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Laser Pointers

  1. 4 in 1 pen 132368

    4 in 1 pen
    Brass pen with stylus function, laser pointer and torch all in one to make presenting easy.

    £4.72 EACH

  2. 4 in 1 presenter pen 219171

    4 in 1 presenter pen
    Silver brass 4 in 1 pen with presenter, laser pointer, pen with black ink and stylus pen. Including...

    £30.38 EACH

  3. Beam laser presenter 109587

    Beam laser presenter
    Beam is a high end radio frequency presenter which lets you run through your presentation with the...

    £49.59 EACH

  4. Flat laser pointer and presenter 295186

    Flat laser pointer and presenter
    Flat laser pointer (class 2) and presenter with integrated receiver. Comfortable to hold and easy...

    £45.15 EACH

  5. Laser Pointer Haslam 268836

    Laser Pointer Haslam
    Laser pointer with one LED. USB to Micro USB port. Wireless power point control. Forward/Back...

    £47.34 EACH

  6. Laser pointer Matlock 169970

    Laser pointer Matlock
    Material: metalRefill: blue ink refill, Metal Red ink refillInformation: one LEDBranding Method:...


  7. Laser Pointer Pen with Stylus 129328

    Laser Pointer Pen with Stylus
    This 3 in 1 stylus pen designed to work on all capacitive touch screens - iPod, iPhone, iPod Touch,...


  8. Laser pointer Plymouth 169975

    Laser pointer Plymouth
    Material: metalInformation: Laser Pointer (compliant with EU standard regulations), touch pen, one...


  9. LOUIE 220794

    Small laser pointer with stylus and LED light, made of aluminium. Including earphone plug. Safety...

    £4.25 EACH

  10. Metal laser pointer Detroit 226455

    Metal laser pointer Detroit
    Material: metal, woodRefill: blue ink refillInformation: one LED, Laser Pointer (compliant with EU...


  11. Pen Presenter 20743056

    Pen Presenter
    The Pen Presenter comes packed in a protective travel pouch, making it ideal for exhibitions,...


  12. Point,03 APP laser pointer & presenter 155100

    Point03 APP laser pointer & presenter
    Point,03 is an APP controlled laser pointer & presenter giving you full control over your...

    £22.07 EACH

  13. Roller Presenter 20743052

    Roller Presenter
    Associate your brand with a high quality, executive product. The stylish Roller Presenter utilises...


  14. Travel Mouse Presenter 20743054

    Travel Mouse Presenter
    The Travel Mouse Presenter comes packed in a protective travel pouch, making it ideal for...


  15. Usb Laser 117662

    Usb Laser
    A first rate dual purpose USB stick in a sleek design. The memory stick is available in all memory...


  16. USB re-chargeable presenter 295185

    USB re-chargeable presenter
    Master your presentations with this state of the art 2.4GHz presenter. The lightweight and smooth...

    £57.19 EACH

  17. Webclick Presenter 20743055

    Webclick Presenter
    The top of the range WebClick Presenter comes with a storage station with built in 2-port hub and...