Lunch Boxes

  1. Ceasar salad bowl set 187248

    Ceasar salad bowl set
    Salad bowl with removable 4compartment saucer. Includes fork in double lock lid. Suitable for...

    £4.39 EACH

  2. Drinking beaker fresh 188899

    Drinking beaker fresh
    Yoghurt cup, yoghurt can be put in the beaker and you can put muesli or fruit in the lid for...

    £2.83 EACH

  3. Foldable silicone lunchbox 188891

    Foldable silicone lunchbox
    Foldable silicone lunchbox with 2 compartments includes a fork and spoon. When the lunchbox is...

    £6.14 EACH

  4. Lunchbox 167291

    Jumbo lunchbox. Large printing space is possible on the top. Keeps your lunch fresh.

    £1.87 EACH

  5. Lunch Box Fantiel 269029

    Lunch Box Fantiel
    Lunch box with 1000ml capacity and 300ml bottle.

    £5.61 EACH

  6. Lunchbox Fresh 188894

    Lunchbox Fresh
    A solid and elegant lunchbox. Made from a sturdy material. The lid of the lunchbox provides a large...

    £3.83 EACH

  7. Lunch Box Griva 240468

    Lunch Box Griva
    Plastic lunch box with two compartments. Plastic cutlery included.

    £3.92 EACH

  8. Lunch Box Maynax 240698

    Lunch Box Maynax
    Plastic 800ml lunch box with divided sections and cutlery.

    £3.93 EACH

  9. Lunch Box Set Pagel 240469

    Lunch Box Set Pagel
    Set of three various sized lunch sandwich boxes with coloured lids.

    £3.04 EACH

  10. Lunch Box Virky 239721

    Lunch Box Virky
    1200ml plastic lunch box with hinged lid.

    £1.42 EACH

  11. Lunchbox with cooler compartment 188901

    Lunchbox with cooler compartment
    Useful lunchox with detachable cooler compartment, cooler is located in the lid of the lunchbox....

    £2.18 EACH

  12. Lunch box with cutlery 167287

    Lunch box with cutlery
    Plastic lunch box with 3 compartments, includes a knife and fork, hardcolour lid and transparent...

    £1.61 EACH

  13. Lunch box with ice pack Pergamino 226403

    Lunch box with ice pack Pergamino
    Material: plastic, PPInformation: Ice PackBranding Method: pad printingPrint Area: centered on the...


  14. Maalbox lunch box 156446

    Maalbox lunch box
    Lunch box with folding fork and condiment pot in lid compartment. Volume is 400 ml. Base is...

    £1.71 EACH

  15. Oblong lunch box 258267

    Oblong lunch box
    One piece sandwich box with lock. Volume capacity is 880 ml. Not suitable for microwave. PP plastic

    £1.03 EACH

  16. Sandwich Lunch Box Noix 239710

    Sandwich Lunch Box Noix
    Plastic 450ml sandwich shaped lunch box.

    £1.12 EACH

  17. Shakey salad set 156444

    Shakey salad set
    Convenient storage for salads on the go. Includes fork and removable container. Suitable for...

    £1.85 EACH

  18. Spiga lunch box 133358

    Spiga lunch box
    Microwave safe lunch box with snap closer hinges to keep lid secure and 2 handles for easy...

    £4.85 EACH

  19. Tower Lunch Bag 254640

    Tower Lunch Bag
    Our Tower Lunch Bag has a spacious design with extra height, so itÂ’s ideal for storing a drinks...


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