1. 0.5M foldable ruler 148910

    0.5M foldable ruler
    Double side printed ruler with 50cm on one side and 20 inches on the other side. Divided in...

    £1.02 EACH

  2. 1-2-3 Miracle Sharpener 225963

    1-2-3 Miracle Sharpener
    The worlds fastest 3-stage knife sharpener. Produces razor sharp arch-shaped edges on all quality...


  3. 1.5m measuring tape 178337

    1.5m measuring tape
    1.5 metre round measuring tape showing centimetres on one side and inches on the other. Plastic

    £0.40 EACH

  4. 15-piece tool set 46336

    15-piece tool set
    Hammer, pliers, ratchet handle, bits and spanner with storage case. Packed in a Dunlop gift box....

    £21.83 EACH

  5. 16- Functions Multi Tool 211806

    16- Functions Multi Tool
    High quality rubber edged 16-functions tool includes 6 Hex keys (#2, #2,5, #3, #4, #5, #6), 4...

    £4.33 EACH

  6. 16-in-1 Flashlight laser multi-tool 218826

    16-in-1 Flashlight laser multi-tool
    16-in-one multi-tool features 4-piece socket set, socket connecting rod, bottle opener, knife, saw,...

    £9.87 EACH

  7. 17-piece tool set Engin 231004

    17-piece tool set Engin
    17 piece tool set Engineer packed in an aluminium case

    £35.35 EACH

  8. 19-piece tool set 133245

    19-piece tool set
    Small and foldable with a karabiner for easy storage. The set contains: 4x socket (7-8-9-10mm), 1x...

    £4.58 EACH

  9. 20-piece Tool Box 247268

    20-piece Tool Box
    This 20-piece tool set in small case includes 3 screwdrivers, 10 bits in holder with: 3 Phillips...

    £5.63 EACH

  10. 24-piece tool set 47245

    24-piece tool set
    6 screw drivers, 10 bits, connector, 4 sockets, 2 pliers and tweezers combined in a tin tool box....

    £9.51 EACH

  11. 24-piece Tool Set in Pouch 247269

    24-piece Tool Set in Pouch
    This 24-piece tool set in a 600D carrying pouch with elastic loops, includes a 6 piece mini...

    £7.79 EACH

  12. 25- piece tire shape tool set 187181

    25- piece tire shape tool set
    25-piece tool set includes a mini tape measure, Phillips head screw driver, flat head screw driver,...

    £8.19 EACH

  13. 25-piece tool set 47277

    25-piece tool set
    Practical tool kit which includes a screwdriver handle, 10 bits, a connector, 4 sockets, tweezers,...

    £8.64 EACH

  14. 26pcs aluminium and metal toolset, packed in a tapered, plastic cassette. 262632

    26pcs aluminium and metal toolset packed in a tapered plastic cassette.
    26pcs aluminium and metal toolset, packed in a tapered, plastic cassette.


  15. 2M foldable ruler 148911

    2M foldable ruler
    Double sided ruler with 200cm on one side and 79 inches on the other side. The ruler is divided in...

    £1.61 EACH

  16. 2M measuring tape 46341

    2M measuring tape
    2M measuring tape with level. 2 metre measuring tape with notebook, pen and belt clip. Includes a...

    £0.96 EACH

  17. 3d Glasses 91938

    3d Glasses
    3D Glasses made of 250GSM paper and 0.16mm PET Lens with a full colour print on one side. Also...


  18. 3M measuring tape 46327

    3M measuring tape
    3 metre measuring tape including belt clip. Showing centimetres and inches. Plastic

    £1.22 EACH

  19. 3-pc candleholder set 115912

    3-pc candleholder set
    The nice set with three tea light holders and matching porcelain plate provides a special...

    £5.37 EACH

  20. 3 Prong Skimmer 30977940

    3 Prong Skimmer
    The 3 Prong Skimmer has 4 print areas that are included in one print

    £0.79 EACH

  21. 4 in 1 Tool 257630

    4 in 1 Tool
    3m Metal Tape Measure with notepad, compact pen, spirit level and belt clip. Incl. Presentation box.

    £1.82 EACH

  22. 5M measuring tape 46351

    5M measuring tape
    5 metre measuring tape including belt clip. Showing centimetres and inches. Plastic

    £1.99 EACH

  23. 6-in-1 Screwdriver 252638

    6-in-1 Screwdriver
    6 in 1 screwdriver with soft grip handle. Double ended shaft with 2 x slotted and 2 x crosshead...

    £2.69 EACH

  24. 6 In 1 Screwdriver Set 109537

    6 In 1 Screwdriver Set
    ABS body with carbon steel tools: 2 slotted, 2 phillips, 1 torx and 4 white LEDs to give you a...

    £3.18 EACH

  25. Admiral 147327

    Stainless steel multi tool with wooden hand grip. 10-pieces with 13 functions. Incl. an extra set...


  26. Alcohol tester 160000

    Alcohol tester
    Digital alcohol tester which shows you the exact amount of alcohol in the blood. Its operation is...

    £19.27 EACH

  27. All-in-One Screwdriver 247271

    All-in-One Screwdriver
    with rotating chamber making it easy to quickly change bits. Simply pull, twist and push to remove,...

    £4.76 EACH

  28. Aluminium Multi Tool With Level 002112118

    Aluminium Multi Tool With Level
    Promotional tool set with level and pocket clip included. Aluminium barrel allows for laser...

    £1.87 EACH

  29. Apollo Gift Set 156323

    Apollo Gift Set
    Compact gift set with the Radar key chain torch that comes with a 0.5 Watt light and handle which...

    £8.19 EACH

  30. Banner Torch Pen 93921

    Banner Torch Pen
    The Banner Torch Pen is a multifunctional tool that can be used as a Pen Torch and the Banner...


  31. Birchin Screwdriver tool set 217550

    Birchin Screwdriver tool set
    Screwdriver tool set containing 2 cross head and 2 flat head screwdriver parts which clip into the...

    £1.02 EACH

  32. Bucket - 10 Litre Bucket 90192706

    Bucket - 10 Litre Bucket
    The large 10 litre bucket with plastic handle is available in 4 colours and can be printed 1 colour

    £3.76 EACH

  33. Bucket - 5 Litre Bucket 30992704

    Bucket - 5 Litre Bucket
    The smaller all plastic 5l bucket is available in 4 standard colours and can be printed in a single...

    £2.48 EACH

  34. Carpenter wooden pencil 147298

    Carpenter wooden pencil
    Wooden carpenter's pencil.


  35. Casper 11-function mini multi tool 116260

    Casper 11-function mini multi tool
    Compact multi tool with 11 functions and a nylon pouch. Aluminium

    £5.63 EACH

  36. Casper 11-function multi tool 46362

    Casper 11-function multi tool
    Stylish 11-function multi tool. Nylon pouch included. Aluminium

    £7.79 EACH

  37. Clark 3M measuring tape 46326

    Clark 3M measuring tape
    3 metre measuring tape including belt clip and wrist strap. Shows centimetres and inches. Plastic

    £1.12 EACH

  38. Classic Multitool 74774

    Classic Multitool
    14 functions, aluminium cast with pakka wooden inlay, including pouch. Registered design

    £7.24 EACH

  39. ClipLED torch 147304

    ClipLED torch
    Plastic torch with white LED-light, metal clip and barrel ring. When the clip and barrel make...


  40. Cord Winder Bael 240673

    Cord Winder Bael
    Cord winder on a carabineer hook.


  41. Cree-LED 3 Watt torch 147361

    Cree-LED 3 Watt torch
    Sturdy, aluminium torch - the super powerful 3 Watt Cree LED light delivers a strong, crisp, bright...


  42. Crusader survival set 147355

    Crusader survival set
    Gift set: 9-piece stainless steel multi tool with 13 functions and a stainless steel pocket knife...


  43. Cutler Plastic Keyring screw driver set 58917

    Cutler Plastic Keyring screw driver set
    Plastic keyring screwdriver set with two cross head and 2 flat head screwdriver bits available.

    £1.23 EACH

  44. cutter Bianco 237339

    cutter Bianco
    Small transparent plastic paper knife.

    £0.28 EACH

  45. cutter Bianco 237341

    cutter Bianco
    Small transparent plastic paper knife.

    £0.28 EACH

  46. cutter Bianco 237342

    cutter Bianco
    Small transparent plastic paper knife.

    £0.28 EACH

  47. cutter Bianco 237340

    cutter Bianco
    Small transparent plastic paper knife.

    £0.28 EACH

  48. Dearman Screwdriver tool set 217548

    Dearman Screwdriver tool set
    Screwdriver tool set containing 2 cross head and 2 flat head screwdriver parts and an extender...

    £1.95 EACH

  49. Direction bicycle bell/compass 147305

    Direction bicycle bell/compass
    Bicycle bell with compass.


  50. Duke 7-function screwdriver set 133244

    Duke 7-function screwdriver set
    The pen shaped screwdriver has a clip for easy storage, a light at the bottom and 3 different...

    £2.51 EACH

  51. Emergency hammer Break 230976

    Emergency hammer Break
    Emergency hammer Break Through

    £2.92 EACH

  52. Engineer 6-function multi tool 46348

    Engineer 6-function multi tool
    Compact screwdriver with big and small Philips head, big and small slot head, spirit level and a...

    £1.22 EACH

  53. Essential Tool Pro Set 74833

    Essential Tool Pro Set
    39 pcs Tool Pro set in black case with red details. Registered design

    £21.61 EACH

  54. Extendable Work Light 247270

    Extendable Work Light
    Compact design 0.2W flashlight which can be switched from 0-90. When extended, the flashlight...

    £8.22 EACH

  55. Ferraghini Key Holder 116098

    Ferraghini Key Holder
    Separable key holder - sometimes you have to provide your car key - now it is easy with this handy...

    £0.85 EACH

  56. Filling Machine Morris 228511

    Filling Machine Morris
    Make your own cigarettes with the cigarette tube filling machine.

    £2.14 EACH

  57. Fix Grip Multitool 132214

    Fix Grip Multitool
    14 functions, black stainless steel multitool with aluminium anodized handle. Including black pouch.

    £12.11 EACH

  58. Fix Multitool 74822

    Fix Multitool
    Aluminium multitool, handle with black details, 14 functions, packed in black 600D pouch. Available...

    £8.89 EACH

  59. FLASHLANT 220010

    Emergency torch with tool kit including 7 indispensable tools. 4C size batteries not included.

    £30.49 EACH

  60. Flyswatter "cranford" 170118

    No chance for fly's! With the fly swatter fly's have chance. We will pad print your logo onto the...


  61. Forza 4-function screwdriver set 218928

    Forza 4-function screwdriver set
    Slide-out compartment contains 2 sizes flathead and 2 sizes Philips-head bits. Magnetic base holds...

    £0.67 EACH

  62. Friday Afternoon Hammer 74778

    Friday Afternoon Hammer
    Satin finish head with bottle cap opener and soft rubber grip.

    £4.33 EACH

  63. GiantLED pocket torch 157070

    GiantLED pocket torch
    Robust aluminium flashlight with 28 bright white energy efficient LED lights. With detachable...


  64. Glame pocket knife 147312

    Glame pocket knife
    Pocket knife with brushed steel casing and rubber grips. 5-pieces with 8 functions. Each piece in a...


  65. Grinder Kapnos 228510

    Grinder Kapnos
    Herb/tobacco grinder can be used to cut or chop your legal smoking herbs.

    £1.08 EACH

  66. Grip Multitool 132203

    Grip Multitool
    Grip is a stainless steel multitool with aluminum grip, has 13 functions and comes including pouch....

    £19.88 EACH

  67. Habana 1M measuring tape key chain 178342

    Habana 1M measuring tape key chain
    1 metre retractable, locking tape measure showing centimetres and inches. Slide-locking button...

    £0.49 EACH

  68. Haiduk 13-functions pocket knife 187169

    Haiduk 13-functions pocket knife
    This compact 13-function pocket knife is the ideal companion for outdoor activities. Featuring an...

    £11.37 EACH

  69. HandsFree torch 147318

    HandsFree torch
    Plastic torch with 4 bright LED lights. Includes 3 settings. The torch is mounted on an adjustable...


  70. Handy Tool Set 182867

    Handy Tool Set
    Four screw driver attachments contained within this compact handy tool set. Ideal for businesses...

    £1.15 EACH

  71. Ice Grippers Graker 228200

    Ice Grippers Graker
    Ice grippers with adjustable velcro strap.

    £3.66 EACH

  72. Ice scraper "Glove" 92050

    Ice scraper
    Practical ice scraper with robust glove made from 600 D nylon. Glove lined with fleece.

    £1.77 EACH

  73. Ifix carabiner screwdriver kit 218931

    Ifix carabiner screwdriver kit
    Convenient pocket size screwdriver kit in carabiner case with 3 double side bits offering flat...

    £2.41 EACH

  74. IWax M3L Childproof Lighter 28900

    IWax M3L Childproof Lighter
    Disposable flint lighter. Full colour digital print available on the white colour lighter only....

    £0.44 EACH

  75. Jumbo hobby knife 147300

    Jumbo hobby knife
    Hobby knife with 7 snap-off blades.


  76. keyring with ball pen 160008

    keyring with ball pen
    This is not only a nice keyring: inside of the metal chain you will find a blue-writing ball pen.

    £0.37 EACH

  77. Lead Time Calculator 50386375

    Lead Time Calculator
    Lead Time Calculator

    £1.41 EACH

  78. LED-Booster 1 Watt torch 147325

    LED-Booster 1 Watt torch
    Aluminium torch with extra bright beam due to the super powerful 1 Watt LED-light. Meas. 4 x 14 cm....


  79. LED-Booster 3 Watt torch 147330

    LED-Booster 3 Watt torch
    Rugged black aluminium torch. The 3 Watt LED-light delivers a superbly powerful bright white beam...


  80. LED Car Tool Kit 257633

    LED Car Tool Kit
    LED Torch, digital tire pressure tester (BAR / PSI / KPA), tread checker, seat belt cutter,...

    £12.96 EACH

  81. LED plastic glow stick 160002

    LED plastic glow stick
    The plastic glow stick has two blinking levels and a permanent light. It can easily be fixed by the...

    £0.63 EACH

  82. MacGyver Screwdriver 204438

    MacGyver Screwdriver
    The Ultratuff Multi screwdriver fits 8 screwdriver bits: 4 Phillips and 4 slotted screwdrivers...

    £2.12 EACH

  83. Magnetic Combi Key 130913

    Magnetic Combi Key
    Message Center plus Radiator Bleed Tool & Meter Box Key Attached to Boiler, Radiator or Fridge it's...

    £0.76 EACH

  84. Magnetic Tray Tiwar 227612

    Magnetic Tray Tiwar
    Plastic workshop or garagre tray with magnetic base.

    £2.05 EACH

  85. Mastertape 3 metre measure 147308

    Mastertape 3 metre measure
    Professional standard tape measure with steel blade (1 cm), impact-resistant rubber shell,...


  86. MaxiStart giftset 183792

    MaxiStart giftset
    Functional and complete gift set: 9-piece stainless steel multi tool with 13 functions and...


  87. MaxiTool multi tool 147378

    MaxiTool multi tool
    Compact stainless steel multi tool with aluminium hand grip and metallic look. 9-pieces with 14...


  88. Maxx 6-function key light 46279

    Maxx 6-function key light
    This multifunctional key light offers you a flat head and Phillips screwdriver, in 2 sizes,...

    £1.03 EACH

  89. Melvin 7-function multi tool key chain 46233

    Melvin 7-function multi tool key chain
    Compact 7-function tool with bright LED light, on off power switch and metal split keyring. Battery...

    £3.44 EACH

  90. Metric folding ruler 147344

    Metric folding ruler
    Folding ruler made of strong fibreglass, with a length of 2 metres. Produced to European standards.


  91. Metric WoodPro ruler 183780

    Metric WoodPro ruler
    Folding ruler, made of lacquered wood, with a length of 2m/78in. In centimetres on one side and...


  92. MicroTool multi tool 147339

    MicroTool multi tool
    Compact stainless steel multi tool with aluminium hand grip and metallic look. 9-pieces with 13...


  93. Mini Fix Multitool 132208

    Mini Fix Multitool
    13 functions, stainless steel multitool with aluminium anodized handle. Including black pouch....

    £6.08 EACH

  94. Mini ice scraper 92019

    Mini ice scraper
    Mini scraper and cleaner with shopping cart chip, that frees also the side mirrors easily from...

    £0.53 EACH

  95. Mini LED light with keyring 160021

    Mini LED light with keyring
    The mini LED metal lamp convinces by its simple design and fits onto every bunch of keys due to its...

    £0.63 EACH

  96. Mini MacGyver Screwdriver 204458

    Mini MacGyver Screwdriver
    Top screws off to reveal 3 bits inside: 1 Flat head and 2 Phillips bits. Magnet in the tip to hold...

    £1.95 EACH

  97. Mini Maglite LED AA Torch 50114557

    Mini Maglite LED AA Torch
    Mini Maglite LED AA Torch, with LUXEON rebel LED for enhanced brighter whiter light, multimode...

    £24.25 EACH

  98. MiniMetric ruler 157066

    MiniMetric ruler
    Mini ruler keyring, made from strong fibreglass. Length of ruler 0.5m/20in. Made to European...


  99. Mini tool "Five" 92041

    Mini tool
    Flat combination tool with 5 functions: knife, LED, bottle opener, file and mini saw.

    £2.22 EACH

  100. Money box 159763

    Money box
    For saveaholics: the money box made of frosted plastic has an opening at the bottom and a...

    £0.63 EACH

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