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Handbag Accessories

  1. Bag Hanger Lindsay 241817

    Bag Hanger Lindsay
    Metal bag hanger with coloured disc.

    £3.75 EACH

  2. Bag Holder Taker 240391

    Bag Holder Taker
    Plastic shopping bag hanger.

    £0.75 EACH

  3. Flip Top Drinks Bottle 708106364

    Flip Top Drinks Bottle
    560ml carbonate drinks bottle with flip top lid.

    £4.75 EACH

  4. Foldable Bag Hanger Skype 241853

    Foldable Bag Hanger Skype
    Metal fold out bag hanger with coloured disc.

    £6.73 EACH

  5. Folding Comb with Mirror 002103097

    Folding Comb with Mirror
    Compact folding mirror and comb set in a durable plastic holder. Suitable for screen and full...

    £0.91 EACH

  6. Folding Hair Brush 708103523

    Folding Hair Brush
    Folding hair brush with mirror and great print area

    £1.62 EACH

  7. Handbag Holder "loves Park" 170122

    Handbag Holder
    The must have for all women! From now on keep your handbag next to you at any table. Keeps the bag...


  8. Lux Compact Mirror 248467

    Lux Compact Mirror
    Chrome finished deluxe mirror, both standard and magnifying. Supplied with pouch.

    £5.69 EACH

  9. Plastic Bag Holder Doxen 241274

    Plastic Bag Holder Doxen
    Polyester 210D plastic bag holder with elasticated ends and hanger.

    £3.53 EACH

  10. Square Mirror 298315

    Square Mirror
    Double travel mirror made from polished metal with one regular and one magnifying mirror.

    £5.69 EACH

  11. Trans Pocket Mirror 248460

    Trans Pocket Mirror
    Promotional translucent pocket mirror.

    £1.09 EACH

  12. Trash Bag Holder Adapta 239683

    Trash Bag Holder Adapta
    Adjustable plastic rubbish bag holder.

    £4.69 EACH

  13. Trash Bag Holder Cart 239684

    Trash Bag Holder Cart
    Cardboard rubbish bag holder.

    £4.03 EACH

  14. Zip Buddy Rosette 002105269

    Zip Buddy Rosette
    Rosette Zip Buddy the clever way to promote your brand. The Zip buddy can be used on a variety of...

    £2.75 EACH

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