1. 15ml Total Sun Block in a Jar 35079915

    15ml Total Sun Block in a Jar
    15ml Total Sun Block in a Jar

    £1.21 EACH

  2. 2-tone horn 167507

    2-tone horn
    Two-tone horn. Large printing area. A useful gadget for events and festivals. Size: 230x68x68 mm.


  3. 50ml Face Spritzer 30979916

    50ml Face Spritzer
    50ml Refreshing Face Spritzer

    £0.62 EACH

  4. 50ml Insect Repellant 30979919

    50ml Insect Repellant
    50ml Insect Repellant

    £1.48 EACH

  5. 57mm Vanity Mirror 31000

    57mm Vanity Mirror
    57mm Vanity Mirror - Metal front covered in laminated paper. Mirror on the reverse.Great for...

    £0.33 EACH

  6. Adapter Dupli 227352

    Adapter Dupli
    3.5mm Double headphone adaptor.

    £1.92 EACH

  7. Airline Mini Auto umbrella 31075182

    Airline Mini Auto umbrella
    Automatic open & close retractable umbrella. 3 sections.

    £13.63 EACH

  8. Airline Pens Set 10178634

    Airline Pens Set
    3 pens set. 1 black & 1 red ink ballpoint pen. 1 mechanical pencil. Ruler. Eraser. Microfiber /...

    £11.34 EACH

  9. Airline Toiletry Kit 40677423

    Airline Toiletry Kit
    Airline Toiletry Kit, 5 miniture bottles inside a PVC case

    £1.98 EACH

  10. Airline umbrella 31075183

    Airline umbrella
    Foldable mini umbrella. Automatic opening. 3 sections.

    £12.63 EACH

  11. ALU Pen set 10178556

    ALU Pen set
    Case with 2 ball point pens and 1 highlighter.

    £9.90 EACH

  12. Antimacassar Head Rest Cover and Seat Cover with Full Colour Print. 155645

    Antimacassar Head Rest Cover and Seat Cover with Full Colour Print.
    UK Made. MOQ 1. Any size up to 58cm x 40cm. Full colour print (edge-to-edge). Elastic or Velcro...

    £5.74 EACH

  13. Ball World 240164

    Ball World
    Glass paperweight. Complete with plinth. Presented in a gift box.

    £9.51 EACH

  14. Bottle Holder "ohio" 170119

    Bottle Holder
    Keep your hands free! This practical plastic bottle holder makes it possible in future. Just pull...


  15. Candado Travel Lock 203378

    Candado Travel Lock
    Metal, 3 number combination padlock to keep bags locked and secure at all times.

    £1.51 EACH

  16. Case Akota 228965

    Case Akota
    Antonio Miro multi-purpose faux leather case.

    £4.75 EACH

  17. Coin Tray Flot 227372

    Coin Tray Flot
    Translucent storage tray with button closure. Supplied flat packed.

    £0.93 EACH

  18. Computer Set Data 229338

    Computer Set Data
    Four piece computer travel set with mini mouse, keypad, USB hub, and head set.

    £13.86 EACH

  19. Ear Plugs in Plastic Case 300153808

    Ear Plugs in Plastic Case
    3M Safety Approved Earplugs. Plain stock MOQ from 1 unit. Plastic case ideal for branding. Contains...

    £1.79 EACH

  20. Festival Day Kit - Pebble Kit 002111049

    Festival Day Kit  - Pebble Kit
    Only a 1 day event then take this kit along to cover most needs including energy sweet, lemon fresh...

    £6.60 EACH

  21. Festival Weekend Kit - Pebble Kit 002111050

    Festival Weekend Kit  - Pebble Kit
    For the full weekend Festival this kit includes an energy sweet, lemon fresh wipe, mosquito wipe,...

    £7.46 EACH

  22. FM scan radio - BASE 204110238

    FM scan radio - BASE
    A compact FM scan radio with a brushed aluminium and contrasting blue plastic casing.

    £0.99 EACH

  23. Fresno Plus Slap Band 133794

    Fresno Plus Slap Band
    Reflective slap wrap band - EN13356 and EN71 approved

    £1.38 EACH

  24. Galaxy Pen set 10278551

    Galaxy Pen set
    Case with 2 ball point pens and 1 highlighter.

    £7.89 EACH

  25. Handbag Hanger 248197

    Handbag Hanger
    Keep your bag safe with this stylish round metal hanger that discreetly folds away into your bag....

    £2.18 EACH

  26. Hand Sanitiser 86159

    Hand Sanitiser
    Credit Card Size Hand Sanitizer with spray action. Printed with full colour digital print and fully...

    £1.36 EACH

  27. Lift off Luggage Strap and Scale 152691

    Lift off Luggage Strap and Scale
    You'll have no more excess baggage charges with the Lift Off Luggage Strap. The Lift Off combines a...

    £9.06 EACH

  28. Luggage Scale 248491

    Luggage Scale
    Analogue suitcase scale with handle and weighing hook. Weight display in kg/lb.

    £4.10 EACH

  29. Luggage Scale Blanax 228188

    Luggage Scale Blanax
    Hand held luggage scale. Max 40kg. Button battery included.

    £6.37 EACH

  30. Luggage Strap Ripley 268989

    Luggage Strap Ripley
    Adjustable polyester luggage/suitcase strap with buckle closure.

    £3.26 EACH

  31. Luggage Tag-aluminium 300175298

    Luggage Tag-aluminium
    Luggage name tag. Anodised aluminium.

    £3.30 EACH

  32. Luggage Tag-colours 300175093

    Luggage Tag-colours
    Luggage name tag. Anodised aluminium.

    £3.73 EACH

  33. Massager Neck Pillow Mitan 228974

    Massager Neck Pillow Mitan
    Antonio Miro microfibre massage pillow. Batteries not included.

    £22.14 EACH

  34. Mazz clock 20575133

    Mazz clock
    Lcd Travel Alarm Clock. Time. Alarm Time. Day. Date. Temperature (°c/°f). Snooze.

    £14.35 EACH

  35. Mirror Sewing Kit Lira 227279

    Mirror Sewing Kit Lira
    Fold out sewing kit with mirror.

    £0.88 EACH

  36. Multipurpose Basket Legab 227249

    Multipurpose Basket Legab
    Multi-purpose folding polyester basket.

    £1.48 EACH

  37. Multipurpose Pouch Blizz 228419

    Multipurpose Pouch Blizz
    Silicone multipurpose pouch with credit card slot and fold out mobile phone stand.

    £0.96 EACH

  38. Pair of Ear Plugs 131768

    Pair of Ear Plugs
    Ideal for use in the entertainment industry. Perfect for use at home to help give you a peaceful...

    £0.73 EACH

  39. Pantone Matched Logo Eye Masks with Full Colour All-over Print 70872533

    Pantone Matched Logo Eye Masks with Full Colour All-over Print
    Printed in the UK. MOQ 1. Large 21cm x 10cm size. Dye-sub full (photography) colour print. Premium...

    £2.15 EACH

  40. Pillow Bangala 228714

    Pillow Bangala
    Inflatable travel pillow and pouch.

    £3.83 EACH

  41. Pillow Egeo 227260

    Pillow Egeo
    Inflatable pillow.

    £1.62 EACH

  42. Pillow Leos 227258

    Pillow Leos
    Inflatable neck pillow.

    £1.51 EACH

  43. Pillow Quasar 227259

    Pillow Quasar
    Inflatable pillow in the shape of an armchair.

    £2.43 EACH

  44. Pillow Traveller 229126

    Pillow Traveller
    Inflatable neck pillow for travelers.

    £1.69 EACH

  45. Pocket Festival Kit 002107034

    Pocket Festival Kit
    As festival Season starts and whether youÂ’re going to Glastonbury, V Fest or one of the other many...

    £4.48 EACH

  46. Pocket Mini Flight Kit 79730

    Pocket Mini Flight Kit
    A mini pocket sized flight travel kit, includes; Black sleep mask, a handy wet wipe, pair of Orange...

    £1.84 EACH

  47. Pocket Mini Travel Kit 67783

    Pocket Mini Travel Kit
    A mini pocket sized travel kit, ideal for sporting events, includes 1 handy wet wipe, Moisturising...

    £3.26 EACH

  48. Pooch 217544

    Coloured plastic waste bag dispenser with white hook to attach to your belt loop or pocket, great...

    £1.15 EACH

  49. Pouch Fit 227489

    Pouch Fit
    Soft shell cover for USB flashdrives with key ring attachment.

    £0.67 EACH

  50. Pouch Shilay 228370

    Pouch Shilay
    PU zipped circular pouch in a range of colours.

    £1.51 EACH

  51. Pouch Wister 228179

    Pouch Wister
    Plastic pouch suitable for glasses and watches.

    £1.09 EACH

  52. Radio Controlled Travel Alarm Clock 2029517

    Radio Controlled Travel Alarm Clock
    Radio controlled clock with current time, alarm time, date and temperature. Blue LED back light,...

    £2.73 EACH

  53. Rockpod Speaker 73992

    Rockpod Speaker
    Sylish Pocket Speaker, with bass expansion system. 3Watt speaker with a Li-Ion battery which is...

    £14.15 EACH

  54. Sewing Kit 002103100

    Sewing Kit
    Small folding sewing kit set in moulded plastic, completed with needle threader, cotton and needle,...

    £1.37 EACH

  55. Sleeping Bag Calix 240917

    Sleeping Bag Calix
    Sleeping bag with zip, Velcro closure and carry handle.

    £24.58 EACH

  56. Small Travel Tin 70712097

    Small Travel Tin
    A small lid and base metal tin containing approx 30g of Mint Imperials. Branding on a full colour...

    £1.67 EACH

  57. Soap Leaves Soaps 227148

    Soap Leaves Soaps
    Paper travel soap in plastic holder.

    £1.19 EACH

  58. Speaker Murmur 227594

    Speaker Murmur
    Fold out travel speaker with 3.5mm jack plug.

    £4.15 EACH

  59. Sports Ball Sun Block 002108883

    Sports Ball Sun Block
    The ultimate protection against the summer and winter sun, a pocket sized ball shape jar of total...

    £0.99 EACH

  60. Travel Alarm Clock 19778

    Travel Alarm Clock
    Black folding alarm clock. Compact and lightweight with a clear easy to read dial making it ideal...

    £0.99 EACH

  61. Travel pillow 262688

    Travel pillow
    Travel pillow with polyfoam beads and soft suede fabric. The pillow can be transformed from a round...

    £9.31 EACH

  62. Travel Pillow 253201

    Travel Pillow
    Our Inflatable Travel Pillows are easy to inflate and deflate and are lightweight so easy to take...

    £2.12 EACH

  63. Travel Set Plonet 227961

    Travel Set Plonet
    Mirofibre travel neck cusion with eyemask complete in a wallet.

    £2.67 EACH

  64. Travel Set Yorder 228715

    Travel Set Yorder
    Two piece travel set. Including a microfiber/EVA eye mask and ear plugs.

    £1.18 EACH

  65. World Adaptor Evo USB 30982929

    World Adaptor Evo USB
    Ensure your brand travels with your customers. This patented design with 1000mA dual USB function...


  66. World time clock - Traveller 20215528

    World time clock -  Traveller
    World time clock covering 24 time zones. Features alarm, snooze timer, light and temperature...

    £6.24 EACH

  67. Wristband Benix 228089

    Wristband Benix
    Polyester 210D money wrist band with Velcro fastening.

    £1.13 EACH