Fitness Products

  1. 7 Day Release Pill Box 132152

    7 Day Release Pill Box
    Seven day pill box in white tray with seven individual compartments.

    £1.36 EACH

  2. Activity Tracker Keep Fit 258990

    Activity Tracker Keep Fit
    Track your activity, calories burned and sleep pattern with this activity tracker. Get insight into...

    £18.47 EACH

  3. Activity Tracker Smart Fit 258988

    Activity Tracker Smart Fit
    Lightweight activity tracker with waterproof (IP67) and comfortable wristband to wear the bracelet...

    £27.78 EACH

  4. Activity Tracker with Touch Screen 258985

    Activity Tracker with Touch Screen
    Waterproof (IP67) touch screen activity tracker with high quality OLED screen. The activity tracker...

    £46.30 EACH

  5. Activity Tracker With Touch Screen And Hr 258991

    Activity Tracker With Touch Screen And Hr
    Waterproof (IP67) touch screen activity tracker with high quality OLED screen. The activity tracker...

    £55.56 EACH

  6. Armband 184739

    Adjustable armband ideal for an active lifestyle! Touchscreen window and elastic pocket for key....

    £3.34 EACH

  7. Basic Sport Duffel 68250

    Basic Sport Duffel
    Sweep zipper on main compartment front slip pocket additional small pockets zipped side pockets...

    £8.34 EACH

  8. basketball basket Crasket 232967

    basketball basket Crasket
    Custom made HDF wood basketball basket with custom graphic on front side. With suction cups and...

    £6.13 EACH

  9. BONJOUR 219978

    Elegant electronic scale in tempered security glass with LCD display. Maximum weight: 150 kg, 2...

    £22.01 EACH

  10. California Heat Pack 248503

    California Heat Pack
    Reusable rectangle shaped heat pack available in a variety of colours.

    £1.42 EACH

  11. Co2 Pedometer 75023

    Co2 Pedometer
    Round white ABS case with black buttons with unique carbon dioxide offset converter. Functions:...

    £7.42 EACH

  12. Contemporary Sport Bottle 93234

    Contemporary Sport Bottle
    Stainless steel bottle in bright metallic colours. Flip and flow drinking spout. Strap for easy...

    £5.07 EACH

  13. Cupad 207997

    Clever health gadget that allows you to monitor how much water is being consumed during the day....

    £28.70 EACH

  14. Curve Sport Bag 68246

    Curve Sport Bag
    Front slip pocket and water bottle pocket. Metal D-ring.

    £5.80 EACH

  15. Dark Tritan Sports Bottle 184764

    Dark Tritan Sports Bottle
    Lightweight Tritan sports bottle with colourful drinking spout. Designed with a hook for easy...

    £3.06 EACH

  16. Digi Pedometer 237864

    Digi Pedometer
    Multi function pedometer with belt clip recording your calories burnt, distance travelled and steps...

    £3.25 EACH

  17. Drinks Bottle 68395

    Drinks Bottle
    Practical aluminium bottle of 750 ml for camping and cycling etc. Complete with insulated sleeve...

    £4.84 EACH

  18. Energy Band 207996

    Energy Band
    Water resistant soft touch TPU Bluetooth Activity band / watch worn around the wrist with OLED...

    £37.31 EACH

  19. Essential Sport Bag 68252

    Essential Sport Bag
    Front zipped pocket with organiser panel. Adjustable and detachable shoulder strap. Pocket for...

    £11.47 EACH

  20. Exercise Band Isbud 241162

    Exercise Band Isbud
    Rubber elasticated resistant band with foam handles. suitable for a number of exercises and...

    £3.75 EACH

  21. Exercise Force Ball 212121

    Exercise Force Ball
    POWER BALL. Exercise Force Ball. Rotate the power ball in your hand by rotating your wrist to...


  22. Fitness Belt 184708

    Fitness Belt
    A must-have for any runner and traveller! Zipper pouch ideal for holding I.D. keys music player...

    £2.38 EACH

  23. Fitness stretch band 115634

    Fitness stretch band
    Build yourself a perfect upper body! With this stretch band you can train your arms, shoulders or...

    £2.68 EACH

  24. Fit Trac Fitness Bracelet 249491

    Fit Trac Fitness Bracelet
    The latest addition to our lifestyle range is the Fit Trac Fitness Bracelet. This Fitness/Lifestyle...

    £14.92 EACH

  25. Folding Nylon Frisbee - Full Colour 30380835

    Folding Nylon Frisbee - Full Colour
    Folding nylon flying disc with contrasting trim & matching pouch. 25cm diameter. Full colour print...

    £1.03 EACH

  26. Folding Nylon Frisbee - Spot Colour 30540599

    Folding Nylon Frisbee - Spot Colour
    Folding nylon flying disc with contrasting trim & matching pouch. 25cm diameter. Spot colour print...

    £1.25 EACH

  27. Frazier skipping rope 46220

    Frazier skipping rope
    This rope counts jumps and measures calories burned. Batteries included. Plastic

    £2.87 EACH

  28. Go4it 9-piece fitness kit 47183

    Go4it 9-piece fitness kit
    9 piece set includes zipped case with front pocket including hand grips, ankle weights, regular...

    £20.79 EACH

  29. Goal Line Duffel 68255

    Goal Line Duffel
    Sweep zipper on main compartment front slip pocket with easy closure two zipped side compartments...

    £11.48 EACH

  30. Gym Ball 30367689

    Gym Ball
    Gym Ball Size 65cm


  31. Heat Pack 68497

    Heat Pack
    Oval shape instant hot pack can be re-used again by placing it into hot water.

    £0.99 EACH

  32. Hyper sweatband 187191

    Hyper sweatband
    Soft and absorbent wristband. Cotton

    £0.76 EACH

  33. Multi-Sport E-Ink Watch 258992

    Multi-Sport E-Ink Watch
    State of the art e-ink sport watch that can track 24 kinds of sports; walking, tennis, cycling,...

    £110.34 EACH

  34. Pacey Bottle 93150

    Pacey Bottle
    Oz & ml chart comes as standard. Plastic and stainless steel design. Nylon strap for lid.

    £4.75 EACH

  35. Pallina Stainless Steel Bottle 157441

    Pallina Stainless Steel Bottle
    Single wall stainless steel sports bottle with rotating lid. Designed to hook onto a carabineer.

    £6.08 EACH

  36. Pallina Transparent Bottle 157403

    Pallina Transparent Bottle
    Transparent Tritan bottle with colourful rotating lid. Designed to hook onto a carabineer.

    £4.08 EACH

  37. Pedometer 184696

    Pedometer with large LCD display and back clip. Indicates number of steps miles or kilometers and...

    £3.77 EACH

  38. Pedometer Bracelet 258993

    Pedometer Bracelet
    Pedometer bracelet with ABS pedometer unit with acrylic screen. The armband is made out of...

    £4.62 EACH

  39. Phone Running Belt 212673

    Phone Running Belt
    Storage solution for keeping your items safe during exercise. Water resistant pouch with elastic...


  40. Poly-clean Bottle 93148

    Poly-clean Bottle
    Push-pull easy drink through lid. Easy-to fill wide opening makes adding ice cubes or stirring...

    £3.62 EACH

  41. Protein Shaker 248295

    Protein Shaker
    Plastic 700ml protein shaker with a mesh grill and wire blending ball for optical mixing.

    £4.26 EACH

  42. Push-up bars 115633

    Push-up bars
    Stay in shape! With these push-up bars you can train your upper body muscles, especially your back,...

    £2.68 EACH

  43. Round Duffel 157428

    Round Duffel
    Zipped compartment front pocket and side pocket. Side mesh pocket reinforced carrying handle and...

    £7.63 EACH

  44. Sailor Bag 68184

    Sailor Bag
    Classic bag made of canvas and cord stops providing secure closure.

    £3.27 EACH

  45. Sailorside Waterproof Bag 132167

    Sailorside Waterproof Bag
    Water resistant sailor bag with cord stop closure and a shoulder length handle.

    £5.35 EACH

  46. Shoe Light 184709

    Shoe Light
    Stay visible with the shoe light! Ideal for walking running and cycling in low-light environments....

    £3.44 EACH

  47. Skipping Rope 248325

    Skipping Rope
    Traditional varnished wooden handled skipping rope.

    £2.73 EACH

  48. Skipping Rope Derix 241009

    Skipping Rope Derix
    Coloured skipping rope with white plastic handles.

    £1.49 EACH

  49. Sliding Mirror With Nail File 157412

    Sliding Mirror With Nail File
    Pocket mirror with sliding function. Includes nail file.

    £0.55 EACH

  50. Soft-pull for legs 115635

    Soft-pull for legs
    The ideal travel fitness item! The resistance band can be integrated effectively into your workout...

    £2.68 EACH

  51. Solar Pedometer 109614

    Solar Pedometer
    ABS case with 3 buttons and clip, solar panel and black panel with LCD screen. Counts steps,...

    £3.39 EACH

  52. Spinning Bike Meric 240763

    Spinning Bike Meric
    Collapsable exercise bike with eight resistance levels and adjustable seat. Calculates speed, time,...

    £165.63 EACH

  53. Sport Bumbag 184731

    Sport Bumbag
    Lightweight zipped waist bag with adjustable strap. Available in fashion colours.

    £0.93 EACH

  54. Sport Cap 184698

    Sport Cap
    Cotton cap ideal for any outdoor activity! Available in black with neon accent.

    £3.10 EACH

  55. Sports Bottle With Metallic Ring 93244

    Sports Bottle With Metallic Ring
    Colourful sports bottle with stainless steel accent. Wide opening.

    £4.95 EACH

  56. Sports Club Duffel 157417

    Sports Club Duffel
    Wide sport duffel with side shoe comparment front pocket with hook-and-loop closure and snap button...

    £11.31 EACH

  57. Sports Towel 68498

    Sports Towel
    Highly absorbent towel. Ideal for sports or leisure activities. Comes in a plastic tube.

    £2.57 EACH

  58. Sports Watch 261640

    Sports Watch
    Great and slim looking waterproof sports brace that tracks all-day activity, like steps, distance,...

    £18.86 EACH

  59. Sports Watch 2.0 261637

    Sports Watch 2.0
    Great and slim looking waterproof sports brace with touch panel, tracks all-day activity like...

    £28.26 EACH

  60. Sport Visor 184697

    Sport Visor
    Cotton visor ideal for any outdoor activity! Available in black with neon accent.

    £2.61 EACH

  61. Sport Wristband 184730

    Sport Wristband
    Polyester wristband with zipped pocket to keep money or keys in during any outdoor activity.

    £1.25 EACH

  62. Squared Line Duffel 157429

    Squared Line Duffel
    Sport bag with U opening shape for main compartment with an elastic on top. Front zipped pocket...

    £9.99 EACH

  63. Stretch Bands "hoffenheim" 170083

    Stretch Bands
    For your health! Everybody knows how essential sufficient exercise and sports are. With these...


  64. Survival Water Bottle Packs 35466

    Survival Water Bottle Packs
    A handy travel set with all the essentials needed for sporting, outdoor and travel activities,...

    £5.40 EACH

  65. Sweatband 47399

    Sweatband with zipped. Comfortable wristband with zipped pocket to keep money safe during sports,...

    £1.31 EACH

  66. Swiss Peak Activity Tracker With Dynamic Hr 258987

    Swiss Peak Activity Tracker With Dynamic Hr
    State of the art activity tracker by Swiss Peak that helps you to improve your lifestyle. The...

    £46.30 EACH

  67. Thermal Band Zore 240260

    Thermal Band Zore
    Reusable hot and cold compress band.

    £2.14 EACH

  68. Triangle Bag 184729

    Triangle Bag
    Polyester triangle bike bag ideal for storing small items with quick access. Main zipped...

    £3.27 EACH

  69. Tri-pocket Sport Duffel 68249

    Tri-pocket Sport Duffel
    Zipped main compartment zipped front pocket zipped side pockets with mesh panels adjustable...

    £8.80 EACH

  70. Two Tone Sport Duffel 68247

    Two Tone Sport Duffel
    Two front slip pockets. Adjustable shoulder strap.

    £6.31 EACH

  71. Waterproof Bag 5 L 184733

    Waterproof Bag 5 L
    Practical dry bag with five litres capacity. Ideal for all types of outdoor adventures.

    £4.88 EACH

  72. Yoga Balls Relax 241344

    Yoga Balls Relax
    Set of two natural rubber yoga balls supplied in a drawstring pouch.

    £4.12 EACH

  73. Zipped Manicure Set 184714

    Zipped Manicure Set
    Five piece stainless steel compact manicure set. Includes: big nail clippers small nail clippers...

    £5.27 EACH

  74. Zipped Pocket Sport Duffel 184719

    Zipped Pocket Sport Duffel
    Zipped main compartment. Large extra zip side pocket with rubber securing straps. Ventilation...

    £12.84 EACH