Health & Safety

  1. Ceres carabiner key light 272968

    Ceres carabiner key light
    Reflective carabiner key light with double function includes flashing and steady LED. On off power...

    £0.95 EACH

  2. Lip Balm Ball 167313

    Lip Balm Ball
    Multiple hard colour lip balm ball. Ball can be opened by turning the screw lid. The ball has a...

    £0.49 EACH

  3. Lip Balm Stick 167311

    Lip Balm Stick
    Lip Balm in a round stick. The bottom of the stick has a twist mechanism for turning up the balm....

    £0.37 EACH

  4. Medicine Box 167281

    Medicine Box
    Round plastic medicine box with three separate compartments. A handy item to help store medication.

    £0.24 EACH

  5. Olymp LED arm band 273076

    Olymp LED arm band
    Adjustable, elastic outdoor visibility LED arm strap with non-woven backing and power button to...

    £1.89 EACH

  6. Plaster Box 167284

    Plaster Box
    Transparent plaster box with a handy sliding lid. Includes 5 plasters.

    £0.37 EACH

  7. Pocket Mirror 167331

    Pocket Mirror
    Nice duo pocket mirror with a normal and a magnifying mirror. Printing on the outside possible....

    £0.44 EACH

  8. Safety Set Jarol 268812

    Safety Set Jarol
    Children's safety set with high visibility vest, drawstring rucksack, slap band, keyring and...

    £9.43 EACH

  9. Safety vest kids 167411

    Safety vest kids
    Safety vest for children with two reflective stripes. According to the European regulations EN1150.

    £1.81 EACH

  10. Safety Vest XL 167410

    Safety Vest XL
    Safety vest for adults with two reflective stripes and a velcro closure. According to regulation...

    £2.05 EACH

  11. Safty jacket Venlo 179234

    Safty jacket Venlo
    Material: polyesterInformation: complies to all EU standardsBranding Method: transferPrint Area:...


  12. Shoe Buffer 167515

    Shoe Buffer
    Available in black or white packaging. Black sponge

    £0.33 EACH

  13. Toothpicks two-in-one 243112

    Toothpicks two-in-one
    Small plastic container for multipule toothpicks with a small opening in the corner for easy...

    £0.47 EACH

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