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  1. 12 Inch Cricket Bat 211583

    12 Inch Cricket Bat
    12 inch cricket bat with black handle. Ideal as a Signature Bat or Promotional Gift for Children....


  2. 17 Inch Cricket Bat 211582

    17 Inch Cricket Bat
    17 inch cricket bat with black handle. Ideal as a Signature Bat or Promotional Gift for Children....


  3. 2 BBQ tools in book box 256206

    2 BBQ tools in book box
    Set of 2 stainless steel barbecue tools in paper book shaped box.

    £23.36 EACH

  4. 2 bicycle lights in PP box 220555

    2 bicycle lights in PP box
    Set of 2 red and white additional lights for bicycle and outdoor use. Delivered in frosty white PP...

    £4.98 EACH

  5. 2 in 1 fat analyser 220065

    2 in 1 fat analyser
    2 in 1 fat analyser and pedometer with calorie, step and distance counter as well as body fat...

    £11.33 EACH

  6. 2 person picnic backpack 256288

    2 person picnic backpack
    2 person picnic backpack and cooler in 600D polyester with bottle cooler compartment.

    £51.19 EACH

  7. 2 player badminton set 220253

    2 player badminton set
    Badminton set including 2 shuttlecocks and 2 badminton rackets. Comes with its own plastic carry...

    £11.76 EACH

  8. 3 BBQ tools in aluminium case 220080

    3 BBQ tools in aluminium case
    Aluminium suitcase includes 3 stainless steel BBQ tools. Plate for logo imprint.

    £24.18 EACH

  9. 3 BBQ tools in pouch 220664

    3 BBQ tools in pouch
    Set of 3 stainless steel barbecue tools in nonwoven pouch with zipper.

    £15.65 EACH

  10. 3D sensor pedometer 220790

    3D sensor pedometer
    3D sensor pedometer, which can detect movements in any position, in ABS. It includes following...

    £23.23 EACH

  11. 4 person picnic backpack 256289

    4 person picnic backpack
    4 person picnic and cooler backpack in 600D polyester.

    £70.48 EACH

  12. 5 BBQ tools in aluminium case 220081

    5 BBQ tools in aluminium case
    Aluminium suitcase includes 5 indispensable stainless steel BBQ tools. Plate for logo imprint.

    £53.60 EACH

  13. 5 pieces fitness set 220740

    5 pieces fitness set
    5 pieces fitness set in pouch made of PVC phthalate free with cushioned handles. Includes jump...

    £39.79 EACH

  14. 5 pieces gardening tool 220739

    5 pieces gardening tool
    Set of 5 garden tools in box. Includes harrow, 2 trowels, 15m. wire and pruning scissors.

    £24.68 EACH

  15. Acrylic picnic blanket 256386

    Acrylic picnic blanket
    Foldable acrylic picnic blanket with plastic coated EPE reverse side.

    £23.41 EACH

  16. Bang Bang noise maker sticks 131467

    Bang Bang noise maker sticks
    Pair of Bang Bang Stick noise makers. Supplied with 1 straw

    £1.80 EACH

  17. Basic picnic set 221018

    Basic picnic set
    Picnic set for 2 people in 600D polyester case with easy carry handle. Includes 11 picnic...

    £30.23 EACH

  18. BBQ apron with BBQ tools 220258

    BBQ apron with BBQ tools
    BBQ apron with three different BBQ tools and one glove. Apron in 600D polyester.

    £23.73 EACH

  19. BBQ cooler bag 220257

    BBQ cooler bag
    Metal BBQ is inside the bag

    £43.95 EACH

  20. BBQ grill 220663

    BBQ grill
    Barbecue. Knock down packing

    £55.44 EACH

  21. Beach bag 220963

    Beach bag
    Beach bag in canvas. Full lining and zippered inside pocket and snap button.

    £12.40 EACH

  22. Beach bag striped 220964

    Beach bag striped
    Beach bag in canvas with stripes. Full lining and inner zippered pocket.

    £17.11 EACH

  23. Beach chair with pillow 220478

    Beach chair with pillow
    Beach chair with head rest in nautical style. The mesh part improves comfort and drying time. Metal...

    £46.71 EACH

  24. Beach pillow 220004

    Beach pillow
    PVC beach pillow in rectangular shape.

    £2.23 EACH

  25. Beach shelter 256365

    Beach shelter
    Beach shelter in 170T polyester with pouch.

    £36.86 EACH

  26. Beach tennis set 220009

    Beach tennis set
    Beach tennis set consisting of 2 MDF rackets and 1 soft ball.

    £7.21 EACH

  27. Beach towel 220658

    Beach towel
    100% cotton beach towel.

    £18.06 EACH

  28. Beach towel with pillow 220415

    Beach towel with pillow
    Foldable beach towel with pillow to improve comfort whilst sunbathing. 350g/m2 cotton.

    £39.88 EACH

  29. Beach umbrella 220025

    Beach umbrella
    Sun beach umbrella with pouch. 170T polyester. 36 inch.

    £22.23 EACH

  30. Bicycle bag 256367

    Bicycle bag
    Bicycle bag in tarpaulin material with 1 main compartment and reflective details.

    £18.25 EACH

  31. Bicycle bell 220810

    Bicycle bell
    Bicycle bell made of aluminium and ABS.

    £2.59 EACH

  32. Bicycle carry bag 256290

    Bicycle carry bag
    Bicycle carry bag in 300D polyester with front window for smartphone and main compartment. Has...

    £10.58 EACH

  33. Bike head light 1W LED 220788

    Bike head light 1W LED
    Bike head light made of ABS with 1 Watt LED. 2 AA battery not included. Moveable head torch for...

    £8.51 EACH

  34. Bike repair kit 220659

    Bike repair kit
    15 piece multitool with 2 tyre levers, grater, glue and stickers including pouch with reflective...

    £10.44 EACH

  35. Bike Seat Cover 002103284

    Bike Seat Cover
    The bike seat cover is available in a wide range of colours. And can be pantone matched. Made from...


  36. Bike tyre repair kit 220939

    Bike tyre repair kit
    7 pieces bike repair set in ABS. Includes 2 tyre levers, 1 grater, 1 glue, 2 rubber tubes 33mm and...

    £4.30 EACH

  37. Binoculars foldable 220259

    Binoculars foldable
    Folding binoculars. Amplification 2.5.

    £4.03 EACH

  38. Binoculars with travel case 220216

    Binoculars with travel case
    8 x 21 binoculars with nylon travel case.

    £18.27 EACH

  39. Binocular with pouch 220952

    Binocular with pouch
    8x21 binoculars in ABS and rubberized finish. Including pouch and cleaning cloth.

    £30.92 EACH

  40. Bluetooth sports bracelet 220835

    Bluetooth sports bracelet
    Bluetooth sports bracelet made of silicone which you can track your steps, calories burned, your...

    £40.09 EACH

  41. Body Flag 002103280

    Body Flag
    The body flag is pefect for all sporting events and will certainly get any logo noticed.


  42. Body paint stick red/green 220655

    Body paint stick red/green
    Body paint flag stick presented in silver case and transparent in the middle.

    £2.05 EACH

  43. Camping cooler set 220035

    Camping cooler set
    Camping cooler set in 600D polyester with PEVA lining. Includes 2 mugs, 2 plates, 2 knifes and...

    £39.40 EACH

  44. Camping light 220955

    Camping light
    Camping light in ABS with 1 white LED light and adjustable brightness dial. 3 AA batteries not...

    £8.65 EACH

  45. Capri beach chair 220039

    Capri beach chair
    Beach chair with neck pillow in 600D polyester clothing. Steel frame.

    £41.70 EACH

  46. Carabiner hook 220149

    Carabiner hook
    Carabiner hook with keyring and decorative compass.

    £1.16 EACH

  47. Children beach set 220558

    Children beach set
    Children sand game composed of a bucket, a shovel, a rake and 2 moulds to make nice sand models....

    £4.30 EACH

  48. Cooking thermometer 220860

    Cooking thermometer
    Digital barbecue thermometer. Operated by 1 AG13 battery included.

    £11.63 EACH

  49. Cooler bag 220061

    Cooler bag
    Cooler bag with front pocket. 600D polyester.

    £13.38 EACH

  50. Cooler bag 220960

    Cooler bag
    Cooler bag 210D polyester with 2 compartments and with mesh pocket on the side.

    £9.10 EACH

  51. Coolerbag 1.5l bottles 220803

    Coolerbag 1.5l bottles
    Aluminium foil cooler bag for 6 1,5l bottles in 210 polyester. With non woven white trimmings.

    £7.42 EACH

  52. Cooler bag 2 compartments 221055

    Cooler bag 2 compartments
    Cooler and shopping bag in 600D polyester. Has 1 compartment with insulator. Includes inner...

    £14.92 EACH

  53. Cooler bag 600D polyester 221025

    Cooler bag 600D polyester
    600D polyester Cooler bag with PEVA lining, with 1 side pocket.

    £19.88 EACH

  54. Cooler bag 600D polyester 221024

    Cooler bag 600D polyester
    600D polyester Cooler bag with front pockets and 1 zippered side pocket.

    £19.88 EACH

  55. Cooler bag for cans 220741

    Cooler bag for cans
    Aluminium foil cooler bag for 6 cans in 210 polyester. With non woven white trimmings.

    £4.87 EACH

  56. Cooler bag/shopping bag 221023

    Cooler bag/shopping bag
    Cooler or shopping bag in 600D polyester with 1 main compartment and front pocket. Short handles.

    £10.58 EACH

  57. Cooler bag with 2 compartment 256287

    Cooler bag with 2 compartment
    600D Cooler bag with 2 compartments and aluminium foil lining. Adjustable shoulder strap.

    £10.17 EACH

  58. Cotton duffle bag 220710

    Cotton duffle bag
    Cotton duffle bag . 200 g/m2 cotton twill.

    £5.51 EACH

  59. Cotton duffle bag bicolour 220005

    Cotton duffle bag bicolour
    Bicolour cotton navy duffle bag with white stripe. 200gr/m2 cotton twill.

    £6.98 EACH

  60. Cricket Bat Banger Sticks 212118

    Cricket Bat Banger Sticks
    CRICKET BAT BANGER STICK. Inflatable Clapper Stick in the shape of a cricket bat. 580x140mm....


  61. Digital jumping rope 220248

    Digital jumping rope
    Indicates number of jumps and calories burned. 1 cell battery included

    £6.28 EACH

  62. Digital stopwatch w/ necklace 220049

    Digital stopwatch w/ necklace
    Digital stopwatch with nylon necklace. 1 cell battery included.

    £6.28 EACH

  63. Drawstring cooler bag 220971

    Drawstring cooler bag
    190T polyester drawstring insulated cooler bag in drawstring.

    £5.26 EACH

  64. Duffle bag in 600D polyester 220702

    Duffle bag in 600D polyester
    Duffle bag in 600D polyester with zipper compartment at the bottom.

    £9.46 EACH

  65. EVA hello hand and sitting ma 221048

    EVA hello hand and sitting ma
    Hello hand and sitting mat made of EVA.

    £4.66 EACH

  66. Facial spray 256234

    Facial spray
    Individual water spray in ABS casing.

    £6.23 EACH

  67. Fan Cape 212116

    Fan Cape
    Polyester with velcro fastening. Perfect for national events and sports events. Material:75D...


  68. Fitness hand grip 256286

    Fitness hand grip
    Fitness hand grip.

    £3.28 EACH

  69. Fitness Towel 275571

    Fitness Towel
    A workout towel. This towel has a size of 30x90cm dries very quickly and easy to remove sweat and...

    £5.82 EACH

  70. Fitness towel in mesh pouch 220296

    Fitness towel in mesh pouch
    80% polyester and 20% nylon

    £4.23 EACH

  71. Fitness tracker with heartrat 256412

    Fitness tracker with heartrat
    4.0 Bluetooth heart rate fitness tracker in plastic wristband with you can track your steps,...

    £66.66 EACH

  72. Fly swat 220753

    Fly swat
    Fly swat made of PE.

    £1.32 EACH

  73. Foam insulator can holder 220811

    Foam insulator can holder
    Insulator can holder made of EVA foam.

    £1.55 EACH

  74. Fob watch with carabiner, bottle opener and compass 20572906

    Fob watch with carabiner bottle opener and compass
    Clip on fob watch with compass. Shower proof.

    £18.18 EACH

  75. Foldable backpack cover with 220838

    Foldable backpack cover with
    Foldable cover for protecting your backpack and waterproof with antireflection straps. Made of 210D...

    £7.92 EACH

  76. Foldable cooler shopping bag 220387

    Foldable cooler shopping bag
    Convenient foldable cooler bag. 210T polyester with aluminium foil inside.

    £6.17 EACH

  77. Foldable fan 256343

    Foldable fan
    Foldable 190T polyester fan with hanging cord and safety buckle.

    £1.64 EACH

  78. Foldable Frisbee 58902

    Foldable Frisbee
    Folding nylon flying disc with pouch. EN71 approved

    £1.14 EACH

  79. Foldable frisbee in pouch 220060

    Foldable frisbee in pouch
    Foldable polyester frisbee packed in a polyester pouch.

    £1.18 EACH

  80. Foldable seat mat 256292

    Foldable seat mat
    Foldable seat mat in 210D polyester.

    £4.32 EACH

  81. Folding seat mat 220254

    Folding seat mat
    Bright coloured folding seat mat. 210D nylon with PE foam.

    £3.50 EACH

  82. Football shape foldable bottl 220943

    Football shape foldable bottl
    500 ml. Foldable water bottle in football shape in BPA free plastic with carabiner.

    £2.46 EACH

  83. Frisbee 23 cm 220140

    Frisbee 23 cm
    Frisbee 23 cm.

    £1.52 EACH

  84. Full Size Cricket Ball 002103287

    Full Size Cricket Ball
    A full size official weight promotional cricket ball. Perfect for cricket clubs or an execuative...


  85. Goal Post Zubigol 239800

    Goal Post Zubigol
    Pop up goal posts.

    £49.50 EACH

  86. Hammock canvas 220950

    Hammock canvas
    Hammock in canvas. Supports a maximum of 120 kg with matching pouch.

    £28.80 EACH

  87. Hand clapper 220299

    Hand clapper
    PP material

    £1.11 EACH

  88. Hand trainer 50lb 295390

    Hand trainer 50lb
    50lb Hand trainer. Made of high-quality silicone, resulting in no cracks in the material. Also...

    £4.32 EACH

  89. Health wristband 220989

    Health wristband
    Bluetooth health wristband in silicone which you can track your steps, calories burned, your sports...

    £34.99 EACH

  90. Heart rate monitor watch 220493

    Heart rate monitor watch
    Heart rate monitor watch in ABS with wireless transmitter belt, including average and maximum heart...

    £43.09 EACH

  91. Hever Sports Holdall 002103034

    Hever Sports Holdall
    Durable sports/travel bag made from REACH compliant* 600d polyester, which means the fabric is...

    £11.26 EACH

  92. Inflatable beach ball 220003

    Inflatable beach ball
    Inflatable beach ball with coloured stripes.

    £1.59 EACH

  93. Inflatable beach ball 220956

    Inflatable beach ball
    Inflatable beach ball with transparent and solid panels.

    £1.59 EACH

  94. Inflatable beachball w light 220661

    Inflatable beachball w light
    Inflatable ball in transparent PVC with light inside. Activates via movement.

    £4.85 EACH

  95. Inflatable cheering stick 220328

    Inflatable cheering stick
    Inflatable cheering sticks. 1 straw included to inflate the item. PE.

    £1.52 EACH

  96. iPhone arm band pouch 220533

    iPhone arm band pouch
    Adjustable armband in EVA foam to carry your phone. The transparent surface in PVC enables to...

    £5.03 EACH

  97. iPhone waterproof pouch 220518

    iPhone waterproof pouch
    iPhone waterproof pouch in PVC. The pouch has a thinner surface which allows the operation of the...

    £6.87 EACH

  98. iPhone waterproof pouch 220597

    iPhone waterproof pouch
    Waterproof smartphone pouch made in PVC with polyester string. Safety buckle and stopper. The pouch...

    £4.12 EACH

  99. Jumping rope 295392

    Jumping rope
    Sports jumping rope! Perfect for training your agility, endurance and coordination.

    £4.32 EACH

  100. Key ring with carabiner 220294

    Key ring with carabiner
    Carabiner keyring with decorative compass and strong nylon strap with aluminium plate.

    £2.25 EACH

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