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  1. Atom Bluetooth Speaker 213860

    Atom Bluetooth Speaker
    Miniature Bluetooth Speaker delivering powerful sound for its size and price point. The Atom has a...

    £16.61 EACH

  2. Mantis VR Viewer 247207

    Mantis VR Viewer
    Mantis VR Viewer is perfect for enjoying the virtual reality experiecnce on your smartphone. It's...

    £3.30 EACH

  3. ON-THE-GO 261202

    ON-THE-GO is a double usb port car and travel charger with built-in IC chip and safety fuse and...

    £12.84 EACH

  4. Pop Socket 278008

    Pop Socket
    Pop Sockets are a great utility product due to its many uses, which sticks to the back of your...

    £1.58 EACH

  5. Presenter laser pointer 147955

    Presenter laser pointer
    Laser pointer with remote slideshow function. With infrared remote control to control a PowerPoint...


  6. Snap Selfie Stick 210173

    Snap Selfie Stick
    The Snap Selfie Stick has been specifically designed for maximising your brand and message at all...

    £9.87 EACH

  7. TouchCleaner phone pendant 183762

    TouchCleaner phone pendant
    Functional phone pendant with a plug, a screen cleaner and a rubber top to operate touch screens...


  8. TouchGlove glove 157085

    TouchGlove glove
    Knitted, touchscreen gloves with conductive material in a few fingertips. This allows touchscreens...


  9. TouchPen pen 147959

    TouchPen pen
    Blue ink, metal ballpoint pen with high quality rubber top/pointer for use with touch screens (eg...


  10. TouchPen pen 147960

    TouchPen pen
    Blue ink, metal ballpoint pen with high quality rubber top/pointer for use with touch screens (eg...


  11. TouchTip pen 147969

    Blue ink ballpoint pen in metalic finish, non-slip grip, push button and rubber top/pointer to...


  12. TripleSwitch pen 183752

    TripleSwitch pen
    Functional 3-in-1 gadget with blue ink writing pen, touchscreen stylus and removable cap that acts...


  13. Wireless Presenter VSON 207900

    Wireless Presenter VSON
    Make your perfect presentation come to life with this plug & play wireless presenter! Includes...

    £19.37 EACH

  14. Xoopar iTrio laser pen 207899

    Xoopar iTrio laser pen
    App-cessory' laser pointer & pen requiring no external batteries. Quality metal pen with stylus and...

    £11.12 EACH