Household Items

  1. Blanket Manga 239841

    Blanket Manga
    Anti-pilling winter fleece blanket.

    £14.22 EACH

  2. Blanket Yelmo 240070

    Blanket Yelmo
    Anti-pilling winter fleece blanket with a carry case.

    £7.85 EACH

  3. Bottle 8-in-1 kitchen tool 289944

    Bottle 8-in-1 kitchen tool
    8 in 1 kitchen tool where all parts stack together shaped like a bottle. Includes lemon squeezer,...

    £5.27 EACH

  4. Ceramic Christmas Ornament 247436

    Ceramic Christmas Ornament
    Ceramic hanging ornament for your Christmas tree. Ceramic. 26g

    £2.20 EACH

  5. Chair Band Hiners 240915

    Chair Band Hiners
    Promotional chair band.

    £1.19 EACH

  6. Christmas Hat 211819

    Christmas Hat
    Get into the festive spirit with this traditional . Felt. 17g

    £0.43 EACH

  7. Cleaning Set Naibel 240459

    Cleaning Set Naibel
    Plastic mini desktop dust pan and brush.

    £1.44 EACH

  8. Door stopper Block 232197

    Door stopper Block
    Door stopper Block with carrying handle

    £2.47 EACH

  9. Dressing bottle 289945

    Dressing bottle
    Dress your salads, marinate your meats or dress any of your favourite foods with the Jamie Oliver ....

    £8.37 EACH

  10. Duster Mop up 232201

    Duster Mop up
    Duster Mop up

    £3.26 EACH

  11. Festi 5-piece drink dispenser set 289941

    Festi 5-piece drink dispenser set
    Glass drinks dispenser for serving cold beverages. Features a large opening with screw on lid for...

    £12.94 EACH

  12. Fruit infusion pitcher 289940

    Fruit infusion pitcher
    Enjoy homemade flavour infused water. BPA free carafe. Volume is 2L. Presented in an Avenue gift...

    £9.67 EACH

  13. Garment Bag Laurent 240061

    Garment Bag Laurent
    Clothes protector made from 600D polyester.

    £47.17 EACH

  14. Lane carafe 289942

    Lane carafe
    Lane carafe with glass set. Slim design carafe with cork lid. The volume of the carafe is 1L....

    £10.56 EACH

  15. Lani candle 289943

    Lani candle
    Lani candle with lid. Enhance any room with the relaxing light of a candle. Lani glass candle...

    £9.96 EACH

  16. Mirror Holder Senet 240681

    Mirror Holder Senet
    Mirror with internal compartment for glasses cleaning cloth. Can also be used as a mobile phone...

    £0.99 EACH

  17. Mirror Sewing Kit Lira 239910

    Mirror Sewing Kit Lira
    Fold out sewing kit with mirror.

    £0.90 EACH

  18. Nail File Set Fucsox 240840

    Nail File Set Fucsox
    Set of 4 Nail files.

    £0.95 EACH

  19. Pillow Sould 240914

    Pillow Sould
    Cylindrical polyester pillow filled with polystyrene beads. Machine washable at 30degrees, not...

    £3.99 EACH

  20. Pocket Mirror Naza 239846

    Pocket Mirror Naza
    Pocket fold out magnifying mirror.

    £0.95 EACH

  21. Rally coaster and bottle opener 290041

    Rally coaster and bottle opener
    Square coaster with integrated bottle opener and foam pads to prevent sliding. ABS plastic

    £0.39 EACH

  22. Rocco 4-piece glass set 289939

    Rocco 4-piece glass set
    Brightly coloured 4 piece glass set suitable for cold drinks. Volume of a single glass is 270ml....

    £7.05 EACH

  23. Snowman dress up set 276268

    Snowman dress up set
    Dress up a snowman with this accessory set consisting of a hat, scarf, carrot nose and 5 buttons...

    £3.06 EACH

  24. Sphere terrarium 289946

    Sphere terrarium
    Bring the outdoors in. Round shaped terrarium for growing all types of small micro greens, air...

    £5.27 EACH

  25. Table Mat Irsan 239871

    Table Mat Irsan
    100% Cotton place mat.

    £1.35 EACH

  26. Table Mat Jakarta 241838

    Table Mat Jakarta
    Bamboo placemat.

    £1.97 EACH

  27. Table Mat Noyu 239967

    Table Mat Noyu
    Bambu place mat.

    £1.22 EACH

  28. Table Mat Osill 241118

    Table Mat Osill
    Non-woven table mat.

    £0.44 EACH

  29. Table Mat Sekiop 241041

    Table Mat Sekiop
    ABS and silicone foldable pot holder.

    £2.24 EACH

  30. Table Mat Soltex 240938

    Table Mat Soltex
    Silicone table mat.

    £1.48 EACH

  31. Table Mat Yenka 240553

    Table Mat Yenka
    Large felt place mat.

    £1.51 EACH

  32. Table Runner Lezel 241117

    Table Runner Lezel
    Non-woven table runner.

    £1.02 EACH

  33. Tableware Bonex 241550

    Tableware Bonex
    13 Piece ceramic dinner set.

    £73.62 EACH

  34. Tableware Expal 240472

    Tableware Expal
    Ceramic tableware 16 piece, 4 settings.

    £41.30 EACH

  35. Vase Celane 239751

    Vase Celane
    Ceramic vase.

    £2.20 EACH

  36. Vase Envelope 242043

    Vase Envelope
    Foldable vase with blue gel balls.

    £1.10 EACH

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