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Luggage Scale

  1. Digital luggage scale 160620

    Digital luggage scale
    ABS digital luggage scale with an on/off button and a wrist strap. Batteries included.

    £6.53 EACH

  2. Luggage Scale 248491

    Luggage Scale
    Analogue suitcase scale with handle and weighing hook. Weight display in kg/lb.

    £8.83 EACH

  3. Luggage Scale Blanax 240818

    Luggage Scale Blanax
    Hand held luggage scale. Max 40kg. Button battery included.

    £15.04 EACH

  4. Manual luggage scale 219247

    Manual luggage scale
    The manual luggage scale is perfect for travelling and has the capability to measure up to 80lbs....

    £3.82 EACH

  5. Travel Luggage Scale 298270

    Travel Luggage Scale
    Portable digital luggage scale with digital display screen with nylon cord and buckle carry strap....

    £9.76 EACH