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  1. Bag Louis 241449

    Bag Louis
    Polyester drawstring organiser look pouch.

    £0.46 EACH

  2. Bag Mirka 241821

    Bag Mirka
    Phone pouch with drawstring closure and carry lanyard.

    £1.14 EACH

  3. Deluxe Satin Sash 70858338

    Deluxe Satin Sash
    Single thickness deluxe acetate satin with fused edges.

    £18.95 EACH

  4. Foulard Pareo Rosix 241187

    Foulard Pareo Rosix
    Viscose/Polyster clear zip close pouch with light weight sarong wrap.

    £14.42 EACH

  5. Multipurpose Bag Balkeis 241389

    Multipurpose Bag Balkeis
    PU multipurpose pouch with outser pocket, elastic strap and press stud closure.

    £3.30 EACH

  6. Multipurpose Bag Lot 241980

    Multipurpose Bag Lot
    Travel pouch with shoulder strap and zipped pocket.

    £1.87 EACH

  7. Multipurpose Bag Nila 241815

    Multipurpose Bag Nila
    Phone pouch with clip.

    £1.84 EACH

  8. Multipurpose Bag Ozores 241979

    Multipurpose Bag Ozores
    Multi purpose travel pouch with carry lanyard.

    £1.02 EACH

  9. Multipurpose Bag Watson 241932

    Multipurpose Bag Watson
    Multi purpose travel pouch with buckle strap.

    £3.21 EACH

  10. Multipurpose Pouch Blizz 241050

    Multipurpose Pouch Blizz
    Silicone multipurpose pouch with credit card slot and fold out mobile phone stand.

    £2.30 EACH

  11. Pouch Ekain 240787

    Pouch Ekain
    Draw string glasses pouch. Polyester.

    £1.64 EACH

  12. Pouch Kibal 241124

    Pouch Kibal
    Plastic presentation case in white. Product is held between clear membranes to give the effect that...

    £6.53 EACH

  13. Pouch Milla 242049

    Pouch Milla
    Glasses pouch with drawstring closure.

    £1.57 EACH

  14. Printed Sashes 274203

    Printed Sashes
    Available both single & double sided. Size: 88x10cm


  15. Promotional Sash 70858339

    Promotional Sash
    Single thickness premium acetate satin with fused edges.

    £5.35 EACH

  16. Promotional Sash Digital Print 90144

    Promotional Sash Digital Print
    Single thickness premium acetate satin with fused edges.

    £6.73 EACH

  17. Sash Full Colour - Dye-Sub - UK Made. 157560

    Sash Full Colour - Dye-Sub -  UK Made.
    Made in the UK No MOQ. Dye Sub Full colour (Photography) print. Made to any size (Standard 180cm)....

    £18.20 EACH

  18. Set Fident 241381

    Set Fident
    Three piece set including standing toothbrush with suction cups, two minute sand timer and clear...

    £6.42 EACH