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Pen Pots & Pencil Cases

  1. Acrylic desk pen holder Madrid 113384

    Acrylic desk pen holder Madrid
    Material: plastic, acrylicInformation: clock, date display, weekday display, temperature display,...


  2. Case 153099

    synthetic material case

    £0.18 EACH

  3. Case Dasoe 240485

    Case Dasoe
    210D polyester zipped pen pot pencil case. Sturdy mesh and polyester tube shaped pencil case that...

    £3.46 EACH

  4. Case Felty 240550

    Case Felty
    Bright and colourful stylish felt zipped pencil case. Features a bold contrasting diagonal zip and...

    £1.89 EACH

  5. Case Latber 240947

    Case Latber
    Bright and colourful PVC zipped pencil case with internal mesh divider. Semi-transparent. Ideal for...

    £1.37 EACH

  6. Case Migal 268803

    Case Migal
    Polyester 420D pencil case with clip. Including eight mini pencils and pencil sharpener.

    £3.82 EACH

  7. Case Nayxo 241270

    Case Nayxo
    Zipped 600D Polyester pencil case.

    £3.39 EACH

  8. Case Parrot 241872

    Case Parrot
    Pencil case made from 300D polyester with carry handle.

    £3.41 EACH

  9. Case Set Baiku 240134

    Case Set Baiku
    Colourful pencil case with matching stationary set. Supplied with two pencils, ballpoint pen,...

    £6.67 EACH

  10. Case Tage 242040

    Case Tage
    Bright and colourful 600D polyester zipped pencil case. Ideal for keeping your stationary and...

    £1.82 EACH

  11. Case Terbux 240581

    Case Terbux
    Cone shaped zipped pencil case.

    £1.91 EACH

  12. Case Zinq 240726

    Case Zinq
    PU pencil case with zip closure.

    £6.83 EACH

  13. Clear Pen Pot 298304

    Clear Pen Pot
    Pen Holder with clear casing. Digital clock includes the following features: alarm, calendar and...

    £12.08 EACH

  14. Desk Tidy 248383

    Desk Tidy
    Wash basket shaped desk tidy.

    £1.68 EACH

  15. Eco Natural Leather Pen Holder 248445

    Eco Natural Leather Pen Holder
    Recycled bonded leather pen holder. This natural finish material can vary slightly in colour.

    £1.75 EACH

  16. Eco Pencil Case Set 213528

    Eco Pencil Case Set
    New for 2016 this is the perfect budget promotional desk set.The pencil case is made from...

    £3.87 EACH

  17. Eco Wheelie Bin Pen Pot 248379

    Eco Wheelie Bin Pen Pot
    Desk top pen pot made from recycled material.

    £2.98 EACH

  18. Escritura Pencil Case 298309

    Escritura Pencil Case
    Zipped pencil case made from 420D Polyester.

    £1.93 EACH

  19. Full Colour Pencil Case 182329

    Full Colour Pencil Case
    Durable neoprene pencil case printed in full colour dye sublimation to both sides. Incredible print...

    £5.53 EACH

  20. Glitter Pencil Case 289344

    Glitter Pencil Case
    The Glitter pencil case is available in a range of colours, all of which can be sold plain or...

    £5.69 EACH

  21. Green & Good Organic Cotton Pencil Case - kids 108911

    Green & Good Organic Cotton Pencil Case - kids
    The Green & Good Organic Cotton Pencil Case

    £4.94 EACH

  22. ICO Lux Pen Holder Round 199433

    ICO Lux Pen Holder Round
    Keep all your pens and stationary items tidy in this environmentally friendly and rounded ICO Pen...

    £1.83 EACH

  23. ICO Pen and Memo Block Holder 198416

    ICO Pen and Memo Block Holder
    ***NOW IN COLOURS*** A multiple pen holder with six separate channels for inserting and displaying...

    £2.01 EACH

  24. ICO Quadrat Pencil Holder 198676

    ICO Quadrat Pencil Holder
    ***COLOURS*** Keep all your pencils and other stationary items tidy in this environmentally...

    £1.44 EACH

  25. ICO Ring Pen Holder 203196

    ICO Ring Pen Holder
    Keep your pens neat and tidy with the ICO Ring Pen Holder, made from 30% recycled plastic and with...

    £1.17 EACH

  26. Iridescent Pencil Case - Light Pink 188059

    Iridescent Pencil Case - Light Pink
    The pencil case is the latest addition to the stunning iridescent collection. Useful for meetings...

    £13.08 EACH

  27. Mayfair Pen Stand 2001105390

    Mayfair Pen Stand
    Matt and shiny plating with heavyweight metal pen. Matching clock, card holder and letter opener...

    £6.71 EACH

  28. MULTI 220018

    Clock with music alarm function, date, thermometer and pen holder. 1 cell battery included.

    £5.73 EACH

  29. Multipurpose Bag Nabel 241651

    Multipurpose Bag Nabel
    Hello Kitty zipped multipurpose bag or pencil case.

    £7.71 EACH

  30. Multipurpose Basket Domi 240270

    Multipurpose Basket Domi
    Basket shaped desktop pen pot.

    £1.68 EACH

  31. Neon Glitter Pencil Case 289373

    Neon Glitter Pencil Case
    The Neon glitter pencil case comes in a range of colours and can be sold plain or with a printed...

    £5.69 EACH

  32. Neoprene Pencil Case 35462

    Neoprene Pencil Case
    Neoprene pencil case with zip fastening. Price includes a 1 colour print in 1 position. Available...

    £3.59 EACH

  33. Nylon Pencil Case 002116128

    Nylon Pencil Case
    PVC backed 70D nylon pencil case with contrasting zip. Available in 6 colours.

    £1.50 EACH

  34. PC01 Pencil case 304533

    PC01 Pencil case
    Pink or blue padded pencil case with large card insert branding to one side. The case features a...

    £10.24 EACH

  35. Pencil Case Skinga 298036

    Pencil Case Skinga
    Non-woven pencil case with a zipped closure. This pencil case is white and has an outlined scene...

    £1.91 EACH

  36. Pencil Case - Transparent 182340

    Pencil Case - Transparent
    Transparent pencil case made from PVC in five vibrant trim colours. Ideal for student exam use.

    £1.97 EACH

  37. Pencil Holder Organic 239678

    Pencil Holder Organic
    Wheelie bin pen holder.

    £3.55 EACH

  38. Pencil Holder Plumi 241869

    Pencil Holder Plumi
    Pen/pencil holder with character.

    £3.50 EACH

  39. Pencil Holder Teca 239827

    Pencil Holder Teca
    Desk tidy pen pot with four functions; Time display (Hour/Minute/Second), alarm, stopwatch amd date...

    £14.13 EACH

  40. Pencil Holder Tipel 240946

    Pencil Holder Tipel
    Metal mesh pen pot and desk tidy.

    £6.92 EACH

  41. Pencil Set Dragon 239974

    Pencil Set Dragon
    Pencil box with six colouring pencils and ruler. Supplied in a wooden sliding ruler top box. Ideal...

    £4.05 EACH

  42. Pen Holder "blankenburg" 170092

    Pen Holder
    Fits perfect onto every desk. The little office accessory offers a pen holder a business card...


  43. Penpot 60186357

    Ingenious flat-packed pen holder, popular, low cost and ideal for mailings. Black end caps as...

    £2.50 EACH

  44. Pen Pot - Round Flat Pack 307360

    Pen Pot - Round Flat Pack
    Supplied flat packed and with generous print areas a great mail out product. The round pen pot has...

    £2.80 EACH

  45. Pen Pouch Menit 240630

    Pen Pouch Menit
    Cardboard pen sleeve.

    £0.39 EACH

  46. Pen Pouch Recycard 239945

    Pen Pouch Recycard
    Recycled cardboard pen box/pouch.

    £0.39 EACH

  47. Pen Pouch Sage 239886

    Pen Pouch Sage
    PVC Pen pouch.

    £0.34 EACH

  48. Pen Pouch Velvex 240631

    Pen Pouch Velvex
    Velvet pen pouch.

    £0.16 EACH

  49. Pot Desk Clock Zelmo 240844

    Pot Desk Clock Zelmo
    Pen pot desk clock. Batteries included.

    £12.76 EACH

  50. PP01 3 Sided Pen Pot 002111873

    PP01 3 Sided Pen Pot
    3 Sided Pen Pot / desk tidy with 3 large printed card insert branding areas.

    £6.48 EACH

  51. PP02 Pen & Paper Block Holder 002111870

    PP02 Pen & Paper Block Holder
    Pen and Paper / memo block holder with full colour printed insert to front face and plain white...

    £9.58 EACH

  52. PVC Pencil Case 002116127

    PVC Pencil Case
    High quality 0.3mm thick clear PVC pencil case with coloured zip. Ideal for student exams....

    £1.50 EACH

  53. Recycled Wheelie Bin Pen Pot 29588

    Recycled Wheelie Bin Pen Pot
    A novelty green wheelie bin pen pot made from recycled plastic. The ideal promotional product for...

    £2.52 EACH

  54. Rubik's Pen Pot 163265

    Rubik's Pen Pot
    This funky pen pot will brighten up any desk plus it's a really practical gift that will show off...

    £22.73 EACH

  55. Smart-Holder - Tri Pen Pot Insert 18874

    Smart-Holder - Tri Pen Pot Insert
    Handy desk tidy printed on 170gsm gloss art insert. Bulk packed.

    £4.48 EACH

  56. Smart-Holder - Tri Pen Pot Primary 18875

    Smart-Holder - Tri Pen Pot Primary
    Handy desk tidy screen printed on 3 sides of pot.|~Holder colours: black, blue, clear, red, white,...

    £3.19 EACH

  57. Solar Pen Pot Clock 248380

    Solar Pen Pot Clock
    Pen pot in black with a silver trim featuring a clock with date, alarm and thermometer.

    £8.67 EACH

  58. Trellis Pen Pot 248382

    Trellis Pen Pot
    Mesh pen pot with digital clock including date, time and alarm functions.

    £10.31 EACH

  59. Trio Pen Pot 70256908

    Trio Pen Pot
    3 Sided Acrylic Pen pot printed full colour insert.Rent the desk space on your customers desk for...

    £6.37 EACH

  60. Tri Pen Pot 248381

    Tri Pen Pot
    Foldable pen pot with clock and two photograph frames.

    £7.58 EACH

  61. Vision Pen Pot 70256907

    Vision Pen Pot
    Vision Pen Pot with full colour panoramic print supplied with plain pad of note papier.

    £5.92 EACH

  62. Writing Case "fillmore" 170100

    Writing Case
    Looking for a competitive writing case with a twist? Then you looking in the right place. This...


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