1. hot stone massage kit Zen 237543

    hot stone massage kit Zen
    Hot stone massage set with 4 basalt massage stones in dark grey velvet case.

    £2.87 EACH

  2. Massager Cheris 240182

    Massager Cheris
    Battery operated back massager.

    £4.52 EACH

  3. massager Cheris 235966

    massager Cheris
    Plastic massager operates with USB cable or 3 AAA batteries. Delivered without battery.

    £4.22 EACH

  4. Massager Citus 240444

    Massager Citus
    Head massager.

    £2.44 EACH

  5. Massager Star 239771

    Massager Star
    Plastic star shaped back massager.

    £1.36 EACH

  6. Massage Stones Thermax 240499

    Massage Stones Thermax
    Four massage stones in a presentation bag, instructions included.

    £3.77 EACH

  7. Star Massager 248533

    Star Massager
    Palm held body massager with a good print area.

    £1.02 EACH

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