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  1. 41cm Cushion 259897

    41cm Cushion
    These cushions are full colour printed on both sides with the option to have a zip or the cushion...

    £35.88 EACH

  2. ALEX 220668

    5 colourful kitchen tools: spatula, ladle, spoon, tongs and whisk.

    £10.35 EACH

  3. AluLite lighter 156771

    AluLite lighter
    Aluminum, quality refillable lighter with adjustable flame. (see also 4467, this is the same item...


  4. Amuse giftset 156750

    Amuse giftset
    Amuse bouche gift set: 4 porcelain amuse bouche spoons and 4 glasses on a slate platter. Each set...


  5. Apron 146131

    Cotton apron (130g/m squared) with pocket.


  6. Aromatic set. 137475

    Aromatic set.
    Aromatic set. 2 candles, incense and decorative mat. Box: 208 x 82 x 30 mm


  7. Ashtray Orku 227662

    Ashtray Orku
    Ashtray on a tripod stand.

    £24.14 EACH

  8. AutoMug mug 156789

    AutoMug mug
    Stackable mug made of high quality ceramic. Capacity 250 ml.


  9. Bag Holder Taker 227760

    Bag Holder Taker
    Plastic shopping bag hanger.

    £0.50 EACH

  10. BALMORAL 220419

    100 % acrylic blanket with tartan design with PVC belt holder.

    £12.63 EACH

  11. Bamboo Board chopping board 156749

    Bamboo Board chopping board
    Quality bamboo chopping board with a circular groove for meat and/or fruit juices. Each piece in a...


  12. Bamboo Serving 183778

    Bamboo Serving
    Beautiful bamboo serving board. With loop and finishing top layer of vegetarian soybean oil. Each...


  13. Bamboo set Pitcher and cups 167084

    Bamboo set Pitcher and cups
    Bamboo set: pitcher with four cups. Biodegradable. A responsible promotional product! Content 130cl.

    £10.40 EACH

  14. BarTender wine gift set 146158

    BarTender wine gift set
    Wine gift set with an exclusive cork screw in matt steel design, a plastic foil cutter and a spare...


  15. BigDrink mug 146113

    BigDrink mug
    Extra large mug made from high quality ceramic. Available in pure white or with an eyecatching...


  16. Blanket Konjor 240761

    Blanket Konjor
    Microfibre blanket.


  17. Blanket Menex 240760

    Blanket Menex
    Anti-pilling polar fleece blanket.


  18. Bordeaux waiters friend 146148

    Bordeaux waiters friend
    Stainless steel waiters friend. Each piece in a box.


  19. Bottle opener. 158477

    Bottle opener.
    Bottle opener. With corkscrew and blade. 130 x 25 x 10 mm


  20. Candle. 158552

    Candle. Glass base. Box: 94 x 94 x 25 mm


  21. Candle Tin fragrance candle 146188

    Candle Tin fragrance candle
    Pleasant fragrant candle in a tin. Each piece in a box


  22. Carafe and glasses Aqua Plus 167083

    Carafe and glasses Aqua Plus
    Water carafe (LT98431) with 4 glasses (LT98581). Packed in a gift box. Content carafe: 100 cl,...

    £14.31 EACH

  23. CareBag toiletry bag 146153

    CareBag toiletry bag
    Toiletry bag made of 900 D polyester with zip and handle.


  24. CeramicSharp knife set 156748

    CeramicSharp knife set
    3-piece ceramic knife set: cutting board, handy peeler and knife. Lightweight. Hygienic and...


  25. ChangingColours lamp 146152

    ChangingColours lamp
    Cordless, plastic colour-changing mood light. Incl. batteries. Each piece in a box.


  26. Chateau wine gift set 146155

    Chateau wine gift set
    Elegant, wooden wine box with drip catcher, bottle stopper and stainless steel waiters friend,...


  27. Classic Photo Frame 10" x 8" 172930

    Classic Photo Frame 10
    Classic Photo Frame In Palladium Nickel Plated Finish. Size: 8X10 Inch. Portrait or Landscape. Gift...

    £18.43 EACH

  28. Classic Photo Frame 5" x 7" 172929

    Classic Photo Frame 5
    Classic Photo Frame In Palladium Nickel Plated Finish. Size: 5X7 Inch. Portrait or Landscape. Gift...

    £14.18 EACH

  29. CoffeeBreak cups and saucers 146176

    CoffeeBreak cups and saucers
    Ceramic set: 2 cups and saucers with trendy printed design. Capacity 200 ml. Each set in a box.


  30. CoffeeCup 156762

    Quality ceramic mug with distinctive round handle. In all white. Capacity 240 ml. Suitable for all...


  31. Coffee mug, heart shape 193479

    Coffee mug heart shape
    Heart shaped porcelain coffee mug (260ml) with integral spoon dishwasher and microwave proof.

    £2.55 EACH

  32. CoffeeRoyal 146126

    Porcelain mug. Capacity 300 ml.


  33. CoolSteel 146154

    Double walled stainless steel wine cooler. Each piece in a box.


  34. Cosy Slippers 248474

    Cosy Slippers
    Classic polyester towelling slippers, available in one size to fit 8-10.


  35. Cupcakes 156776

    4 reusable silicone baking moulds for making cupcakes. In 4 fresh colours. Including instructions...


  36. Daleport photoframe 247322

    Daleport photoframe
    Decorate your favourite room with this photo frame. Can be used in a standing position or attached...


  37. Davenport memory board and photoframe 247321

    Davenport memory board and photoframe
    Treasure your favourite moments and memorabilia. This exclusive photo frame is suitable to hold a...


  38. DeltaCup 156757

    Contemporary quality ceramic mug. In all white. Capacity: 350 ml.


  39. Design table lamp 146119

    Design table lamp
    Stainless steel table light with 12 bright white LED lights in the lampshade and an on/off button...


  40. Dog Collar - Large 300189791

    Dog Collar - Large
    25mm wide polyester collar for large dogs. Welded D-ring. Plastic buckle & adjuster.

    £2.24 EACH

  41. Dog Collar - Small 3001108937

    Dog Collar - Small
    15mm wide polyester collar for large dogs. Welded D-ring. Plastic buckle & adjuster.

    £1.52 EACH

  42. Dog Lead - Large 300189764

    Dog Lead - Large
    25mm wide x 1250mm total webbing length Polyester lead for large dogs. Loop handle and good quality...

    £3.52 EACH

  43. Dooley Christmas ornament 211826

    Dooley Christmas ornament
    Flat ornament to decorate your Christmas tree. PS plastic


  44. EggTimer cooktimer 156790

    EggTimer cooktimer
    Plastic cooking timer, adjustable up to 60 minutes. Per piece in a box.


  45. Eleganza lighter 156751

    Eleganza lighter
    Electronic, refillable lighter with practical hanging eye and fixed grip holder. Equipped with...


  46. Excellent 5-piece knife set 183793

    Excellent 5-piece knife set
    Nicely designed, solid wooden knife block with 5 elegant and user friendly kitchen knives with...


  47. FireBrigade aerosol 146160

    FireBrigade aerosol
    Fire extinguishing aerosol. Incl. instructions on the bottle. Capacity 600 ml. Manufactured...


  48. Fondue set. 158441

    Fondue set.
    Fondue set. Ceramic. Includes 1 fork and a candle. In box. 75 x 75 x 98 mm , Box: 87 x 82 x 110 mm


  49. FullColour Mug 156766

    FullColour Mug
    High-quality ceramic mug. The ideal mug for all kinds of full-colour printing. Capacity: 400 ml....


  50. Giftbox Kandy 160731

    Giftbox Kandy
    Enjoy leaf tea! You can, with this great gift set, consisting of a double walled tea glass and a...

    £15.70 EACH

  51. Giftbox Nuwara Eliya 160730

    Giftbox Nuwara Eliya
    Luxurious tea glass set consisting of 2 beautiful double jacketed glasses. We supply this set with...

    £17.91 EACH

  52. Giftbox Yala 160729

    Giftbox Yala
    This tea set includes a double walled tea glass with 20 premium LoyalTea pouches (Earl Grey) and a...

    £12.89 EACH

  53. Glass carafe curvy 243022

    Glass carafe curvy
    Glass carafe with a round cork stopper. Nice promotional gift for water, juice or wine.

    £8.48 EACH

  54. Glass Carafe set Curvy 167085

    Glass Carafe set Curvy
    Glass carafe set with a round cork stopper. Comes with 4 glasses. Nice promotional gift for water,...

    £24.40 EACH

  55. Glass Universal 243012

    Glass Universal
    Universal glass for water, wine or any other type of soft drink.

    £3.09 EACH

  56. Grandeur wine gift set 146163

    Grandeur wine gift set
    6-piece wine gift set: deluxe matte metal corkscrew, foil cutter, spare turning mechanism, drip...


  57. Hanger Merchel 228198

    Hanger Merchel
    Plastic coat hanger.

    £1.13 EACH

  58. HeatPad warm pad 146191

    HeatPad warm pad
    Convenient, flexible heat pad. The material can be heated to up to a temperature of 52 degrees...


  59. Holder Sizok 228567

    Holder Sizok
    Silicone holder.

    £1.33 EACH

  60. ICELAND 220719

    190 gr/m2 micro mink blanket with white sherpa on the back side. Shiny finish. Presented with a...

    £14.09 EACH

  61. Inspiration gift set 146141

    Inspiration gift set
    Matte metal holder with refillable candle lighter and snuffer. Each set in a box.


  62. JETER 220669

    Set of 3 foldable cutting boards in PP and ABS base.

    £12.13 EACH

  63. KitchenGlove oven glove 183758

    KitchenGlove oven glove
    Thick oven glove made of 100% cotton. Padded and lined with flannel, quilted on one side and...


  64. KitchenTimer 146177

    Stainless steel cooking timer, adjustable up to 60 minutes. Each piece in a box.


  65. KittyMug 156756

    High quality ceramic mug with a coloured exterior. Capacity: 350 ml.


  66. LightMatch lighter 146139

    LightMatch lighter
    Refillable metal lighter in the form of a giant matchstick. Each piece in a box.


  67. LoyalBamboo tea tube 160727

    LoyalBamboo tea tube
    LoyalBamboo. Appealing and innovative tea gift with exclusive leaf tea (25g) originating from the...

    £4.09 EACH

  68. LoyalCan gift 160728

    LoyalCan gift
    Modern, matt coloured tea gift can with premium quality leaf tea, originating from the best tea...

    £4.75 EACH

  69. LoyalCube Minimum 2000pcs 193486

    LoyalCube Minimum 2000pcs
    The LoyalCube can be completely customized in your own design starting from 2000 pieces. The Loyal...


  70. LoyalDeluxe Kelani 160733

    LoyalDeluxe Kelani
    Exclusive 4 compartment tea box, made from bamboo. This durable promotional gift ensures an...

    £13.91 EACH

  71. LoyalDeluxe Lovers Leap 160732

    LoyalDeluxe Lovers Leap
    Experience for yourself why Sri Lanka is known for having the best tea varieties in the world. The...

    £26.09 EACH

  72. LoyalPouch 2000 pcs 138432

    LoyalPouch 2000 pcs
    LoyalTea, includes one pyramid pouch with a high quality LoyalTea of your choice from our...


  73. LoyalTea can gift, in a matt coloured tin can including twelve foil bags 226226

    LoyalTea can gift in a matt coloured tin can including twelve foil bags
    LoyalTea can gift, in a matt coloured tin can including twelve foil bags with tea. Colours and...

    £4.49 EACH

  74. LUIN PLUS 220786

    Cutlery set with bottle opener. Includes knife, fork and spoon made of PS.

    £1.68 EACH

  75. Lunch box. 138292

    Lunch box.
    Lunch box made from polypropylene .

    £1.81 EACH

  76. Luxury meat knife and fork set. 138342

    Luxury meat knife and fork set.
    Luxury meat knife and fork set supplied in a velvet inlayed presentation case.

    £18.45 EACH

  77. Maestro carving knife and fork 146185

    Maestro carving knife and fork
    2-piece set: carving knife and meat fork made of high quality, hardened stainless steel. Dishwasher...


  78. ManuCare 146145

    Manicure set: nail clippers, nail scissors, tweezers, nail file and cuticle pusher. In a case made...


  79. Measuring Tape 146127

    Measuring Tape
    Tape measure with a length of 150 cm and automatic stop. Displays cm and inches.


  80. Medium sized wooden chest. 160718

    Medium sized wooden chest.
    Medium sized wooden chest with two imitation black leather strips and carry handle.

    £24.02 EACH

  81. Memomug 146202

    Writeable mug, made of quality ceramic, including pencil with eraser. Capacity 380 ml.


  82. Menu cover. 158182

    Menu cover.
    Menu cover. Imitation leather. With magnet. 235 x 323 x 10 mm


  83. MOULINS 220895

    Cheese set with 3 different tools made of stainless steel presented in a wooden tray.

    £6.60 EACH

  84. Mug. 184963

    Mug. Plastic. Capacity: 420 ml. 82 x 95 mm


  85. MugBuddy tea bag holder 160726

    MugBuddy tea bag holder
    With the MugBuddy you can attach (your own) teabags to a glass or mug and present it in a unique...

    £1.25 EACH

  86. MultiHook adhesive hooks 156772

    MultiHook adhesive hooks
    Twisting hooks (3 pieces) in a removable container. With adhesive strip.


  87. Multipurpose Hook Rucco 227896

    Multipurpose Hook Rucco
    Multipurpose PET hook.

    £0.93 EACH

  88. MultiWeather weatherstation 156746

    MultiWeather weatherstation
    Silver weather station with digital display, rubber keys, thermometer (Celsius/Fahrenheit), time...


  89. MyCup mug 146114

    MyCup mug
    Ceramic mug you can write on, incl. 2 chalks. In box.


  90. Nail File Set Catys 240321

    Nail File Set Catys
    Nail file set with six coloured nail files.


  91. Nail File Sormix 241213

    Nail File Sormix
    Nail file.


  92. Newport photoframe 247323

    Newport photoframe
    A timeless silver plated photo frame. Suitable for pictures size 10 x 15 cm and can be used in a...


  93. Oil&vinspray Bottle 146189

    Oil&vinspray Bottle
    Glass bottle for oil or vinegar. Fitted with aluminium cap that features a spray nozzle.


  94. Ovenglove 146165

    Cotton oven glove with blue seam.


  95. PALETA 220869

    Peeler made of PP and ceramic.

    £0.88 EACH

  96. Park BBQ 186963

    Park BBQ
    Jamie's portable stainless steel BBQ with locking grips for easy storage and carrying. Featuring a...


  97. PepperMill 146100

    Brushed metal, battery operated pepper mill, with adjustable grinder and built-in base light. Incl....


  98. PEPPY 220536

    Ceramic salt and pepper set with black silicone top.

    £3.63 EACH

  99. Philippi - Cube salt + pepper 245768

    Philippi - Cube salt + pepper
    PHILIPPI "CUBE" SALT + PEPPER shakers. Rubiks cube salt and pepper design. Mirror Polished...

    £14.29 EACH

  100. Philippi - Duett vase, 2 pcs set, L 245790

    Philippi - Duett vase 2 pcs set L
    PHILIPPI "DUETT" VASE, 2 PCS SET, LARGE. Borosilicate Glass, Partly Frosted, 21cm Height. Minimum...

    £17.16 EACH