1. Carmel Pedometer 30989221

    Carmel Pedometer
    Plastic basic pedometer with step counter.

    £1.31 EACH

  2. Digital pedometer Neiva 233872

    Digital pedometer Neiva
    Digital pedometer with plastic housing. Displays: calories steps and distance. Delivered with...

    £2.47 EACH

  3. Easy View Pedometer 002104205

    Easy View Pedometer
    Stylish pedometer with easy to read jumbo digits and built in belt clip. Functions include step...

    £3.95 EACH

  4. FASER 220240

    Pedometer with FM auto scan radio. Indicating number of steps, miles or kms, and calories. 2 cell...

    £5.60 EACH

  5. In shape pedometer 46217

    In shape pedometer
    Counts steps. Belt clip. Auto off power saving function. Battery included. Plastic

    £1.02 EACH

  6. Le Clip Pedometer 002109518

    Le Clip Pedometer
    Carabiner style 3D pedometer with a speed sensor, step count, distance and calorie measurements, 10...

    £7.11 EACH

  7. Linnville Pedometer 58905

    Linnville Pedometer
    Plastic flip down cover pedometer with step counter in silver.

    £1.89 EACH

  8. MAXICAL 220311

    Pedometer. Measures number of steps, calories and distance. 1 x AG10 cell battery included.

    £2.44 EACH

  9. Mishnock Pedometer 58907

    Mishnock Pedometer
    Solar powered pedometer with step counter distance in miles and calorie counter.

    £6.30 EACH

  10. Oval Pedometer 002108783

    Oval Pedometer
    Oval pedometer with step counter, LCD display. Auto shut off after 1 minute. Takes 1 AG13-battery...

    £3.13 EACH

  11. Pedometer 30975428

    Get your promotions fighting fit with our bestselling Pedometer. This budget-friendly product is a...


  12. Pedometer Ferrium 241375

    Pedometer Ferrium
    Pedometer with step counter. Batteries included.

    £4.46 EACH

  13. Pedometer Neiva 240703

    Pedometer Neiva
    Colourful digital pedometer which counts steps, distance covered and calories burned on a display...

    £4.85 EACH

  14. Pedometer Peytin 240314

    Pedometer Peytin
    Pedometer with belt clip.

    £4.65 EACH

  15. Pedometer Step 241849

    Pedometer Step
    Translucent pedometer with step counting, distance travelled and calories burnt counter.

    £4.33 EACH

  16. Sprint 3D Sensor Pedometer 145365

    Sprint 3D Sensor Pedometer
    3D sensor pedometer can be carried in your pocket or bag Step counter (max 99999 steps) Distance...

    £6.10 EACH

  17. Sride Pedometer 269084

    Sride Pedometer
    Digital pedometer which counts steps, distance covered, calories burned, belt clip and batteries...

    £3.62 EACH

  18. Stay-Fit pedometer 133234

    Stay-Fit pedometer
    The pedometer measures calories burned, steps taken (19,999), and distance travelled (km & miles)....

    £2.91 EACH

  19. STEPOR 220082

    Pedometer with LCD display and back clip. Miles, kilometres and calories counter. 1 cell battery...

    £2.64 EACH

  20. Stroller Pedometer 248476

    Stroller Pedometer
    Transparent pedometer with step counting, distance travelled in miles and kilometres and calories...

    £3.17 EACH

  21. Sunyl solar pedometer 46243

    Sunyl solar pedometer
    Solar powered pedometer featuring steps taken (19,999), travelled distance (km & miles) and...

    £2.88 EACH

  22. TrackFast Pedometer 133233

    TrackFast Pedometer
    Measures steps taken (199,999). LCD display. Belt clip. Auto off power saving function. Battery...

    £1.68 EACH

  23. Tri View Pedometer 002109023

    Tri View Pedometer
    Stylish pedometer with easy to read jumbo digits and built in spring action belt clip. Functions...

    £3.95 EACH

  24. Waist Pedometer 248242

    Waist Pedometer
    Pedometer with belt clip and reset button.

    £3.42 EACH