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Home & Living

  1. 2in1 fleece blanket/pillow Radcliff 169953

    2in1 fleece blanket/pillow Radcliff
    Material: polar fleeceInformation:, size 180 x 120 cm, washablePrint Area: centered to one...


  2. 3-in-1 BBQ set 275562

    3-in-1 BBQ set
    All your BBQ tools within a handy handle. Brush the meat, prick your steak, flip your burger and...

    £10.35 EACH

  3. 3-in-1 ice scraper 275561

    3-in-1 ice scraper
    Handy ice scraper with interchangeable triangle to remove snow, ice and condensation. The handle...

    £1.28 EACH

  4. 3 piece appetiser set 218501

    3 piece appetiser set
    3 piece appetiser set.

    £5.67 EACH

  5. 3-piece BBQ set 115864

    3-piece BBQ set
    3-piece BBQ set, consisting of high-quality barbecue tong, spatula and meat fork made of stainless...


  6. 3-piece BBQ set 115863

    3-piece BBQ set
    3-piece BBQ set, consisting of high-quality barbecue tong, spatula and meat fork made of stainless...


  7. 3-piece cocktail set 115698

    3-piece cocktail set
    3-piece chromed cocktail set in a brown box*.


  8. 41cm Cushion 259897

    41cm Cushion
    These cushions are full colour printed on both sides with the option to have a zip or the cushion...

    £43.05 EACH

  9. 600D polyester shoe bag 115486

    600D polyester shoe bag
    High-quality 600D polyester shoe bag with a practical nylon adherent.


  10. Adhesive ribbon in dispenser 159958

    Adhesive ribbon in dispenser
    Adhesive ribbon band dispenser with Xmas theme. Beautify your presents with this Christmassy...


  11. Adjustable Ring Hansok 241695

    Adjustable Ring Hansok
    Antonio Miro adjustable ring. Supplied in drawstring pouch.

    £5.85 EACH

  12. Adjustable Ring Helant 241694

    Adjustable Ring Helant
    Antonio Miro adjustable ring. Supplied in drawstring pouch.

    £3.99 EACH

  13. Adjustable Ring Pleus 241582

    Adjustable Ring Pleus
    Adjustable ring.

    £5.81 EACH

  14. Air Freshener Scrib 240682

    Air Freshener Scrib
    Car air freshener. Lemon fragrance.

    £1.02 EACH

  15. Air Freshener Telox 240657

    Air Freshener Telox
    Air freshener with 5ml of liquid.

    £1.56 EACH

  16. Airplane 288148

    High quality airplane model made of aluminum. An absolute eye-catcher in the living / dining room...

    £71.61 EACH

  17. Airtight box 261120

    Airtight box
    Airtight box.

    £1.28 EACH

  18. Airtight box 303608

    Airtight box
    Airtight box.

    £1.61 EACH

  19. Airtight box 261123

    Airtight box
    Airtight box.

    £1.27 EACH

  20. ALEX 220668

    5 colourful kitchen tools: spatula, ladle, spoon, tongs and whisk.

    £10.35 EACH

  21. Alu Bottle 248268

    Alu Bottle
    Aluminium 650ml sports bottle with spout and cap.

    £5.09 EACH

  22. AluLite lighter 298853

    AluLite lighter
    Aluminum, quality refillable lighter with adjustable flame. (see also 4467, this is the same item...

    £2.30 EACH

  23. Aluminium purse/credit card holder. 193679

    Aluminium purse/credit card holder.
    Aluminium ladies purse/credit card holder with nine various size pockets and a mirror.


  24. ANISE 184964

    Set of 2 napkin rings

    £2.26 EACH

  25. Anti-slip pad Santana 170008

    Anti-slip pad Santana
    Material: PUInformation: Clean under running waterBranding Method: pad printingPrint Area: centered...


  26. Apple cutter Apple Valley 170030

    Apple cutter Apple Valley
    Material: plastic, stainless steelBranding Method: pad printingPrint Area: on to the rimPacked in...


  27. Apron 158725


    £0.70 EACH

  28. Apron 185017


    £0.64 EACH

  29. Apron 158721


    £1.74 EACH

  30. Apron 158723


    £3.06 EACH

  31. Apron 298813

    Cotton apron (130g/m) with pocket.

    £3.52 EACH

  32. Aquarium small 159929

    Aquarium small
    Aquarium with a panorama back board, illumination, two oxygen pumps, several accessories and 220V...


  33. Aromatic Diffuser Kampur 240465

    Aromatic Diffuser Kampur
    Aromatic room diffuser available in two scents.

    £1.87 EACH

  34. Aromatic Diffuser Nailex 241196

    Aromatic Diffuser Nailex
    Ceramic diffuser with jasmine scent.

    £5.81 EACH

  35. AutoMug mug 298855

    AutoMug mug
    Stackable mug made of high quality ceramic. Capacity 210 ml.

    £1.72 EACH

  36. Baking set Faro 179255

    Baking set Faro
    Material: silicone, cardboardBranding Method: screen printingPrint Area: on to one...


  37. BALMORAL 220419

    100 % acrylic blanket with tartan design with PVC belt holder.

    £12.63 EACH

  38. BambooBoard chopping board 298843

    BambooBoard chopping board
    Quality bamboo chopping board with a circular groove for meat and/or fruit juices. Each piece in a...

    £7.32 EACH

  39. Bamboo chopping board with knife 159975

    Bamboo chopping board with knife
    High-quality set consisting of a massive chopping board made of bamboo and a large bread knife made...


  40. Bamboo pepper mill Alba 169958

    Bamboo pepper mill Alba
    Material: bambooInformation: ceramic grinderBranding Method: laser engravingEngraving Area: below...


  41. Bamboo salad servers Capua 169956

    Bamboo salad servers Capua
    Material: bambooBranding Method: laser engravingEngraving Area: on to one handleNote: Please note...


  42. BambooServing 298867

    Beautiful bamboo serving board. With loop and finishing top layer of vegetarian soybean oil. Each...

    £6.10 EACH

  43. Bar apron 158729

    Bar apron
    Bar apron.

    £2.43 EACH

  44. Bar apron 158724

    Bar apron
    Bar apron.

    £3.04 EACH

  45. Barbecue set 158469

    Barbecue set
    Barbecue set.

    £6.65 EACH

  46. Barbecue set 158470

    Barbecue set
    Barbecue set.

    £11.15 EACH

  47. Basting brush 218499

    Basting brush
    Basting brush.

    £0.47 EACH

  48. Bathing shoe with brush and pumice stone 115632

    Bathing shoe with brush and pumice stone
    This bathing shoe is a perfect foot-care item. Due to the integrated bristles and the purnice...


  49. Bath set Olive 250880

    Bath set Olive
    4-piece bath set - containing: bodylotion (100ml), shower gel (100ml), socks and a pumice stone. We...


  50. Bath set Papaya 250882

    Bath set Papaya
    5-piece bath set - containing: bath salt (100g), bodylotion (100ml), shower gel (100ml), bath...


  51. Bath set Vanilla 250879

    Bath set Vanilla
    4-piece bath set - containing: bath salt (60g), bodylotion (100ml), shower gel (100ml) and a towel....


  52. Bath set Vanilla 250881

    Bath set Vanilla
    2-piece bath set - containing: bodylotion (30ml) and a shower gel (35ml). We will add a 4-colour...


  53. BBQ tongs 194494

    BBQ tongs
    Kitchen or BBQ tongs made of high-quality stainless steel and silicone. A sturdy and easy to clean...

    £1.42 EACH

  54. BBQ tool 250824

    BBQ tool
    BBQ tool with the following functions: spatula, basting brush, corkscrew and a fork. We will print...

    £15.77 EACH

  55. Beanie & glove 250884

    Beanie & glove
    Set of beanie and glove made of polyester. The big advantage is that we can really print whatever...


  56. Big cutter Quito 113735

    Big cutter Quito
    Material: plastic, ABS, metalInformation: 7 times snap-off bladeBranding Method: pad printingPrint...


  57. BigDrink mug 298894

    BigDrink mug
    Extra large mug made from high quality ceramic. Available in pure white or with an eye-catching...

    £2.58 EACH

  58. Big fleece blanket Nashville 23573

    Big fleece blanket Nashville
    Material: fleece, polyesterInformation:Branding Method: screen printingPrint Area: On the centre of...


  59. Bill holder 158188

    Bill holder
    Bill holder.

    £1.73 EACH

  60. BlackTop lighter 298858

    BlackTop lighter
    Electronic, refillable lighter of the brand Flameclub with adjustable flame. Equipped with child...

    £0.29 EACH

  61. Blanket 185011


    £8.90 EACH

  62. Blanket 158672


    £3.62 EACH

  63. Blanket 185010


    £8.90 EACH

  64. Blanket Konjor 240761

    Blanket Konjor
    Textured microfibre blanket. 240g/m2. Classic quilted design. Ideal for keeping cosy and...

    £27.15 EACH

  65. Blanket Menex 240760

    Blanket Menex
    Anti-pilling polar fleece blanket. 180g/m2. Ideal for keeping cosy and comfortable while...

    £12.97 EACH

  66. Body Scale 194476

    Body Scale
    Super flat digital scales, the ideal companion on journeys due to its low weight and small size....

    £14.34 EACH

  67. BonAppetit travelcutlery 298854

    BonAppetit travelcutlery
    Uniquely designed, compact travel cutlery made of sturdy plastic 3-in-1: knife, fork and spoon. In...

    £0.63 EACH

  68. BORBA 158279

    Wine bag (1 bottle)

    £7.28 EACH

  69. Bordeaux waiters friend 298817

    Bordeaux waiters friend
    Stainless steel waiters friend. Each piece in a box.

    £1.58 EACH

  70. Bottle opener 115687

    Bottle opener
    Bottle opener with stopper in many colours.


  71. Bottle opener 115689

    Bottle opener
    Bottle opener with stopper in many colours.


  72. Bottle opener 184966

    Bottle opener
    Bottle opener.

    £0.35 EACH

  73. Bottle opener 115688

    Bottle opener
    Bottle opener with stopper in many colours.


  74. Bottleopener Aluminum 167677

    Bottleopener Aluminum
    Aluminum bottle opener. Traditional design. Printing on the handle.

    £1.08 EACH

  75. Bracelet Airen 241887

    Bracelet Airen

    £0.37 EACH

  76. Bracelet Bamoa 241446

    Bracelet Bamoa
    Silcon bracelet with stainless steel tag.

    £1.42 EACH

  77. Bracelet Centrel 241608

    Bracelet Centrel
    Antonio Miro beaded bracelet.

    £8.78 EACH

  78. Bracelet Dala 241452

    Bracelet Dala
    Beaded bracelet.

    £0.75 EACH

  79. Bracelet Deina 241451

    Bracelet Deina
    Beaded bracelet.

    £1.92 EACH

  80. Bracelet Diliap 241172

    Bracelet Diliap
    Adjustable bead bracelet.

    £1.65 EACH

  81. Bracelet Diva 241540

    Bracelet Diva
    Antonio Miro four colour bracelet.

    £7.69 EACH

  82. Bracelet Hirion 240738

    Bracelet Hirion
    Zip' style bracelet.

    £0.36 EACH

  83. Bracelet Karim 240374

    Bracelet Karim
    Leather bracelet.

    £0.99 EACH

  84. Bracelet Katil 240793

    Bracelet Katil
    Bracelet, PU adjustable. Range of bright colours.

    £1.05 EACH

  85. Bracelet Loffy 241698

    Bracelet Loffy
    Antonio Miro bracelet. Supplied in drawstring pouch.

    £8.91 EACH

  86. Bracelet Many 241447

    Bracelet Many

    £0.83 EACH

  87. Bracelet Mendol 241409

    Bracelet Mendol
    Adjustable polyester ribbon bracelet with a silver bead.

    £0.57 EACH

  88. Bracelet Mitjansi 240545

    Bracelet Mitjansi
    Polyester bracelet.

    £0.32 EACH

  89. Bracelet Neysa 241697

    Bracelet Neysa
    Antonio Miro bracelet with toggle fastener and 3 imitation pearl beads. Supplied in drawstring...

    £14.49 EACH

  90. Bracelet Nopal 240513

    Bracelet Nopal

    £0.59 EACH

  91. Bracelet Plasker 241410

    Bracelet Plasker
    Polyester bracelet with plastic safety catch.

    £1.12 EACH

  92. Bracelet Reggae 241911

    Bracelet Reggae
    Leather/cotton bracelet.

    £0.66 EACH

  93. Bracelet Set Form 240160

    Bracelet Set Form
    Your logo shaped rubber bracelets.

    £0.30 EACH

  94. Bracelet Tonis 240794

    Bracelet Tonis
    Bracelet, PVC adjustable. Range of bright colours.

    £0.63 EACH

  95. Bracelet Twos 241450

    Bracelet Twos
    Beaded bracelet.

    £1.92 EACH

  96. Bread bag 158284

    Bread bag
    Bread bag.

    £0.71 EACH

  97. Butler waiters friend 298887

    Butler waiters friend
    Metal, folding waiters knife with ABS handle and 4 functions: corkscrew, 2 bottle openers, foil...

    £1.58 EACH

  98. Candle 158553


    £0.90 EACH

  99. Candle 158551


    £0.83 EACH

  100. Candle set with two lucky pigs 159994

    Candle set with two lucky pigs
    Good luck! These two candles in piggy shape are not only at Years Eve lucky charms. Packed in a...