1. De-Icer 187065

    DE-ICER :: 150ml :: Get going and stay safe. Aerosol de-icer spray. Perfect for freezing...

    £3.65 EACH

  2. Duo Ice Scraper 209867

    Duo Ice Scraper
    Credit card size Duo Ice Scraper with handy type depth gauge. Made from recycled high impact...

    £0.39 EACH

  3. ECO Billboard Ice Scraper 248193

    ECO Billboard Ice Scraper
    Recycled plastic ice scraper with rubber blade, good print area.

    £0.79 EACH

  4. ECO Ice Scraper 248194

    ECO Ice Scraper
    A recycled t-shaped white ice scraper with rubber blade. Made from redundant car number plates.

    £0.83 EACH

  5. Flurry Ice Scraper 248121

    Flurry Ice Scraper
    Robust plastic ice scraper with 3 LED lights, available in 4 colours.

    £4.23 EACH

  6. Frost Ice Scraper 248084

    Frost Ice Scraper
    Large plastic curved ice scraper.

    £0.70 EACH

  7. Mini De-Icer 183085

    Mini De-Icer
    MINI DE-ICER :: 25ml :: Mini de-icer spray, perfect for de-icing locks and handles. compressed pump...

    £1.89 EACH

  8. Premium Ice Scraper 248247

    Premium Ice Scraper
    White plastic ice scraper with rubber blade.

    £0.73 EACH

  9. Standard Ice Scraper 248248

    Standard Ice Scraper
    T-shaped ice scraper with rubber blade available in six different colours. Great print area.

    £0.79 EACH

  10. Toasty Ice Scraper 248246

    Toasty Ice Scraper
    An innovative way of keeping your hands warm and clean whilst removing ice from windows available...

    £2.31 EACH

  11. Triangle Ice Scraper 248192

    Triangle Ice Scraper
    Plastic triangle ice scraper, excellent for mailings.

    £0.42 EACH

  12. Yeti Ice Scraper 248249

    Yeti Ice Scraper
    Plastic ice scraper with attached soft lined nylon glove.

    £1.85 EACH

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