1. Meda 31896

    For an intricately detailed bespoke medallion, alloy injection medals are the perfect solution....

    £1.52 EACH

  2. Medal 208125

    Metal medal up to 60mm diameter in size,with or without a ribbon or lanyard. Medal comes in a...

    £1.61 EACH

  3. Medal Corum 240232

    Medal Corum
    Metal torch medal.

    £1.65 EACH

  4. Medal Corum 227601

    Medal Corum
    Metal torch medal.

    £1.65 EACH

  5. Metal Enamel Medals 127486

    Metal Enamel Medals
    Bespoke Metal Enamel Medals, tailormade to any design, shape and size

    £5.09 EACH

  6. Stamped Iron Medal 31895

    Stamped Iron Medal
    Dog tags are a great themed promotional item. Whether used as a giveaway at boot camps or gyms or...

    £1.13 EACH

  7. UK 7 Day Metal Medals 155678

    UK 7 Day Metal Medals
    Full colour print with dome Nickel plating Red/White/Blue ribbon 50mm diameter 2mm thick with...

    £3.59 EACH

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