Dishes & Bowls

  1. 2- Piece Chrome Bowl "lancaster" 113464

    2- Piece Chrome Bowl
    Something special!! Win your customers over with this ceramic chromed bowl set . Two spacious bowls...


  2. 3- Piece Chrome- Bowl "parma" Squared 113466

    3- Piece Chrome- Bowl
    Stylishly served! This ceramic chrome bowl set with 3 compartments. Each bowl comes packed into a...


  3. Cereal Bowl 6 inch 274680

    Cereal Bowl 6 inch
    Eat your porridge in style with our 6 inch ceral bowl.

    £6.72 EACH

  4. Chrome Bowl "laguna Beach" 113462

    Chrome Bowl
    Dish up something shiny ! Give your client the pleasure of this ceramic chromed bowl. This bowl set...


  5. Foldable Bowl Flux 241985

    Foldable Bowl Flux
    Folding pet bowl. Portable and lightweight when empty. Nylon/Polyester. Suitable for both dry food...

    £4.08 EACH

  6. Multipurpose Holder Teurus 240576

    Multipurpose Holder Teurus
    Multi purpose ceramic bowl.

    £2.91 EACH

  7. Oatmeal Bowl 450ml 16cm 274795

    Oatmeal Bowl 450ml 16cm
    A great choice for porridge, cereals or soups, the porcelain Oatmeal bowl is simple yet versatile.

    £4.85 EACH

  8. Pet Bowl 248253

    Pet Bowl
    Foldable polyester pet food bowl.

    £2.81 EACH

  9. Rice Bowl 370ml 13cm 13oz 274796

    Rice Bowl 370ml 13cm 13oz
    The porcelain Rice Bowl evokes a classic oriental simplicity of design.

    £5.41 EACH

  10. Salad Bowl Belix 239709

    Salad Bowl Belix
    Polypropelyne 4l 'square' salad bowl.

    £2.24 EACH

  11. Serving Dishes Femia 240275

    Serving Dishes Femia
    Set of three colourful leaf shaped ceramic bowls.

    £5.57 EACH

  12. Serving Dishes Galena 242005

    Serving Dishes Galena
    Double bowled snack dish.

    £2.91 EACH

  13. Serving Dishes Milano 240273

    Serving Dishes Milano
    Set of three colourful ceramic bowls on wooden tray.

    £11.68 EACH

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