Stress Products

  1. Anti-stress. 158592

    Anti-stress. 50 mm

    £0.38 EACH

  2. Anti-stress. 158595

    Anti-stress. 95 x 85 x 42 mm

    £0.84 EACH

  3. Anti-stress. 158603

    Anti-stress. 92 x 52 x 22 mm

    £0.58 EACH

  4. Anti-stress. 184990

    Anti-stress. 52 x 93 x 47 mm

    £0.78 EACH

  5. Anti-stress. 137538

    Anti-stress. 65 x 70 x 50 mm

    £0.48 EACH

  6. Anti-stress. 158596

    Anti-stress. 65 x 110 x 65 mm

    £1.17 EACH

  7. Anti-stress. 137560

    Anti-stress. 70 x 80 x 70 mm

    £1.17 EACH

  8. Anti-stress. 158594

    Anti-stress. 65 x 110 x 65 mm

    £1.17 EACH

  9. Anti-stress. 261176

    Anti-stress. 91 x 58 x 58 mm

    £0.78 EACH

  10. Anti-stress. 137551

    Anti-stress. 60 mm

    £0.60 EACH

  11. Antistress Gotin 268877

    Antistress Gotin
    Anti-stress tear or blood drop. Great for promoting give blood events.

    £1.09 EACH

  12. Antistress Kidea 240676

    Antistress Kidea
    Stress lightbulb.

    £1.32 EACH

  13. Antistress Kubo 240677

    Antistress Kubo
    Stress cube.

    £1.12 EACH

  14. Antistress Libron 268878

    Antistress Libron
    Anti-stress rectangle with book design. Supplied in a range of colours.

    £1.32 EACH

  15. Antistress Redit 268876

    Antistress Redit
    2-in-1 Anti-stress rectangle with ruler design. Supplied in a range of colours.

    £1.12 EACH

  16. Colouring Therapy 216355

    Colouring Therapy
    A4 size 4 page Grown up Colouring Therapy Booklet to help relax you after a hard days work .

    £0.56 EACH

  17. Eye Mask 90177879

    Eye Mask
    Cooling Gel Eye Mask

    £0.47 EACH

  18. Gel Filled Eye Mask 31382134

    Gel Filled Eye Mask
    Cooling Gel Filled Eye Mask, The ideal tonic after a hard day at work, or perfect to help with...

    £1.69 EACH

  19. Heat Pack 90177887

    Heat Pack
    Warming Heat Pack

    £0.66 EACH

  20. Pleasure Head Massager 90177890

    Pleasure Head Massager
    Pleasure Head Massager, in a PVC Cover

    £1.09 EACH

  21. Relax Massager 90177889

    Relax Massager
    Relax Massager

    £0.75 EACH

  22. Star Massager 90177884

    Star Massager
    Star Massager

    £0.65 EACH

  23. Stress Aeroplane 58856

    Stress Aeroplane
    White aeroplane shaped stress toy

    £1.61 EACH

  24. Stress Ball 60478816

    Stress Ball
    Don't get stressed with your next marketing promotion give our Stress Ball a try! Our Stress Ball...

    £0.72 EACH

  25. Stress Ball 58844

    Stress Ball
    Basic 60mm diameter stress ball available in a variety of colours.

    £0.86 EACH

  26. Stress Ball 90177894

    Stress Ball
    Stress Ball

    £0.47 EACH

  27. Stress Brain 58854

    Stress Brain
    White brain shaped stress toy

    £1.51 EACH

  28. Stress Card 152688

    Stress Card
    Credit Card Size Stress Monitor with Full colour printing on two sides .Great for mailing campains...

    £0.44 EACH

  29. Stress Card Logobug 152689

    Stress Card Logobug
    Handholder Logobug with a Stress Card.Comes with a Full colour printed ribbon style attachment self...

    £0.86 EACH

  30. Stress Computer Buddy 31991

    Stress Computer Buddy
    Every desk needs a buddy! This one combines a stress reliever with a useful keyboard brush for a...

    £1.52 EACH

  31. Stress Cow 60478829

    Stress Cow
    Our Stress Cow will take pride of place on anyone's desk, ready for any stressful situations!...

    £1.09 EACH

  32. Stress Cube 58860

    Stress Cube
    Cube Shaped Stress Toy Available In Three Colours -

    £1.45 EACH

  33. Stress Football 58845

    Stress Football
    60mm Diameter football style stress toy.

    £1.15 EACH

  34. Stress Football 60478819

    Stress Football
    The Stress Football is sure to be winner with any of your football-mad customers! Your company logo...

    £0.78 EACH

  35. Stress Globe 58848

    Stress Globe
    Green and Blue 60mm diameter globe shaped stress toy.

    £1.21 EACH

  36. Stress Hard Hat 60478825

    Stress Hard Hat
    This fun and functional product is designed to look like a construction worker's hard hat. It's...

    £0.81 EACH

  37. Stress Hard Hat 58863

    Stress Hard Hat
    Yellow hard hat shaped PU stress toy.

    £1.26 EACH

  38. Stress Heart 04060858

    Stress Heart
    Our Stress Heart is ideal for a whole host of different industries and promotions. It's sure to be...

    £0.76 EACH

  39. Stress Heart 29741

    Stress Heart
    Red heart shaped stress toy.

    £1.19 EACH

  40. Stress House 60478828

    Stress House
    Our Stress House is ideal for any companies involved in housing, construction or financial services...

    £1.25 EACH

  41. Stress Killer 'Malo' 55897

    Stress Killer 'Malo'
    This magnetic base by Philippi with its 200 steel balls serves as paperweight, for decoration...

    £4.94 EACH

  42. Stress Pig 04060857

    Stress Pig
    Make sure that your brand 'brings home the bacon' with our cute Stress Pig! It has a good sized...

    £0.98 EACH

  43. Stress Rugby Ball 60478817

    Stress Rugby Ball
    For a winning promotional product, our Stress Rugby Ball offers a good-sized branding area for your...

    £0.98 EACH

  44. Stress Thumbs Up 162778

    Stress Thumbs Up
    Make sure that your next promotion gets the Thumbs Up from your customers with this great value...

    £1.08 EACH

  45. Stress Transit Van 60478820

    Stress Transit Van
    Our Stress Transit Van will really deliver for your brand! It offers fantastic value for money and...

    £1.14 EACH

  46. Stress Van 58859

    Stress Van
    White coloured van shaped PU stress toy

    £1.95 EACH

  47. Stress World 60478826

    Stress World
    Put the whole world (and your details) into your customers' hands with our Stress World! Your logo...

    £0.75 EACH

  48. Wooden Roller Massager 300178874

    Wooden Roller Massager
    Massage all your aches and pains away with this wooden massager, perfect to relax away the stresses...

    £2.08 EACH

  49. Wooden Tripod Massager 31382142

    Wooden Tripod Massager
    Massage all your aches and pains away with this wooden massager, perfect to relax away the stresses...

    £2.08 EACH