Household Items

  1. 2 in 1 electric salt & pepper mill 93226

    2 in 1 electric salt & pepper mill
    Electric mill for both salt and pepper. Works on AAA battery. Batteries not included.

    £10.53 EACH

  2. AntiOx stopper 184749

    AntiOx stopper
    The AntiOx stopper is provided with a device in its inner part including a patented revolutionary...

    £10.04 EACH

  3. Apron 68448

    Apron with pocket and adjustable neck clasp. Available in seven colours.

    £4.68 EACH

  4. Apron 68444

    Cotton apron with natural colour body and coloured trim.

    £2.27 EACH

  5. Apron 68446

    Half apron with two front pockets.

    £3.53 EACH

  6. Bag Hanger Ilussion 228879

    Bag Hanger Ilussion
    Metallic Bag Hanger, heart, star, cloud and flower designs.

    £4.22 EACH

  7. Bag Hanger Pontey 228908

    Bag Hanger Pontey
    Antonio Miro branded metallic handbag hanger.

    £4.12 EACH

  8. Bamboo fibre 4 piece snacks set 184756

    Bamboo fibre 4 piece snacks set
    Lightweight four piece snacks set, ideal for any occassion. Tray can be used separately.

    £8.91 EACH

  9. Blanket Manga 239841

    Blanket Manga
    Anti-pilling winter fleece blanket.


  10. Blanket Yelmo 240070

    Blanket Yelmo
    Anti-pilling winter fleece blanket with a carry case.


  11. Bottle opener 68434

    Bottle opener
    Easy to use bottle opener.

    £1.36 EACH

  12. Bucket - 10 litre Bucket with Handle 70181627

    Bucket - 10 litre Bucket with Handle
    The 10 litre bucket in plastic has a metal handle and can be screen printed in one postion

    £3.82 EACH

  13. Ceramic knife 93232

    Ceramic knife
    Multi purpose ceramic knife. Comes in a black magnetic gift box.

    £10.35 EACH

  14. Chair Band Hiners 240915

    Chair Band Hiners
    Promotional chair band.


  15. Chair Rook 242046

    Chair Rook
    Foldable chair.


  16. Chef oven glove 184753

    Chef oven glove
    Cotton finish oven glove, with polypropylene lining for insulation and comfortable use.

    £3.65 EACH

  17. Cleaning Set Naibel 240459

    Cleaning Set Naibel
    Plastic mini desktop dust pan and brush.


  18. Cookie cutter set 184755

    Cookie cutter set
    Set of seven stainless steel cookie cutters in a transparent box.

    £2.72 EACH

  19. Cool gear lunch to go 93228

    Cool gear lunch to go
    Bottom container is microwave compatible. Divided compartment to keep food separated. Fork and...

    £5.16 EACH

  20. Cool gear salad to go 93231

    Cool gear salad to go
    Four cup salad bowl. Freezer gel veggie tray. Separate dressing container that fits into gel tray....

    £5.20 EACH

  21. Corkscrew set 68430

    Corkscrew set
    A cutter and a spare coil are part of the set.

    £14.06 EACH

  22. Cotton bread basket 68443

    Cotton bread basket
    Bread basket formed by tying the four laces, ready to use on your table.

    £1.91 EACH

  23. Cutlery 2go 184757

    Cutlery 2go
    Compact and easy to clean, this little box contains a fork, spoon, and two chopsticks.

    £2.08 EACH

  24. Door stopper Block 232197

    Door stopper Block
    Door stopper Block with carrying handle

    £2.47 EACH

  25. Door Stop - Wedge 70281924

    Door Stop - Wedge
    A useful addition to the household range this wedged doorstop will keep your doors open and your...

    £0.92 EACH

  26. Dual salt and pepper grinder 184760

    Dual salt and pepper grinder
    The 2 in 1 mill combines salt and pepper dual grinder with a smart design that can be used in both...

    £7.44 EACH

  27. Duster Mop up 232201

    Duster Mop up
    Duster Mop up

    £3.26 EACH

  28. Fork Set Luxur 228914

    Fork Set Luxur
    Antonio Miro stainless steel set of four forks in presentation gift box.

    £9.41 EACH

  29. Garment Bag Laurent 240061

    Garment Bag Laurent
    Clothes protector made from 600D polyester.


  30. Hand juicer 93054

    Hand juicer
    Stainless steel fruit press.

    £12.98 EACH

  31. Horizontal frame 68418

    Horizontal frame
    Brushed aluminium photo frame for 10 x 15 cm pictures.

    £3.39 EACH

  32. Infusor Asuan 228979

    Infusor Asuan
    Antonio Miro stainless steel infusor.

    £3.07 EACH

  33. Kitchen Set Gambel 228915

    Kitchen Set Gambel
    Antonio Miro stainless steel contemporary knife & fork set in presentation gift box.

    £23.36 EACH

  34. Lunch break box 184761

    Lunch break box
    This lunch box is a practical and useful container for your lunch break. Includes cutlery.

    £6.42 EACH

  35. Magnetic frame 68422

    Magnetic frame
    Modern photo frame for 10 x 15 pictures. The picture is held between the acrylic and metal plates...

    £6.77 EACH

  36. Mirror Holder Senet 240681

    Mirror Holder Senet
    Mirror with internal compartment for glasses cleaning cloth. Can also be used as a mobile phone...


  37. Mirror Sewing Kit Lira 239910

    Mirror Sewing Kit Lira
    Fold out sewing kit with mirror.


  38. Moodlight 93059

    Decorative light featuring seven shifting colours. Three button cells included.

    £2.51 EACH

  39. Nail File Set Fucsox 240840

    Nail File Set Fucsox
    Set of 4 Nail files.


  40. Nut cracker set 68441

    Nut cracker set
    Rubber wood nut bowl with nut cracker.

    £10.84 EACH

  41. Oil & vinegar set 68440

    Oil & vinegar set
    Oil and vinegar sprayer with black and grey push button.

    £7.13 EACH

  42. Oven glove 68442

    Oven glove
    White gloves for handling hot pans, with red or blue trim.

    £1.75 EACH

  43. Perpetual calendar frame 132179

    Perpetual calendar frame
    Dual purpose picture frame and perpetual calendar that holds 9 x 13 cm picture. With colourful...

    £5.16 EACH

  44. Pillow Sould 240914

    Pillow Sould
    Cylindrical polyester pillow filled with polystyrene beads. Machine washable at 30 degrees, not...


  45. Pocket Mirror Naza 239846

    Pocket Mirror Naza
    Pocket fold out magnifying mirror.


  46. Pot holder set 184758

    Pot holder set
    Cotton finish pot holder set of two, with polypropylene lining for insulation and comfortable use.

    £4.18 EACH

  47. Professional apron 132180

    Professional apron
    High thread count cotton apron with long waist straps to tie in the front.

    £4.88 EACH

  48. Pullparrot wine set 184748

    Pullparrot wine set
    The Pullparrot corkscrew has been awarded with the 1st Prize at the Gevrey-Chambertin corkscrews...

    £12.26 EACH

  49. Pulltaps colour black corkscrew 184746

    Pulltaps colour black corkscrew
    The Pulltaps corkscrew double lever has revolutionized the uncorking of the wine. It allows pulling...

    £10.97 EACH

  50. Pulltap's wine set de luxe 184751

    Pulltap's wine set de luxe
    The Classic Pulltaps corkscrew with double lever that has revolutionized the uncorking of the wine....

    £26.90 EACH

  51. Rock ice cubes 184762

    Rock ice cubes
    Ice Rocks are made from soapstone which is non-porous, odourless and tasteless. Enjoy your drink as...

    £3.28 EACH

  52. Slim kitchen scale 184754

    Slim kitchen scale
    Slim kitchen scale for precise measuring up to 5 kg. Powered by lithium battery CR2232 (included).

    £7.26 EACH

  53. Sparkling wine bottle stopper 184743

    Sparkling wine bottle stopper
    Elegant metallic finish sparkling wine stopper suitable for any occassion.

    £4.44 EACH

  54. Sparkling wine cooler bag 184752

    Sparkling wine cooler bag
    The Pulltex cooler bag combines the efficiency of the Pulltex regular coolers and esthetic trends....

    £8.27 EACH

  55. Spin photo holder 68417

    Spin photo holder
    Photo frame for two 10 x 15 cm pictures in one aluminium photo holder. Can be rotated.

    £4.50 EACH

  56. Steel bottle opener 68433

    Steel bottle opener
    Satin finished steel, suitable for bottle tops.

    £1.77 EACH

  57. Table Mat Irsan 239871

    Table Mat Irsan
    100% Cotton place mat.


  58. Table Mat Jakarta 241838

    Table Mat Jakarta
    Bamboo placemat.


  59. Table Mat Noyu 239967

    Table Mat Noyu
    Bambu place mat.


  60. Table Mat Osill 241118

    Table Mat Osill
    Non-woven table mat.


  61. Table Mat Sekiop 241041

    Table Mat Sekiop
    ABS and silicone foldable pot holder.


  62. Table Mat Soltex 240938

    Table Mat Soltex
    Silicone table mat.


  63. Table Mat Yenka 240553

    Table Mat Yenka
    Large felt place mat.


  64. Table Runner Lezel 241117

    Table Runner Lezel
    Non-woven table runner.


  65. Tableware Bonex 241550

    Tableware Bonex
    13 Piece ceramic dinner set.


  66. Tableware Expal 240472

    Tableware Expal
    Ceramic tableware 16 piece, 4 settings.


  67. Tissues Custom 239830

    Tissues Custom
    Pack of ten tissues.


  68. Vacuum wine stopper 184742

    Vacuum wine stopper
    Push-type vacuum stopper.

    £3.43 EACH

  69. Vase Celane 239751

    Vase Celane
    Ceramic vase.


  70. Vase Envelope 242043

    Vase Envelope
    Foldable vase with blue gel balls.


  71. Wine bottle stopper 184744

    Wine bottle stopper
    This disk shaped stopper will securely fit over your wine bottle. Made from both plastic and metal,...

    £3.02 EACH

  72. Wine case with accessories 68427

    Wine case with accessories
    Four piece wine set in a wooden box.

    £10.99 EACH

  73. Wine companion set 68431

    Wine companion set
    Attractive wine set in a wooden box.

    £19.27 EACH

  74. Wine cooler bag 184747

    Wine cooler bag
    The Pulltex cooler bag combines the efficiency of the Pulltex regular coolers and esthetic trends....

    £8.27 EACH

  75. Wine set 68425

    Wine set
    Wine set in round PU case with corkscrew, drip ring, bottle stopper and pourer.

    £9.72 EACH

  76. Wooden pepper mill 184759

    Wooden pepper mill
    Wood pepper mill is designed in the classic pepper mill shape. This accessory is a must in any...

    £7.88 EACH

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