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Pens (Novelty)

  1. 3D PVC pencil topper 35474

    3D PVC pencil topper
    3D soft PVC pencil topper with upto 4 soft PVC spot colours.

    £0.92 EACH

  2. Ballerina Glitter Globe Pen 180113

    Ballerina Glitter Globe Pen
    this Winter is our Ballerina Glitter Globe Pen. Featuring a classic snow globe topper enclosing a...

    £4.23 EACH

  3. Banner Message Pen 10140243

    Banner Message Pen
    A quality pen made from recycled material and with a full colour banner printed in full colour on...


  4. Banner Pen 10293123

    Banner Pen
    Plastic Banner Pen with clear barrel, silicone grip and coloured tip & clip. Laminated paper banner...

    £0.60 EACH

  5. Big Fat Pen 002109657

    Big Fat Pen
    The biggest opportunity to bring your brand to market! The Big Fat Pen Colour by ICO gives you an...

    £0.40 EACH

  6. Children's Ball Pen "amilly" 179282

    Children's Ball Pen
    Fly ladybird. With these cute ball pens (blue ink refill) made from wood you will amaze your little...


  7. Colossal Ballpen 163458

    Colossal Ballpen
    Giant retractable novelty pen with large print area. Rubber finger grip. ideal for schools and...


  8. Computer Pen 163455

    Computer Pen
    Retractable computer push action pen, rubber finger grip, metal tip and stylish metal clip. Smooth...


  9. Desk Feather Pen 163457

    Desk Feather Pen
    Shakespeare would of loved one of these! The 2 in 1 novelty pen desk pen letter opener comes...


  10. Diamante Princess Pen Made With Swarovski ® Elements 169827

    Diamante Princess Pen Made With Swarovski ® Elements
    This beautiful pen decorated with crystals MADE WITH SWAROVSKI ® ELEMENTS is hand crafted to...

    £47.36 EACH

  11. Floating Pen 117181

    Floating Pen
    The Floating Pen, or often referred to as the 'Floaty Pen', is a fully customizable Pen. It's...


  12. Highlighter Bunny 297952

    Highlighter Bunny
    Highlighter pen designed like a medical syringe.

    £0.82 EACH

  13. I-protect 35411

    The iProtect is an antibacterial pen, made in Italy by Stilolinea. The iProtect reduces the risk of...


  14. Jimnie Ball Pen 163413

    Jimnie Ball Pen
    Manufactured by pen giants Zebra this simple stick pen is perfect for hotels. Available with both...


  15. Mammoth Ballpen 163459

    Mammoth Ballpen
    Giant fun retractable novelty pen with large print area. Rubber finger grip. Large barrel makes it...


  16. Microscope Site 25X 241940

    Microscope Site 25X
    Pocket microscope pen with twenty five times magnification.

    £22.30 EACH

  17. Mini Pen Nabu 240335

    Mini Pen Nabu
    Half sized 6 in 1 pen. Includes black, blue, pink, green, purple and yellow ink.

    £0.95 EACH

  18. Mini Pen Tenox 240336

    Mini Pen Tenox
    Mini retractable ballpoint pen with blue ink, silver trim and metal clip.

    £0.80 EACH

  19. Mop Head Stylus Pen 213484

    Mop Head Stylus Pen
    The Mop Head Pen is a fun and functional way to promote your company. This quirky looking pen...

    £1.12 EACH

  20. Pencil Flexi 239787

    Pencil Flexi
    Bendy pencil with eraser.

    £0.47 EACH

  21. Pen Crisant 241149

    Pen Crisant
    Slim pen with flower top with clear plasic cap. Blue ink.

    £1.00 EACH

  22. Pen Ecolour 239863

    Pen Ecolour
    Recycled cardboard retractable pen.

    £0.46 EACH

  23. Pen Ethic 240078

    Pen Ethic
    Bamboo retractable ballpoint pen with blue ink and silver trim. Gift pouch included.

    £0.95 EACH

  24. Pen Flexiroll 239786

    Pen Flexiroll
    Bendy pen. Blue ink.

    £0.56 EACH

  25. Pen Gradox 298067

    Pen Gradox
    Smiley face graduation pen. Coloured pen with a smiley face detail wearing a graduation cap.

    £0.98 EACH

  26. Pen Jering 297949

    Pen Jering
    Translucent syringe style click action ballpoint pen. Great for doctors, nurses and medical...

    £0.52 EACH

  27. Pen Lipsy 239978

    Pen Lipsy
    Lipstick style pen.

    £0.52 EACH

  28. Pen Thermometer 241987

    Pen Thermometer
    Magnetic pen with thermometer.

    £2.07 EACH

  29. Pen Tib 240208

    Pen Tib
    Toothpaste tube style pen.

    £0.57 EACH

  30. Pen Torch Whiter 240414

    Pen Torch Whiter
    Pen torch with cap. This handy tool is ideal for workmen and doctors. Featuring a bright LED light...

    £2.07 EACH

  31. Pen Tori 240097

    Pen Tori
    Recycled cardboard retractable pen with blue ink.

    £0.43 EACH

  32. Pen Wala 240209

    Pen Wala
    Pill shaped pen.

    £0.52 EACH

  33. Pen Ximor 241150

    Pen Ximor
    Pen with fruit top and leaf detail. Black ink. Promote healthy eating with this fruity pen.

    £1.02 EACH

  34. Professor Bendy Pen 149496

    Professor Bendy Pen
    Our Professor Bendy Pen is a great choice for customers of all ages. His fun appeal and tactile...

    £1.12 EACH

  35. Retractable Pen 163412

    Retractable Pen
    Great value push top retractable pen.


  36. Rocket Ballpen On 555 163456

    Rocket Ballpen On 555
    Stylish rocket ball pen complete with springy chrome stand. Easy to hold novelty chunky ball pen....


  37. Rubik's Puzzle Pen 95862

    Rubik's Puzzle Pen
    For a promotional ballpen with a twist we've got the perfect item with the Rubik's Puzzle Ballpen....

    £7.10 EACH

  38. Silicone Pen 002107246

    Silicone Pen
    Silicone Pens are user friendly as they are both fun and flexible. With a sucker on the end these...

    £1.22 EACH

  39. Snow Globe Pen 180112

    Snow Globe Pen
    this Winter is our Snow Globe Pen. Featuring a classic snowman snow globe topper with a festive red...

    £4.23 EACH

  40. Stilettos Glitter Globe Pen 180118

    Stilettos Glitter Globe Pen
    this Winter is our Stilettos Glitter Globe Pen. Featuring a classic snow globe topper enclosing a...

    £4.23 EACH

  41. Tornado Barrel Pen 163460

    Tornado Barrel Pen
    Easy to hold mini retractable ball pen with large print area.


  42. Wild Smilez Pen 149499

    Wild Smilez Pen
    Put a smile on your customers' faces with our Wild Smilez Ballpen! This promotional pen has a fun...

    £0.46 EACH

  43. WOODEN BALL PEN 301043

    FSC certificated push action ball pen. Wooden barrel with bright chrome trim.

    £1.29 EACH

  44. Woodone Pen 10257979

    Woodone Pen
    Wooden barreled pen with metal fittings made from sustainable wood.


  45. Zebra Roller 163410

    Zebra Roller
    A super-smooth rollerball pen from Zebra. Great quality ink that is waterproof and fade proof.


  46. Zebra Roller 163411

    Zebra Roller
    A super-smooth rollerball pen from Zebra. Great quality ink that is waterproof and fade proof.