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Magnetic Signs

  1. Magnet Cuatrico 239733

    Magnet Cuatrico
    Magnetic white board. Pen not included.

    £6.53 EACH

  2. Magnet Daken 240894

    Magnet Daken
    Square fridge magnet.

    £0.77 EACH

  3. Magnet Fico 239873

    Magnet Fico
    PVC round magnet.

    £0.52 EACH

  4. Magnet Frigor 239724

    Magnet Frigor
    Bespoke made magnet with PVC resin doming. MOQ 300 pieces.


  5. Magnet Hadock 286601

    Magnet Hadock
    Polyester Christmas magnet. Choose from Snowman or Santa. Features pompom noses and snowflake...

    £6.44 EACH

  6. Magnet Hadrix 239725

    Magnet Hadrix
    Bespoke made PVC magnet. MOQ 300 pieces.


  7. Magnetic Whiteboard Yupit 240379

    Magnetic Whiteboard Yupit
    Magnetic mini whiteboard with pen and eraser.

    £3.32 EACH

  8. Magnet Kairos 241166

    Magnet Kairos
    Santa shaped notepad with magnet. Pencil included.

    £3.44 EACH

  9. Magnet Kisto 240895

    Magnet Kisto
    Rectangle fridge magnet.

    £0.48 EACH

  10. Magnet Nietix 241015

    Magnet Nietix
    Week by week planner fridge magnet.

    £6.69 EACH

  11. Magnet Orfi 240194

    Magnet Orfi
    Magnetic felt Christmas tree.

    £0.73 EACH

  12. Magnet Sylox 241167

    Magnet Sylox
    Magnetic notepad with 40 sheets of lined paper.

    £1.64 EACH

  13. Magnet Yakari 240954

    Magnet Yakari
    Fridge magnet with 40 sheet lined notepad and half pencil.

    £3.34 EACH

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