Plastic Clocks

  1. Around clock 20575149

    Around clock
    Analogue clock. Shows time by the cylinder rotation.

    £11.34 EACH

  2. Aurora Colour Changing Alarm Clock 108694

    Aurora Colour Changing Alarm Clock
    Light up your life with this unique clock. It glows a different colour every hour with gentle...

    £8.70 EACH

  3. Desk Clock 108749

    Desk Clock
    Plastic Desk Clock. Size: 100mm. Plastic Lens. Alarm, Light

    £8.11 EACH

  4. Desk Clock 108747

    Desk Clock
    Plastic Desk Clock with Alarm and Light Size: 100mm. Plastic Lens.

    £10.73 EACH

  5. Electronic Setting Alarm Clock 20213739

    Electronic Setting Alarm Clock
    Folding black travel clock with crescendo alarm, snooze function and light.

    £1.72 EACH

  6. Mini travel alarm clock 20541429

    Mini travel alarm clock
    REDUCED PRICE. Modern looking digital alarm clock with a large LED and snooze function.

    £0.93 EACH

  7. Travel Alarm - Capsule Clock 20214031

    Travel Alarm - Capsule Clock
    Compact digital travel alarm clock with sliding front and mini stand. Available in orange and green.

    £1.42 EACH

  8. Travel Alarm Clock 95246

    Travel Alarm Clock
    Square travel alarm clock. Analogue dial. Battery not included.

    £0.69 EACH

  9. Travel alarm clock - Twist 20291412

    Travel alarm clock - Twist
    Metal framed LCD clock showing the time, date, day and month, 12/24 hour display format selectable,...

    £2.09 EACH

  10. Travelling Clock "prague" 113416

    Travelling Clock
    The ideal companion for your journeys! You'll never sleep late again with this practical fold-away...


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