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  1. Cutter Mars 241879

    Cutter Mars
    Retractable craft knife.

    £1.09 EACH

  2. Dartford Tool Kit 329224

    Dartford Tool Kit
    Superb quality all metal lidded tin in a traditional silver finish containing 19 pieces including 9...

    £11.72 EACH

  3. Dearman Screwdriver Tool Set 331635

    Dearman Screwdriver Tool Set

    £2.32 EACH

  4. Keychain Light - opener 167437

    Keychain Light - opener
    Plastic keychain with bottle opener and LED light. Light can be operated by a push button....


  5. Keychain Light-Up 167480

    Keychain Light-Up
    Keychain with light. Controled by a slide button and with 2 different light positions.


  6. Multi Tool 298279

    Multi Tool
    Compact stainless steel multi tool with aluminium hand grip and metallic look. 13 functions...

    £11.24 EACH

  7. Multitool Block 241950

    Multitool Block
    Multitool with resistant non-slip body finish with 4 accessories. Includes 2 flat and cross-head...

    £6.78 EACH

  8. Multitool Borth 241675

    Multitool Borth
    Multitool, stainless steel, 6 accessories.

    £32.76 EACH

  9. Multitool Nespum 298013

    Multitool Nespum
    Multi-tool screwdriver with four different accessories and a built in hand grip. This item is the...

    £7.05 EACH

  10. Multitool Roseca 297998

    Multitool Roseca
    Handy stainless steel multi-tool with 13 functions. Included is a measure, knife, a mini wrench....

    £31.92 EACH

  11. Multitool Zurny 241701

    Multitool Zurny
    Stainless steel multitool with a knife, fork, spoon and bottle opener.

    £13.29 EACH

  12. Set Yunaz 298181

    Set Yunaz
    Stainless steel pocket knife and torch set. Torch with single LED light and pocket knife with 15...

    £41.77 EACH

  13. Waiters Knife 248542

    Waiters Knife
    Handy bar tool with bottle opener, corkscrew and knife.

    £3.32 EACH