Emergency Hammers & Tools

  1. 12V electrical car pump, black 155083

    12V electrical car pump black
    Powerful 12V car pump with a max of 260PSI which can inflate your car tyre to help you reach the...

    £21.74 EACH

  2. 47 pcs first aid car kit, red/black- 109543

    47 pcs first aid car kit red/black-
    EVA case with reflective vest, dynamo torch, silver emergency blanket, triangular bandage, PBT...

    £18.44 EACH

  3. 6 in 1 car emergency tool, black/silver 219089

    6 in 1 car emergency tool black/silver
    6 in 1 car emergency tool. Including 2200mAh power bank, USB car charger, belt cutter, safety...

    £23.51 EACH

  4. Alcohol breath tester, black 109545

    Alcohol breath tester black
    ABS case with red LED and keyring.

    £5.40 EACH

  5. All in one digital tire gauge 132225

    All in one digital tire gauge
    Multifunctional tyre gauge in ABS case with all necessary safety functions. You will be able to...

    £15.33 EACH

  6. Car Jump starter set, black 219092

    Car Jump starter set black
    Portable Comes in EVA pouch to store it in your car. Including jump starter cables, 12V car charger...

    £66.35 EACH

  7. Cutter. 158505

    Cutter. 130 x 20 x 8 mm

    £0.19 EACH

  8. Cutter. 158506

    Cutter. 155 x 30 x 10 mm

    £0.25 EACH

  9. Digital tyre gauge, silver 74838

    Digital tyre gauge silver
    Digital tyre gauge with tyre depth gauge, silver ABS body, black grip with back light, red LED....

    £7.91 EACH

  10. Emergency light with hammer, silver 74840

    Emergency light with hammer silver
    Emergency light, silver ABS case, 1 white LED and 9 red flash lights at side, cutter, window...

    £7.62 EACH

  11. Ice scraper with belt cutter and window hammer 257952

    Ice scraper with belt cutter and window hammer
    4-in-1 ice scraper tool with safety belt cutter, window hammer and three LED lights. Made out of...

    £3.39 EACH

  12. Lifesaver - Safetytool + Carcharger 256923

    Lifesaver  - Safetytool + Carcharger
    t helps with its two inputs once your energy runs short. So its a indispensable helper no car...


  13. Mini multi-function pliers. 184965

    Mini multi-function pliers.
    Mini multi-function pliers. Stainless steel and aluminium. With 9 functions. Supplied in 600D...

    £3.89 EACH

  14. Mini tool set. 261166

    Mini tool set.
    Mini tool set. PS. 4 screwdriver bits. 92 x 22 x 13 mm

    £0.57 EACH

  15. Mini tool set. 158475

    Mini tool set.
    Mini tool set. Metal. 8 screwdriver bits. 15 x 108 mm

    £1.34 EACH

  16. Mini tool set. 158473

    Mini tool set.
    Mini tool set. 2-LED flashlight. 6 screwdriver bits. Includes 2 CR1220 batteries. 91 x 33 x 13 mm

    £0.77 EACH

  17. Odin safety torch, white 132226

    Odin safety torch white
    Odin is the help you need during any car break down or even an accident. All necessary tools from...

    £12.66 EACH

  18. Safety led strap, white/black 187601

    Safety led strap white/black
    Safety strap with built-in led that can easily be strapped on your arm. The strap makes you more...

    £3.79 EACH

  19. Safety light with magnetic closure 219090

    Safety light with magnetic closure
    Safety light that can be used in many situations to make yourself more visible in the dark. The...

    £3.14 EACH

  20. Safety torch with magnet, silver 109544

    Safety torch with magnet silver
    Aluminium body with 9 white LEDs on the top of the torch, 18 white LEDs + 6 red LEDs on the side of...

    £17.99 EACH

  21. Set of shoe spikes, black 132223

    Set of shoe spikes black
    Anti-slip shoe spike set which fits from size 36-48 shoe size and comes in waterproof pouch.

    £2.45 EACH

  22. Standard car safety set, black 109542

    Standard car safety set black
    600D polyester pouch with dynamo torch, reflective vest, 10 work glove and 1 pc first aid kit pouch...

    £15.56 EACH

  23. Swiss Peak 3-in-1 safety charger 258952

    Swiss Peak 3-in-1 safety charger
    Dual USB port car charger that can charge two devices at the same time. The car charger has an...

    £11.75 EACH

  24. Swiss Peak car safety set, black 152315

    Swiss Peak car safety set black
    Safety set comprising of a strong 0.5W LED torch with integrated bottle opener at the back and...

    £18.08 EACH

  25. Thor safety hammer, white 132227

    Thor safety hammer white
    Thor is an emergency safety hammer. If you ever need to smash your window, Thor will get you out....

    £5.48 EACH

  26. Tool set. 261165

    Tool set.
    Tool set. ABS. With clip, 4 LEDs and 5 screwdriver bits. Includes 2 AAA batteries. 90 x 30 x 35 mm

    £2.42 EACH

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