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Polythene Carrier Bags

  1. Bag Mison 252171

    Bag Mison
    Laminated Non-woven bag with gusset, side pocket and pen loop.

    £4.25 EACH

  2. Flexi Loop Handle Bag 40623444

    Flexi Loop Handle Bag
    white 15x18x3 inch 180g tot f/loop bag. Frosty and coloured polythene carrier bag 12.5% extra. 100%...

    £250.25 EACH

  3. Party Bags 40623446

    Party Bags
    8x12 inch flat plastic bags with punched out handles- otherwise known as party bags! Come in a...

    £0.18 EACH

  4. Patch Handle Carrier Bag 40623443

    Patch Handle Carrier Bag
    White or clear 15x18x3 (480x457x75mm) 180g patch handle carrier bags printed in up to 6 spot...

    £2.03 EACH

  5. Plastic Mailing Bags 218456

    Plastic Mailing Bags
    Our range of plastic mailing bags allow you to send almost any item through the post. We can create...


  6. Polythene Duffle Bag 406108329

    Polythene Duffle Bag
    Polythene Duffle Carrier Bag. Environmentally friendly biodegradable option available or standard...

    £1.00 EACH

  7. Polythene Patch Handle Carrier Bag 406108328

    Polythene Patch Handle Carrier Bag
    Polythene carrier bag in standard 45micron polythene. Size 390mm wide x 457mm high + 90mm gusset....

    £1.18 EACH

  8. Single Cord Duffle Bag 40623445

    Single Cord Duffle Bag
    white 15x18x3 300g duffel bag with white cord. Frosty and coloured polythene as well as 100% print...

    £841.75 EACH

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