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Soft Toys

  1. Beach Dart 164200

    Beach Dart
    This brightly coloured foam rocket dart is brilliant for games of throw and catch. When thrown, the...


  2. Bear 151822

    Stuffed bear with scarf

    £0.41 EACH

  3. Bespoke Plush 182780

    Bespoke Plush
    Cute or cuddly, short or tall, fiery or ferocious, hairy or bald... your choice. From only 500...


  4. Big Bear 298247

    Big Bear
    Cute Teddybear.

    £7.53 EACH

  5. Brown Bear 298246

    Brown Bear
    Soft teddybear. Colour Available: Brown.

    £6.30 EACH

  6. Graduation Teddy Bear 298277

    Graduation Teddy Bear
    Soft teddy bear with graduation gown, cap and diploma.

    £7.88 EACH

  7. Plush Monkey With Fleece Blanket "barry" 170159

    Plush Monkey With Fleece Blanket
    Super cute and cuddly! Not only kids will be delighted. The beautiful small monkey made of cuddly...


  8. Plush Teddy Bear with T-Shirt 6.5" 298262

    Plush Teddy Bear with T-Shirt 6.5
    Soft plush teddy bear with a white T-Shirt that can be screen printed or digitally printed.

    £6.40 EACH

  9. Teddy Alison 268783

    Teddy Alison
    Polyester teddy bear with printable t-shirt.

    £6.17 EACH

  10. Teddy Bear 215134

    Teddy Bear
    A brown teddy bear with multicoloured scarf. Example Supplier Company

    £3.69 EACH

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