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City & Shoulder Bags

  1. Ambassador Document Bag 248015

    Ambassador Document Bag
    An executive document bag complete with extendable handles, adjustable strap, two ring mechanism...

    £23.43 EACH

  2. Arata 15 laptop backpack 295264

    Arata 15 laptop backpack
    Unique designed 15 laptop backpack with one large main compartment for your laptop and one front...

    £75.25 EACH

  3. backpack 75227

    600D and 300D, 3 zipper pockets.

    £10.63 EACH

  4. Backpack Chens 297935

    Backpack Chens
    Polyester backpack with a zipped front pocket and main compartment. Padded back and shoulder...

    £32.62 EACH

  5. Backpack Cover Trecy 298135

    Backpack Cover Trecy
    Adjustable polyester backpack cover. Weather protection for your bag with an elasticated opening.

    £10.10 EACH

  6. Backpack Dorian 240856

    Backpack Dorian
    Backpack with padded back and shoulder straps. Comes with 3 zip up compartments.

    £33.85 EACH

  7. Backpack Fields 241994

    Backpack Fields
    Organic cotton monostrap shoulder bag with zip, side pocket and a mobile phone pocket with Velcro...

    £15.17 EACH

  8. Backpack Layrul 241268

    Backpack Layrul
    600D Polyester rucksack bag with adjustable straps, padded back, padded laptop compartment. zipped...

    £32.26 EACH

  9. Backpack Sinoud 241588

    Backpack Sinoud
    Dunlop branded backpack with padded back and shoulder straps. Mesh side pockets.

    £49.53 EACH

  10. Backpack Toynix 241271

    Backpack Toynix
    600D Polyester backpack with adjustable padded shoulder straps, carry handle, zipped main and front...

    £32.44 EACH

  11. Backpack Virtux 241679

    Backpack Virtux
    Backpack with Padded back/shoulder straps as well as waist strap and side pockets. Polyester 420D.

    £60.13 EACH

  12. Bag Cuper 269043

    Bag Cuper
    Non-Woven drawstring bag. Ideal for carrying large items.

    £3.21 EACH

  13. Bag Expo 239774

    Bag Expo
    Non woven PP bag with adjustable shoulder strap and popper closure.

    £3.64 EACH

  14. Bag Hidra 240635

    Bag Hidra
    Velvet cord drawstring pouch. Suitable for gifts, presentation and storage. Can be used for...

    £1.16 EACH

  15. Bag Kiping 240629

    Bag Kiping
    Polyester pouch with drawstring closure.

    £1.07 EACH

  16. Bag Murfin 241648

    Bag Murfin
    Fila branded sports bag with shoulder strap.

    £56.49 EACH

  17. Bag Rubby 240554

    Bag Rubby
    Felt shoulder bag.

    £6.69 EACH

  18. Bags Set Norlep 268773

    Bags Set Norlep
    Three piece 210D polyester bag set. Includes three travel drawstring bags of different sizes, ideal...

    £13.20 EACH

  19. Bag Vincal 241629

    Bag Vincal
    Antonio Miro 1680D polyester sports bag with various compartments, carry handles and adjustable...

    £64.86 EACH

  20. Bobby compact anti-theft backpack 295256

    Bobby compact anti-theft backpack
    Every day 400.000 pick pocket incidents occur worldwide. Never worry about this happening to you...

    £97.82 EACH

  21. Briefcase Ruans 241631

    Briefcase Ruans
    Antonio Miro nylon meeting bag with padded laptop compartment, carry handle and detachable,...

    £50.62 EACH

  22. BUCHI 220182

    Shoulder bag. 600D polyester.

    £6.37 EACH

  23. Classic two tone backpack 259037

    Classic two tone backpack
    Compact and lightweight standard 600D two tone polyester backpack for everyday journeys. With an...

    £11.22 EACH

  24. Document Bag Celmar 297931

    Document Bag Celmar
    Durable polyester messenger satchel with shoulder strap. Flap closure with two quick release clips,...

    £33.90 EACH

  25. Document Bag Herkal 298002

    Document Bag Herkal
    Document bag made with 100% cotton with carry handles. Zipped main compartment with a zipped pocket...

    £14.97 EACH

  26. Document Bag Karmul 298003

    Document Bag Karmul
    Document bag made with 100% cotton with carry handles. Single zipped main compartment.

    £13.40 EACH

  27. Document Bag Kultor 298001

    Document Bag Kultor
    Document bag made with 100% cotton with carry handles. Zipped main compartment and small zipped...

    £14.38 EACH

  28. Document Bag Radson 297930

    Document Bag Radson
    Grey document bag with coloured zip and phone holder detail. Zipped main compartment and zipped...

    £15.27 EACH

  29. Document Bag Zestar 241412

    Document Bag Zestar
    Denim Line: 600D Polyester document bag with carry handle, adjustable/removable sholder strap and...

    £36.04 EACH

  30. Drawstring Bag Bicalz 297934

    Drawstring Bag Bicalz
    Durable polyester foldable bag. Drawstring main compartment and a zipped front pocket with a hole...

    £6.55 EACH

  31. Drawstring Bag Dinki 268771

    Drawstring Bag Dinki
    Polyester 210D drawstring bag. Supplied in a range of colours.

    £3.23 EACH

  32. Drawstring Bag Fiter 240142

    Drawstring Bag Fiter
    Drawstring rucksack made from 210D polyester with earphone hole and zipped mesh pocket.

    £6.73 EACH

  33. Drawstring Bag Gadex 240790

    Drawstring Bag Gadex
    Drawstring bag, range of bright colours.

    £3.96 EACH

  34. Drawstring Bag Hanaix 241667

    Drawstring Bag Hanaix
    Lois nylon 210D drawstring bag with reinforced corners.

    £6.48 EACH

  35. Drawstring Bag Hera 240486

    Drawstring Bag Hera
    Non woven drawstring bag.

    £2.02 EACH

  36. Drawstring Bag Kenny 298113

    Drawstring Bag Kenny
    Jacket style drawstring bag in grey made from 15% cotton and 85% polyester. Zipped and drawstring...

    £33.12 EACH

  37. Drawstring Bag Llorel 298038

    Drawstring Bag Llorel
    Polyester drawstring animal bag. Animal face detail printed on the front of the bag.

    £6.39 EACH

  38. Drawstring Bag Mayek 240522

    Drawstring Bag Mayek
    Polyester 210D drawstring bag with three compartments.

    £3.82 EACH

  39. Drawstring Bag Nonce 268821

    Drawstring Bag Nonce
    2-in-1 Polyester 210D drawstring bag. Two side zipped pockets and removable carry handle.

    £14.45 EACH

  40. Drawstring Bag Selcam 298056

    Drawstring Bag Selcam
    Drawstring 100% cotton bag. Natural base with a zipped front pocket.

    £6.73 EACH

  41. Drawstring Bag Shauden 297960

    Drawstring Bag Shauden
    Durable polyester foldable bag. Drawstring main compartment and adjustable shoulder straps.

    £6.92 EACH

  42. Drawstring Bag Telner 297961

    Drawstring Bag Telner
    Polyester drawstring bag. Hole for headphones on the front. Clip closure on the handles to...

    £6.73 EACH

  43. Drawstring Bag Vesnap 268874

    Drawstring Bag Vesnap
    Non-Woven drawstring bag with front zipped pocket and earphone hole.

    £3.57 EACH

  44. Drawstring Bag Wizzy 298034

    Drawstring Bag Wizzy
    Colour your own drawstring bag with five crayons included. Non-woven white base with animal...

    £3.48 EACH

  45. Drawstring Bag Yersay 268772

    Drawstring Bag Yersay
    Large polyester 210D drawstring bag. Suitable for carrying larger items.

    £6.51 EACH

  46. Fashion duo tone backpack 187881

    Fashion duo tone backpack
    600D 2 tone polyester backpack with fashionable brown details on the handles and zippers.

    £25.51 EACH

  47. Fashion messenger bag 295259

    Fashion messenger bag
    600D two tone polyester shoulder bag. With 1 spacious main compartment, 1 large front zippered...

    £14.69 EACH

  48. Florida backpack PVC free 75156

    Florida backpack PVC free
    600D and baby ripstop, 4 compartments, padded phone pouch, earphone exit and keyring hook, padded...

    £39.13 EACH

  49. Foldable Backpack Signal 297925

    Foldable Backpack Signal
    Durable polyester foldable backpack. Zipped main compartment with a hole for headphones. Adjustable...

    £10.47 EACH

  50. Foldable Bag Sukrem 269040

    Foldable Bag Sukrem
    Folding polyester 190T yellow emoji bag. Supplied in smiley face, wink face, cool face and heart...

    £3.57 EACH

  51. Foldable Drawstring Bag Kissa 241145

    Foldable Drawstring Bag Kissa
    Childrens folding animal 190T polyester drawstring backback, with clip attachment.

    £6.39 EACH

  52. Foldable Drawstring Bag Thais 240753

    Foldable Drawstring Bag Thais
    Foldable drawstring bag. Polyester 210T. Range of colours available.

    £3.55 EACH

  53. LED light 13" laptop backpack 295269

    LED light 13
    The must have safety LED light backpack for commuting! Made out of 600D two tone polyester with...

    £33.04 EACH

  54. Magnum Document Bag 128301

    Magnum Document Bag
    The Magnum Document Bag offers superb styling and quality whilst being great value for money. It...

    £11.56 EACH

  55. Magnum Messenger Bag 128292

    Magnum Messenger Bag
    Our Magnum Messenger Bag may have a compact design but it's perfectly sized for storing A4...

    £9.92 EACH

  56. Mini daypack 295261

    Mini daypack
    This classic and stylish backpack made from two tone 600D polyester features top carry handles as...

    £14.99 EACH

  57. Modern style backpack 219233

    Modern style backpack
    Modern 600D 2 tone polyester backpack with a zippered main compartment, a velcro front compartment,...

    £19.56 EACH

  58. Osaka backpack 155177

    Osaka backpack
    The Osaka backpack brings sustainable fashion into daily use with its recycled rPET material. This...

    £70.80 EACH

  59. Paper Baguette Bag - Standard 17332

    Paper Baguette Bag - Standard
    Flat Paper bags are both reusable and recyclable available in bleach and brown paper which both...


  60. Paper Sandwich Bag - Medium (10 17339

    Paper Sandwich Bag - Medium (10
    Flat Paper bags are both reusable and recyclable available in bleach and brown paper which both...


  61. Paper Sandwich Bag - Small 17336

    Paper Sandwich Bag - Small
    Flat Paper bags are both reusable and recyclable available in bleach and brown paper which both...


  62. Party music backpack 295260

    Party music backpack
    Trendy 15 laptop backpack with removable waterproof IPX5 wireless speaker with colour changing LED....

    £90.29 EACH

  63. Pure backpack 187846

    Pure backpack
    No more flaps and zips: this is a backpack in its purest form. Cut from one piece of canvas (with...

    £36.76 EACH

  64. Pure messenger bag 187851

    Pure messenger bag
    Durability. Style. Original design. Practical usefulness. And its water-resistant as well! Made...

    £32.46 EACH

  65. Shoulder Bag "bristol" 170054

    Shoulder Bag
    Golden advertising! Highlight your advertising with this bag made from gold foil non-woven material...


  66. Shoulder Bag "calera" 169936

    Shoulder Bag
    Modern and Stylish record bag made from 1680D polyester offers a main pocket 3 ball pen compartment...


  67. Shoulder Bag Casual 239887

    Shoulder Bag Casual
    Shoulder bag made from 600D polyester with zipped front pocket.

    £13.92 EACH

  68. Shoulder Bag Cirdan 241592

    Shoulder Bag Cirdan
    Dunlop branded shoulder bag. Polyester 600D.

    £32.24 EACH

  69. Shoulder Bag Criss 242050

    Shoulder Bag Criss
    Travel shoulder bag made from 600D polyester with three zipped compartments.

    £3.82 EACH

  70. Shoulder Bag Cross 241857

    Shoulder Bag Cross
    Non Woven shoulder bag.

    £2.02 EACH

  71. Shoulder Bag Fest 241955

    Shoulder Bag Fest
    Messenger bag with zipped main compartment, pen storage, zipped pocket and Velcro fastening.

    £12.81 EACH

  72. Shoulder Bag Isis 240096

    Shoulder Bag Isis
    Shoulder bag and pouch with three zipped compartments.

    £7.12 EACH

  73. Shoulder Bag Jasmine 241992

    Shoulder Bag Jasmine
    Non Woven shoulder bag.

    £3.55 EACH

  74. Shoulder Bag Karan 241933

    Shoulder Bag Karan
    Travel shoulder bag made from 600D polyester with three zipped compartments.

    £7.08 EACH

  75. Shoulder Bag Kobe 240141

    Shoulder Bag Kobe
    Messanger bag made from 600D polyester with zipped front pocket.

    £31.87 EACH

  76. Shoulder Bag Layres 241632

    Shoulder Bag Layres
    Antonio Miro nylon meeting bag with padded pocket and adjustable shoulder strap.

    £37.81 EACH

  77. Shoulder Bag "leno" 170157

    Shoulder Bag
    Universal elegance made of felt! The small shoulder bag is the ideal companion for any occasion due...


  78. Shoulder Bag Maycos 241269

    Shoulder Bag Maycos
    600D Polyester bag with front zip mesh pocket, adjustable shoulder strap and velcro closure.

    £15.13 EACH

  79. Shoulder Bag Maytol 241267

    Shoulder Bag Maytol
    600D Polyester shoulder bag with adjustable shoulder strap, padded back, zipped main conpartment,...

    £32.49 EACH

  80. Shoulder Bag "monza" 113453

    Shoulder Bag
    Big shoulder bag in a great design. The bag made out of 300D polyester got a large inner...


  81. Shoulder Bag On-Music 239792

    Shoulder Bag On-Music
    Shoulder bag made from 600D polyester with earphone hole and adjustable strap.

    £7.01 EACH

  82. Shoulder Bag Otto 241479

    Shoulder Bag Otto
    PVC shoulder bag with two zipped compartments.

    £16.97 EACH

  83. Shoulder Bag Piluto 241740

    Shoulder Bag Piluto
    Travel shoulder bag made from 600D polyester with two zipped compartments and buckle fastening.

    £13.24 EACH

  84. Shoulder Bag Rock 241435

    Shoulder Bag Rock
    PVC shoulder bag with zipped main compartment and velco fastening.

    £17.68 EACH

  85. Shoulder Bag Scarlett 268857

    Shoulder Bag Scarlett
    Polyester 600D shoulder bag. Main zipped compartment adjustable strap and padded shoulder rest.

    £17.02 EACH

  86. Shoulder Bag Shamby 241379

    Shoulder Bag Shamby
    Denim Line: 600D Polyester shoulder bag with adjustable strap, mesh drinks holder, velcro closure...

    £35.76 EACH

  87. Shoulder Bag Sira 240254

    Shoulder Bag Sira
    Non Woven shoulder bag with adjustable strap.

    £3.44 EACH

  88. Shoulder Bag Zukar 240977

    Shoulder Bag Zukar
    420D Polyester document bag with adjustable shoulder strap and zipped pocket in the front flap.

    £31.99 EACH

  89. Speldhurst Executive Laptop Backpack 272321

    Speldhurst Executive Laptop Backpack
    High quality executive laptop backpack made from REACH compliant 900d polyester. A variety of...

    £20.70 EACH

  90. Speldhurst Executive Laptop Business Bag 272315

    Speldhurst Executive Laptop Business Bag
    Executive Stylish laptop Business Bag made from 900d polyester. Carry handles and adjustable...

    £18.77 EACH

  91. Speldhurst Executive Messenger Bag 272312

    Speldhurst Executive Messenger Bag
    Stylish Executive messenger bag made from REACH compliant 900d polyester. Carry handles and...

    £22.18 EACH

  92. Speldhurst Executive Tablet Bag 272331

    Speldhurst Executive Tablet Bag
    Executive Business Bag made from 900d polyester. Adjustable shoulder strap with metal fittings....

    £17.18 EACH

  93. Standard safety reflective backpack 259038

    Standard safety reflective backpack
    This lightweight and safe 600D polyester backpack comes with reflective accents on the front and...

    £11.97 EACH

  94. STING 220190

    Shoulder document bag. 600D polyester.

    £7.03 EACH

  95. Striker Satchel 248177

    Striker Satchel
    Practical shoulder bag with Velcro fastening, adjustable shoulder strap and mesh bottle holder....

    £6.69 EACH

  96. Swiss Peak eclipse solar backpack 259044

    Swiss Peak eclipse solar backpack
    15.6 laptop backpack including 3rd generation highly sensitive and enhanced solar panel from #1...

    £43.87 EACH

  97. Swiss Peak XXL travel backpack & duffle 295292

    Swiss Peak XXL travel backpack & duffle
    This ultimate travel bag is designed for 3-5 days trips. 1 extra large main compartment. 1 padded...

    £57.19 EACH

  98. Tablet Case Yari 240555

    Tablet Case Yari
    Shoulder bag with adjustable strap and tablet stand, ideal for iPads (including iPad Air and iPad...

    £17.61 EACH

  99. The City Backpack 75198

    The City Backpack
    Padded microfiber and grey suedine detail, 2 compartments with padded folder suitable for 15.6...

    £24.87 EACH

  100. Toucan Mono Strap Bag 248281

    Toucan Mono Strap Bag
    Triangular 600d polyester backpack with large zipped compartment and internal pouch for your...

    £9.15 EACH

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