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Hair Products

  1. Comb With Mirror Cetus 240464

    Comb With Mirror Cetus
    Plastic slide out travel comb with mirror.

    £1.37 EACH

  2. Ear/ Nose Trimmer Karpiox 241569

    Ear/ Nose Trimmer Karpiox
    Antonio Miro nasal hair and ear trimmer. Batteries not included.

    £16.61 EACH

  3. Foldable Hair Dryer Tula 240443

    Foldable Hair Dryer Tula
    Hair dryer.

    £36.74 EACH

  4. Hairbrush And Sewing Kit Cosmo 241820

    Hairbrush And Sewing Kit Cosmo
    Fols out hair brush with mirror and sewing kit.

    £3.64 EACH

  5. Hairbrush Dolty 268969

    Hairbrush Dolty
    Anti tangle hairbrush.

    £6.83 EACH

  6. Hairbrush With Mirror Aure 239664

    Hairbrush With Mirror Aure
    Fold out hairbrush with mirror.

    £3.23 EACH

  7. Hairbrush With Mirror Glance 242009

    Hairbrush With Mirror Glance
    Push out hairbrush with mirror.

    £3.23 EACH

  8. Hairbrush Zilam 298154

    Hairbrush Zilam
    Anti-tangle brush with a white handle and black bristles. Avoid wear and tear on your hair with...

    £6.46 EACH

  9. Hair Dryer Tocail 241571

    Hair Dryer Tocail
    Antonio Miro folding travel hairdryer AC 220-240v, 1200W.

    £35.24 EACH

  10. Hair Straightener Hazor 241568

    Hair Straightener Hazor
    Antonio Miro hair straightener with ceramic coating, AC 200-240v.

    £38.88 EACH

  11. Hair Straightener Logas 240442

    Hair Straightener Logas
    Hair straighteners.

    £18.70 EACH

  12. Spiegel Comb 248494

    Spiegel Comb
    Mirror with sliding travel comb.

    £1.02 EACH

  13. Style Hairbrush with Mirror 237859

    Style Hairbrush with Mirror
    High quality foldable hairbrush with integrated mirror.

    £1.74 EACH