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Tools & Torches

  1. 1 LED light aluminium torch 256214

    1 LED light aluminium torch
    1 White LED light Aluminium torch with handstrap. 3 AAA batteries not included.

    £2.61 EACH

  2. 25-parts tool set Managua 113695

    25-parts tool set Managua
    Material: plastic, PP, steelBranding Method: stickerEngraving Area: onto the box, centeredPacked in...


  3. 25 piece tool set 220764

    25 piece tool set
    25 piece tool set in tyre shaped box including 1 extender, 1 socket screwdriver, 1 nose plier, 5...

    £9.70 EACH

  4. 26 pcs tool in aluminium case 220636

    26 pcs tool in aluminium case
    Tool set presented in aluminium case containing 1 nose plier, 1 cutting plier, 1 socket...

    £11.84 EACH

  5. 2 LED dynamo torch 220631

    2 LED dynamo torch
    2 LED ABS dynamo torch. 3 AG10 batteries included.

    £1.77 EACH

  6. 2 m measuring tape 220153

    2 m measuring tape
    Includes a memo pad, ball pen and spirit level

    £1.64 EACH

  7. 2 piece tool set 220824

    2 piece tool set
    Tool set with 9 LED aluminium torch and aluminium multi tool in pen shape. Includes 3 slotted and 3...

    £5.52 EACH

  8. 3 in 1 Emergency hammer 220763

    3 in 1 Emergency hammer
    3 in 1 emergency hammer with belt cutter and LED light made of ABS. 3 AG3 batteries included.

    £3.29 EACH

  9. 3 LED torch with magnet 220628

    3 LED torch with magnet
    HIPS 3 LED emergency car torch with magnet at the back. 4 AG3 batteries included.

    £1.84 EACH

  10. 5 LED solar torch 220774

    5 LED solar torch
    5 LED solar torch made of ABS with flashing light function and 2 or 5 LED mode selectable....

    £6.20 EACH

  11. 9 LED metal torch Montargis 113511

    9 LED metal torch Montargis
    Material: aluminiumInformation: 9 LEDs, hand loopBranding Method: laser engravingEngraving Area:...


  12. 9 white LED torch 220945

    9 white LED torch
    9 white LED torch made of ABS with strap. 3 AAA batteries not included.

    £1.95 EACH

  13. Adult Safety Jacket 248199

    Adult Safety Jacket
    Adult's polyester safety jacket with high visibility strips packed in a zipped pouch. One size:...

    £4.61 EACH

  14. Adventure Multi-Tool with 9 functions 275643

    Adventure Multi-Tool with 9 functions
    A designed by Toppoint 9 function Multi Tool is a reliable tool within its class, During designing...

    £8.09 EACH

  15. Adventure Pocket-knife with 11 functions 275642

    Adventure Pocket-knife with 11 functions
    Functional and beautiful. Something that doesnt usually go together. This designed by Toppoint...

    £5.04 EACH

  16. Adventure Pocket-knife with 7 functions 275458

    Adventure Pocket-knife with 7 functions
    A designed by Toppoint Adventure Pocket-knife with 7 functions including a knife, scissors, can...

    £4.13 EACH

  17. Alcohol tester 220367

    Alcohol tester
    Alcohol tester in ABS housing. Sound alert function and 2 units measure of alcohol level, %BAC &...

    £8.22 EACH

  18. Aluminium torch 220627

    Aluminium torch
    1W LED light, aluminium torch with compass on rear and car charger included with hand strap and...

    £13.17 EACH

  19. Aluminium torch with key ring 220879

    Aluminium torch with key ring
    Mini aluminium torch with 1 LED key ring . 4 batteries LR44 included.

    £1.88 EACH

  20. Aluminium torch w/ lanyard 220479

    Aluminium torch w/ lanyard
    6 LED lights aluminium mini torch with hand strap. 2 cell batteries included.

    £2.38 EACH

  21. Anti loss device 220904

    Anti loss device
    Bluetooth anti-loss/ finder device made in durable ABS material. It works with a free app available...

    £7.59 EACH

  22. Anti-stress ball 220185

    Anti-stress ball
    Anti-stress baseball shape. PVC material.

    £0.73 EACH

  23. Anti-stress ball 220000

    Anti-stress ball
    PU material

    £0.76 EACH

  24. Anti-stress ball globe 220186

    Anti-stress ball globe
    Anti-stress globe shape. PU material.

    £0.96 EACH

  25. Anti-stress decision dice 220188

    Anti-stress decision dice
    Anti-stress decision dice shape. PU material.

    £1.44 EACH

  26. Anti-stress football 220187

    Anti-stress football
    Anti-stress football shape. PU material.

    £0.92 EACH

  27. Anti-stress heart PU material 220077

    Anti-stress heart PU material
    Anti-stress heart shape. PU material.

    £0.80 EACH

  28. Anti-stress in cloud shape 220531

    Anti-stress in cloud shape
    PU material

    £1.44 EACH

  29. Anti-stress in truck shape 220629

    Anti-stress in truck shape
    Anti-stress truck shaped. PU material.

    £1.66 EACH

  30. Anti-stress PU bulb 220506

    Anti-stress PU bulb
    Anti-stress in light bulb shape. PU material.

    £1.41 EACH

  31. Anti-stress PU doctor 220448

    Anti-stress PU doctor
    Anti-stress doctor shape. PU material.

    £1.13 EACH

  32. Anti-stress PU helmet 220940

    Anti-stress PU helmet
    Anti-stress in helmet shape. PU material.

    £1.19 EACH

  33. Anti-stress PU rugby ball 220942

    Anti-stress PU rugby ball
    Anti-stress rugby ball. PU material.

    £1.29 EACH

  34. Anti-stress square 220474

    Anti-stress square
    Anti-stress square shape. PU material.

    £1.02 EACH

  35. Apollo Magnifying Glass 248110

    Apollo Magnifying Glass
    Handheld magnifying lense with LED light.

    £2.47 EACH

  36. Arm snap strap with light 256219

    Arm snap strap with light
    PVC reflective armstrap with LED ligth, 2 options: blinking and flashing light. Non woven on back...

    £3.13 EACH

  37. Bag dispencer with flashlight 167319

    Bag dispencer with flashlight
    Plastic bag dispencer includes 20 disposable bags, including a torch. Ideal for cleaning up dog...


  38. BIG BLINKIE 220946

    Car emergency red LED light with magnets on the reverse side. 3 AAA battery not included.

    £3.52 EACH

  39. Bike repairing kit Minneapolis 113694

    Bike repairing kit Minneapolis
    Material: steel, polyesterBranding Method: transferPrint Area: centered on to the flap,...


  40. BLACKY 221084

    19 piece tool set with 4 sockets 7-10 mm, 1 Hex key, 10 assorted screwdriver bits, 1 metre tape, 1...

    £10.49 EACH

  41. Booklight LED 275488

    Booklight LED
    A Designed by Toppoint booklight with LED. Suitable for digital imprint. The light can be attached...

    £2.58 EACH

  42. Bottle opener key ring 220584

    Bottle opener key ring
    Metal key ring with bottle opener.

    £1.48 EACH

  43. Bottle opener keyring with Le 256215

    Bottle opener keyring with Le
    ABS key ring with 1 LED light and bottle opener.

    £1.38 EACH

  44. CABIL 220630

    Stainless steel multifunctional carabiner with 3 tools: serrated blade, bottle opener, knife and...

    £3.40 EACH

  45. CapClip COB Light 300333

    CapClip COB Light
    ABS light with COB LED. Adjustable to various positions. Emits an enormous bright, white light. The...

    £1.93 EACH

  46. Cardled Light 147389

    Cardled Light
    Light in the form of a credit card, with 2 bright white LED lights. Incl. batteries.


  47. CardLED light 298983

    CardLED light
    Light in the form of a credit card, with 2 bright white LED lights. Incl. batteries.

    £0.59 EACH

  48. Car hands free device 220985

    Car hands free device
    Bluetooth car hands-free device with volume regulator and USB port.

    £14.29 EACH

  49. Car ice scraper w/ mitten 220494

    Car ice scraper w/ mitten
    Plastic ice scraper with warm protective glove.

    £1.65 EACH

  50. Carpenters pencil with ruler 220941

    Carpenters pencil with ruler
    Wooden carpenters pencil with 14 cm ruler.

    £0.29 EACH

  51. Carpenter wooden pencil 298956

    Carpenter wooden pencil
    Wooden carpenter's pencil.

    £0.14 EACH

  52. Car safety kit 220650

    Car safety kit
    Car safety kit including dynamo torch, high visibility vest, instant cold pack, polyester gloves...

    £18.14 EACH

  53. Car sun visor 220337

    Car sun visor
    Foldable sun car visor in aluminium foil with 2 elastic bands for better storage.

    £2.80 EACH

  54. Car torch Magnet 167481

    Car torch Magnet
    Small torch with 3 LED lights. Flash and static light possible with magnets on the back. Handy to...

    £1.26 EACH

  55. Car waste bags 256281

    Car waste bags
    15 car waste bags in dispenser case for the car.

    £2.01 EACH

  56. Children high visibility vest 220465

    Children high visibility vest
    Child high visibility vest with 2 horizontal reflective bands. 100% polyester.

    £2.91 EACH

  57. Chocolates in glass holder 220279

    Chocolates in glass holder
    Chocolates in glass holder, 30 grams.

    £1.84 EACH

  58. Classic square metal key ring 220825

    Classic square metal key ring
    Classic square key ring in zinc alloy. Presented in black box.

    £2.01 EACH

  59. ClipLED torch 298960

    ClipLED torch
    Plastic torch with white LED-light, metal clip and barrel ring. When the clip and barrel make...

    £0.93 EACH

  60. COB light with carabiner 275586

    COB light with carabiner
    Keychain with innovative COB technology where multiple LED lights are combined to one bright light....

    £1.99 EACH

  61. COB Torch 275573

    COB Torch
    Handy flashlight with a torch design. With innovating COB technology, where multiple LED lights are...

    £2.90 EACH

  62. COB Work lamp 295398

    COB Work lamp
    Lamp with adjustable stand, so this lamp is easy placed anywhere. The stand is provided with...

    £3.20 EACH

  63. Columbus survival knife 298992

    Columbus survival knife
    Robust stainless steel survival knife with serrated edge blade, wooden inlay in the handle and...

    £7.10 EACH

  64. Container for pet bag w/ hook 220480

    Container for pet bag w/ hook
    Always clean up after your pet with this plastic container with hook. Includes 10 PE waste bags to...

    £0.96 EACH

  65. CORDY 220959

    Compass and whistle with cord including safety buckle.

    £1.22 EACH

  66. Cree-LED 3 Watt torch 298980

    Cree-LED 3 Watt torch
    Sturdy, aluminium torch - the super powerful 3 Watt Cree LED light delivers a strong, crisp, bright...

    £11.98 EACH

  67. Crusader survival set 298978

    Crusader survival set
    Gift set: 9-piece stainless steel multi tool with 13 functions (tongs, wire cutter, 3 screwdrivers,...

    £14.35 EACH

  68. Cutter Mars 241879

    Cutter Mars
    Retractable craft knife.

    £0.67 EACH

  69. Digital tyre pressure gauge 220079

    Digital tyre pressure gauge
    Digital tyre pressure gauge, including 2 powerful LED lights and red light indicator. ABS material....

    £10.72 EACH

  70. Dinky Measure 248536

    Dinky Measure
    Metric key ring tape measure, available in a range of colours.

    £0.98 EACH

  71. Direction bicycle bell/compass 298961

    Direction bicycle bell/compass
    Bicycle bell with compass.

    £2.22 EACH

  72. Dual powered dynamo torch 220336

    Dual powered dynamo torch
    Torch powered both by solar panel and dynamo. ABS casing with satin silver spray.

    £4.56 EACH

  73. Easy tin silver w/mints 220280

    Easy tin silver w/mints
    Easy tin with about 28 grams of mints.

    £1.48 EACH

  74. Emergency blanket 220540

    Emergency blanket
    Emergency blanket made in shiny silver PET. Helps retain body heat.

    £1.62 EACH

  75. Emergency car light 220934

    Emergency car light
    5 LED with various light settings: steady, light only on top, revolving, blinking and flashing,...

    £7.25 EACH

  76. Emergency COB light 256239

    Emergency COB light
    Emergency COB light including magnet, hanger and stand. 2 light settings. 3 AAA batteries not...

    £4.48 EACH

  77. Emergency hammer dynamo torch 220450

    Emergency hammer dynamo torch
    3 in 1 emergency hammer with 3 LED dynamo torch and belt cutter. ABS plastic in smooth rubber...

    £6.26 EACH

  78. EuroNorm parking disk 298958

    EuroNorm parking disk
    Parking disk made of blue imitation leather.

    £0.93 EACH

  79. EuroNormSpecial parking disk 298979

    EuroNormSpecial parking disk
    Parking disk made of durable plastic with ice scraper, rubber wiper, trolley coin and tyre tread...

    £1.22 EACH

  80. EXTEN 220762

    Extendable torch made of aluminium with 1 LED and hook on top. 2 CR2032 battery included.

    £3.46 EACH

  81. Extendable torch 220878

    Extendable torch
    Extendable aluminium torch with 3 LED light and magnet on top and clip on side. 4 Batteries LR44...

    £4.92 EACH

  82. Extendable torch screwdriver 256213

    Extendable torch screwdriver
    Tool set with extendable aluminium torch with 3 LED light and aluminium multi tool pen shape....

    £6.49 EACH

  83. Fire blanket in a pouch 220712

    Fire blanket in a pouch
    Fire blanket made of fiber glass presented in a PVC pouch.

    £10.43 EACH

  84. Fixy Multitool 299005

    Fixy Multitool
    Stainless steel multitool in handy pocket format. With metallic look accent and 8 functions: spoke,...


  85. Flashing light clip Anaheim 113637

    Flashing light clip Anaheim
    Material: plasticBranding Method: pad printingPrint Area: CentredPacked in single units:...


  86. Flashing light clip Cincinnati 113636

    Flashing light clip Cincinnati
    Material: plasticBranding Method: pad printingPrint Area: CentredPacked in single units:...


  87. Flashlight Credit 275469

    Flashlight Credit
    A Designed by Toppoint flashlight in a credit card format. Extremely flat flashlight with 4 LED...

    £1.84 EACH

  88. Flashlight Edison 275587

    Flashlight Edison
    Flashlight in the shape of a light bulb.

    £2.30 EACH

  89. Flashlight in box 167445

    Flashlight in box
    Aluminum flashlight in case. LED lighting. Batteries included. Gift box included

    £2.81 EACH

  90. Flashlight with key ring 220053

    Flashlight with key ring
    Plastic LED flashlight with key ring. Blue LED. 3 cell batteries included.

    £0.90 EACH

  91. Flexible Ruler 167502

    Flexible Ruler
    2 meter flexible PVC ruler

    £2.37 EACH

  92. Flexible Ruler 167501

    Flexible Ruler
    1 meter flexible PVC ruler.

    £1.52 EACH

  93. Floating Keyring 167752

    Floating Keyring
    Floatable keyring. Printing available by using tampo pad print.

    £0.60 EACH

  94. Foldable 25 piece tool set 220202

    Foldable 25 piece tool set
    Foldable 25 pieces tool set including tweezers, 6 pc screwdriver set, extender, 4 pc socket set,...

    £9.11 EACH

  95. Foldable car organizer 256220

    Foldable car organizer
    Foldable car organizer in 600D polyester and mesh pocket on side.

    £7.75 EACH

  96. Foldable Eyeglass 248472

    Foldable Eyeglass
    Magnifier with magnification factor eight.

    £3.17 EACH

  97. Foldable multi-tool knife 256252

    Foldable multi-tool knife
    Foldable multi-tool knife in stainless steel. Includes 9 tool functions in ABS including 600D...

    £10.20 EACH

  98. Foldable sun car visor 256279

    Foldable sun car visor
    Foldable sun car visor in 170T polyester including pouch.

    £3.66 EACH

  99. Glame pocket knife 298964

    Glame pocket knife
    Pocket knife with brushed steel casing and rubber grips. 5-pieces with 8 functions: knife,...

    £2.22 EACH

  100. Glass jar with jelly beans 220332

    Glass jar with jelly beans
    Multicolour jelly beans in a glass container jar with metallic cover. 30 grams candy.

    £2.17 EACH