Carabiner with single bright LED light and twist on/off power switch. Ideal for attaching to a bag....

    £2.27 EACH

  94. Multitool Talos 240184

    Multitool Talos
    Torch with mulitool accessories in the handle.

    £10.20 EACH

  95. Newman Torch 291627

    Newman Torch
    The Newman ket ring is a unique full colour keyring torch featuring 3 LED lights and silver...

    £1.97 EACH

  96. Omega torch and bottle opener 218925

    Omega torch and bottle opener
    6 white LED torch with twist off bottle opener and carabiner. Batteries included. Aluminium

    £2.25 EACH

  97. Orion Led Torch 145376

    Orion Led Torch
    Attractive aluminium toch with 9 good quality LEDs. The Orion LED torch has a handy wrist strap to...

    £4.88 EACH

  98. Pen Torch Krujer 241384

    Pen Torch Krujer
    Pen torch with single LED and a carabiner style clip. Button batteries included.

    £1.15 EACH

  99. Pen Torch Mustap 240901

    Pen Torch Mustap
    Capped plastic ballpoint pen on a neck cord. Features LED light up nose cone and LED torch. Button...

    £2.02 EACH

  100. Pocket Torch Keyring And White Led Torch. Hanging Lamp Design. Minimum Quantity: 25. 112876

    Pocket Torch Keyring And White Led Torch. Hanging Lamp Design. Minimum Quantity 25.
    Pocket Torch Keyring And White Led Torch. Hanging Lamp Design. Minimum Quantity: 25.


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