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MP3 & MP4 Accessories

  1. Bamboo wireless speaker, brown 322759

    Bamboo wireless speaker brown
    Natural bamboo 3W speaker with built-in 300 mAh lithium battery. With playing time up to 3 hours on...

    £16.36 EACH

  2. Ceramic In-Earphones 207932

    Ceramic In-Earphones
    These earphones are made from high end materials and offer a remarkably simple path from source to...

    £15.93 EACH

  3. Classic Collection - Headphones 207940

    Classic Collection - Headphones
    Good sound, smart looks and guaranteed to help promote your brand. Good print area. 3.5 mm with...

    £22.64 EACH

  4. Classic Collection - in ear headphones 207929

    Classic Collection - in ear headphones
    Superior sound, solid look, packed in a metal tin for added class. Metal headphones with good...

    £8.99 EACH

  5. Cubix Portable Speakers 310464

    Cubix Portable Speakers
    Portable Speakers for Mobile Phones Ipod Ipad Tablets. Printed 1-Col. Boxed.

    £22.07 EACH

  6. d-vice I In ear Phones 207930

    d-vice I In ear Phones

    £17.18 EACH

  7. Earbuds 20757760

    Handy MP3/MP4 player earphones for optimal branding and comfort. Supplied in white plastic casing...

    £5.01 EACH

  8. Earbud Set 157996

    Earbud Set
    Premium earphone set with three different earbud sizes, encased within an elegant gift box. Full...


  9. Earphones 162735

    A functional promotional product that's sure to be used time and time again!The earphones are...


  10. Earphones Metallic With Mic - Promo Pack 138209

    Earphones Metallic With Mic - Promo Pack
    In-Ear Silicon Buds and Metalic Earphones with Microphone. 3.5 Gold Tipped Jack. 1.2mts White...

    £6.80 EACH

  11. Earphones Silicon - Budget 138208

    Earphones Silicon - Budget
    In-Ear Silicon Buds Earphones. 3.5 Jack. 1.2mts Cable. Packed in Crystal Cases.

    £8.42 EACH

  12. Earphones "warwick" 170110

    Music to go! With these earphones your clients can always enjoy their favourite music. The soft...


  13. Earphone Winder Card 91343

    Earphone Winder Card
    Printed plastic card specially shaped for winding earphone cable around, to reduce knots and...

    £1.02 EACH

  14. Flat Cable Earbuds 133164

    Flat Cable Earbuds
    Let your brand stand out with these flat cable quality earbuds. With 3.5 mm jack. Great...

    £8.99 EACH

  15. HeadPhone Premium 207941

    HeadPhone Premium

    £29.58 EACH

  16. Logo Earphones 162738

    Logo Earphones
    Put your company message in your customers' ears! With these fantastic earphones we add your logo...


  17. Magneat - headphone accessory 86127

    Magneat - headphone accessory
    innovative product! The Magneat is a simple button shaped magnetic device that attaches to your...

    £2.18 EACH

  18. MINI BITE Portable Speakers (TSL-05-BO) 138235

    MINI BITE Portable Speakers (TSL-05-BO)
    Bluetooth Portable Speakers for Mobile Phones, Ipod, Ipad, Tablets. Printed 1-Col. Boxed.

    £20.45 EACH

  19. Mini Speaker 105940

    Mini Speaker
    Travel speaker in stylish black or white finish. 3.5mm jack built in rechargeable battery charges...

    £11.26 EACH

  20. Mushroom BT Earphones 310461

    Mushroom BT Earphones
    In-Ear Silicon Buds and Metalic Earphones with Microphone. 3.5 Gold Tipped Jack. 1.2mts White...

    £11.35 EACH

  21. MUSHROOM BT Earphones AT-2174 138210

    MUSHROOM BT Earphones AT-2174
    In-Ear Bluetooth Earphones with Microphone. Bluetooth 4.0 Technology Printed up to FULL COLOUR on...

    £22.75 EACH

  22. Mushroom Earphones 310460

    Mushroom Earphones
    In-Ear Silicon Buds and Metalic Earphones with Microphone. 3.5 Gold Tipped Jack. 1.2mts White...

    £7.17 EACH

  23. MUSHROOM Earphones AT-2131 138211

    MUSHROOM Earphones AT-2131
    In-Ear Earphones. 3.5 Jack. 1.2mts White Cable. 6u Speakers. Printable up to Full Colour on ...

    £14.22 EACH

  24. PowerBeats Premium Overhead Headphones 210318

    PowerBeats Premium Overhead Headphones
    PowerBeats Premium Overhead Headphones have a modern and fashionable design to keep you looking...

    £21.61 EACH

  25. Promo Collection - promobuds 207928

    Promo Collection - promobuds
    Quality metal earbuds with 4 colour process branding area. Other options are engravement and...

    £8.19 EACH

  26. The Promo Collection Headphones 207942

    The Promo Collection Headphones
    Wired Headphones with good print area, modern design and stylish cord cables.

    £15.81 EACH

  27. Tri-Ear Buds 213861

    Tri-Ear Buds
    Earbuds held within a clear triangular case.


  28. Xquare Mini Metal Speaker 133165

    Xquare Mini Metal Speaker
    Impress your clients with this unique travel/desk speaker. Great looks and sound from a high...

    £22.64 EACH

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