Relaxation Items

  1. Air Mattress Pumper 242031

    Air Mattress Pumper
    Inflatable lilo.


  2. Air Mattress Wave 241854

    Air Mattress Wave
    Mini lilo with pull string.


  3. Aluminium Pillow Stadium 241846

    Aluminium Pillow Stadium
    Aluminium cushion with black edge seam.


  4. Back Support Belt Visser 241163

    Back Support Belt Visser
    Velcro back support belt. Great for lumbar support.


  5. BARBARA 220818

    Travel bath kit in foil packaging. Includes shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and body lotion and...

    £1.62 EACH

  6. Blanket. 185011

    Blanket. Polar fleece: 250 gm. 1500 x 1250 mm , Strap: 580 x 45 mm

    £8.16 EACH

  7. Blanket. 185010

    Blanket. Polar fleece: 250 gm. 1600 x 1300 mm , Cardboard: 160 x 140 mm

    £8.16 EACH

  8. Blanket. 158672

    Blanket. Polar fleece: 180 gm. 1450 x 950 mm

    £3.42 EACH

  9. Blanket. 185012

    Blanket. Polar fleece: 180 gm. EPE padding and 600D flap. 1450 x 1200 mm , Flap: 300 x 200 mm

    £8.39 EACH

  10. Blanket. 218559

    Blanket. Polar fleece: 180 gm. With removable handle. 1500 x 1200 mm

    £4.62 EACH

  11. Cooling Mask "valenton" 169997

    Cooling Mask
    For the special moments. Pamper your stressed eyes with the relaxing cooling mask. Just put the...

    £1.23 EACH

  12. Electric Blanket Ode 240236

    Electric Blanket Ode
    Electric heated cushion with variable temperature control.


  13. Eye Mask 248484

    Eye Mask
    Nylon eye mask with elasticated band.


  14. EyeMask (Express Service) 90191171

    EyeMask (Express Service)
    Soothing, relaxing, refreshing gel filled eye masks. Use straight from the fridge. Great for...


  15. EyeMask (Standard Service) 90182940

    EyeMask (Standard Service)
    Soothing, relaxing, refreshing gel filled eye masks. Use straight from the fridge. Great for...


  16. Feet Massaging Shoe "harlow" 170081

    Feet Massaging Shoe
    The practical plastic shoe with its brushes and the pumice stone can easily be fixed in every...

    £4.28 EACH

  17. Fleece blanker with sleeves 159821

    Fleece blanker with sleeves
    Cuddly fleece blanket with sleeves. You have free moving space and still stay warm in the blanket....

    £5.37 EACH

  18. FOAMA 220651

    Bath set including 50 ml body lotion, 50 ml body wash and mesh sponge with hanging cord presented...

    £4.16 EACH

  19. Headrest Head 241796

    Headrest Head
    Head support 600D polyester.


  20. Heat Bag Aika 240305

    Heat Bag Aika
    Reusable hot water bottle shpaed heat pack in knitted pouch.


  21. Heat Pack Deby 240641

    Heat Pack Deby
    Round handwarmer with snowflake print.


  22. Heat Pack Kison 241318

    Heat Pack Kison
    Reusable circular heat pack.


  23. Hot-Cold Pack Famik 241317

    Hot-Cold Pack Famik
    Hot and cold pack.


  24. Hot-Cold Pack Pikur 241319

    Hot-Cold Pack Pikur
    Reusable hot or cold pack.


  25. Hot-water Bag With A Plush Cover "vancouver" 169987

    Hot-water Bag With A Plush Cover
    Heart-warming! With our hot-water bottle (750ml) in a cuddly plush bear print cover you'll have...

    £6.47 EACH

  26. Hot Water Bottle Fleece Covers - British Made 90172519

    Hot Water Bottle Fleece Covers - British Made
    UK Made. MOQ from 1 unit. 2l and 750ml sizes available. Many stock colour choices and bespoke...

    £7.18 EACH

  27. Inflatable Armchair Reset 242032

    Inflatable Armchair Reset
    Inflatable armchair.


  28. Manicure Set Kelly 241833

    Manicure Set Kelly
    Three piece manicure set with, tweezers, nail file and nail clippers.


  29. Manicure Set Silton 241139

    Manicure Set Silton
    Manicure set with tweezers, scissors and nail clippers.


  30. Massager Cheris 227551

    Massager Cheris
    Battery operated back massager.

    £4.20 EACH

  31. Massager Star 227140

    Massager Star
    Plastic star shaped back massager.

    £1.33 EACH

  32. Neck Warmer Arick 241462

    Neck Warmer Arick
    Anti-pilling neck warmer.


  33. Neck Warmer Becks 240932

    Neck Warmer Becks
    Fluorescent polyester neck warmer.


  34. Neck Warmer Cherin 240623

    Neck Warmer Cherin
    Polyester neck warmer.


  35. Neck Warmer Nostal 240979

    Neck Warmer Nostal
    Anti-pilling polar fleece neck warmer with zip, 200g/m2.


  36. Pillow Egeo 239891

    Pillow Egeo
    Inflatable pillow.


  37. Pillow Leos 239889

    Pillow Leos
    Inflatable neck pillow.


  38. Pillow Quasar 239890

    Pillow Quasar
    Inflatable pillow in the shape of an armchair.


  39. Pillow Sould 228284

    Pillow Sould
    Cylindrical polyester pillow filled with polystyrene beads. Machine washable at 30, not suitable...

    £3.00 EACH

  40. Pillow Traveller 241759

    Pillow Traveller
    Inflatable neck pillow for travelers.


  41. TRAVELME 220802

    Travel bath kit in PVC pouch. Includes shampoo, conditioner and shower gel.

    £2.60 EACH

  42. Travel Set Plonet 240591

    Travel Set Plonet
    Mirofibre travel neck cusion with eyemask complete in a wallet.


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