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Hand Sanitiser

  1. 10ml Pen Shaped Hand Sanitiser 325450

    10ml Pen Shaped Hand Sanitiser
    Handy pen shaped hand sanitiser available in a variety of colours. 10ml.

    £1.80 EACH

  2. 15ml Hand sanitizer gel. 138311

    15ml Hand sanitizer gel.
    Hand sanitizer gel with moisturizers and vitamin E in a PET container (15ml).

    £0.66 EACH

  3. 20ml Hand sanitizer spray. 138312

    20ml Hand sanitizer spray.
    Hand spray in a transparent PET credit card shaped case (20ml).

    £1.68 EACH

  4. Avery Hand Sanitiser 331597

    Avery Hand Sanitiser
    30ml platic cylindrical hard sanitiser spray with push button action. Conforms to EN1276 approved.

    £2.78 EACH

  5. Credit Card Sanitiser 256106

    Credit Card Sanitiser
    20ml hand sanitiser spray in a slim, practical size translucent plastic casing. Conforms to...

    £2.18 EACH

  6. Cylindrical Hand Sanitiser Spray 237861

    Cylindrical Hand Sanitiser Spray
    Hand sanitiser suitable for Full Colour Wrap Transfer Printing. Aloe Vera fragranced and certified...


  7. Hand cleaning spray 201104833

    Hand cleaning spray
    Hand spray in a plastic, transparent tube (10ml).

    £1.02 EACH

  8. Hand Sanitiser 248455

    Hand Sanitiser
    Hand cleansing sanitiser gel in a pen style spray tube with clip lid. Perfect for both travel and...

    £1.82 EACH

  9. Hand Sanitiser 325641

    Hand Sanitiser
    Keep germs at bay with our antibacterial sanitiser spray. 9ml frosted pen style container. Complies...

    £6.26 EACH

  10. Hand Sanitiser 30ml 323279

    Hand Sanitiser 30ml
    30ml aloe vera hand sanitiser in silicone case with adjustable handle.

    £1.64 EACH

  11. Large Sanitiser 58789

    Large Sanitiser
    50ml Hand sanitizer gel in conveinient clip on tube.

    £2.12 EACH

  12. Mini Sanitizer 133771

    Mini Sanitizer
    Compact sanitizer housed inside PVC casing

    £1.98 EACH

  13. Pen Sanitizer 58790

    Pen Sanitizer
    10ml Hand sanitiser gel pen with easy to use pump. Conforms to EN1276-1997.

    £1.48 EACH

  14. Pocket Hand Sanitiser 213620

    Pocket Hand Sanitiser
    Our Hand Sanitiser is the perfect size for storing in pocketsand bags ready for use. It includes...


  15. Winster Hand Sanitiser 331609

    Winster Hand Sanitiser
    30ml oval shaped had sanitiser in a coloured silicone casing with matching coloured loop closure....

    £1.87 EACH