Kitchen Textiles

  1. Apron 261326

    These strong polyester aprons are perfect for food and cooking related promotions. Prices quoted...

    £5.51 EACH

  2. Butchers Style Cotton Apron 31510385

    Butchers Style Cotton Apron
    Please contact us for further details, other styles and colours available. Placement print only...

    £5.74 EACH

  3. Cap Yobs 268976

    Cap Yobs
    Cotton/Polyester chef's apron.

    £2.54 EACH

  4. Cheese set 189079

    Cheese set
    Set of 4 cheese knifes with handles made of beech wood, suitable for different types of cheese. The...

    £7.36 EACH

  5. Cheese/wine set 189083

    Cheese/wine set
    Set of 2 cheese knives, suitable for different types of cheese, a cheese cutting board made of...

    £16.03 EACH

  6. Chef's Hat 261327

    Chef's Hat
    Used to cover hair during food preperation, these thick polyester chef hats can be printed with a...

    £3.60 EACH

  7. Compact Sewing Kits 110484

    Compact Sewing Kits
    Matchbook style promotional sewing kits containing two buttons, needle, 6 coloured threads and...

    £1.15 EACH

  8. Cotton 180g/m squared apron. 262728

    Cotton 180g/m squared apron.
    Cotton 180g/m squared apron.


  9. Exhibition Tablecloth with Full Colour Print (British Made) - Water Resistant Material 155523

    Exhibition Tablecloth with Full Colour Print (British Made) - Water Resistant Material
    UK Made. MOQ 1. Bespoke tablecloths made to any size. White water resistant, soft silk-feel...

    £114.80 EACH

  10. Foldable table BBQ 189077

    Foldable table BBQ
    Foldable metal barbecue in compact size. This makes it easy to carry the barbecue along. Including...

    £12.14 EACH

  11. Italian set 189078

    Italian set
    Italian set with 4 accessories for preparing Italian food, packed in a pizzabox style packaging....

    £7.16 EACH

  12. Large Cotton Tea Towel 31510382

    Large Cotton Tea Towel
    Please Note That Price Are Subject To Sight Of Final Design


  13. Logo Apron - British Made with up to Full Colour Print 155641

    Logo Apron - British Made with up to Full Colour Print
    British Made Bespoke Sizes Available. Lots of fabric and colour options. 1 Colour Branding to Full...

    £11.48 EACH

  14. Lunch set Fresh 189084

    Lunch set Fresh
    Lunch set Fresh, consisting of a lunchbox, drinking mug and cooler bag with detachable gel cooler...

    £12.44 EACH

  15. Microfiber sport towel 189068

    Microfiber sport towel
    Microfiber sports towel, packed in a polyester pouch (7x15cm). This towel can be used for sports,...

    £3.70 EACH

  16. Oven Glove 31510390

    Oven Glove
    Double Oven Glove. Please contact us for print details Final costs are subject to sight of final...


  17. Oven Glove 31510389

    Oven Glove
    Single Oven Glove. Please contact us for print details Please Note That Costs Are Subject To Sight...


  18. Poly Cotton Butchers Style Apron 31510395

    Poly Cotton Butchers Style Apron
    Other colours available from stock. Please contact us for print details Final costs are subject to...

    £6.31 EACH

  19. Sushi set 189081

    Sushi set
    Sushi set with accessories to be able to make home made sushi. Packed in an ecological packaging in...

    £8.31 EACH

  20. Table Cloth 179465

    Table Cloth
    Branded table cloths are a great way to get your logo noticed throughout the day. Available in a...


  21. Table Mat Irsan 227240

    Table Mat Irsan
    100% Cotton place mat.

    £1.32 EACH

  22. Tea Towel 70531

    Tea Towel
    This unbleached tea towel has a natural cotton colouring its large print is perfect for advertising...


  23. Tea Towel 261325

    Tea Towel
    These kitchen tea towels will be used time and time again, ensuring that your logo gains maximum...

    £2.90 EACH

  24. Tea Towel 31510379

    Tea Towel
    Budget Cotton Tea Towel. Costs Shown For Placement Print. Please Contact Us For Print Details...


  25. Tea Towels - British Made 157582

    Tea Towels - British Made
    British Made. Large 78cm x 45cm size. No MOQ. Plain stock only, ready to send to your own screen...

    £5.74 EACH

  26. Wine set 189080

    Wine set
    Wine set, 4 wine accessories in a ecological packaging in the style of a book. The set includes a...

    £12.57 EACH

  27. Yo to go mug 189082

    Yo to go mug
    Yoghurt mug of which the yoghurt can be put in the mug and for example muesli or fruit can be put...

    £2.61 EACH

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