Car Accessories

  1. 15cm Architect ruler (Overseas) 132833

    15cm Architect ruler (Overseas)
    15cm white plastic architect/engineer scale ruler Includes 4 different scales


  2. 30cm Architect ruler (Overseas) 132834

    30cm Architect ruler (Overseas)
    30cm white plastic architect/engineer scale ruler Includes 4 different scales


  3. 3-in-1 car emergency tool 187175

    3-in-1 car emergency tool
    Three-in-one emergency safety tool includes hammer to break through glass, seatbelt cutter and...

    £4.94 EACH

  4. 3-in-1 digital tire gauge 187174

    3-in-1 digital tire gauge
    3-in-1 digital tire gauge with light. The small flashlight (works 24 hours when fully charged) and...

    £9.08 EACH

  5. 3 in 1 Tyre Pressure Gauge 132797

    3 in 1 Tyre Pressure Gauge
    3 in 1 tyre pressure gauge that includes a flashlight, tyre pressure gauge and tyre tread depth...


  6. 4x4 Wheel Cover 132799

    4x4 Wheel Cover
    Material: 600 x 600D polyester with PVC coating on the back Colours available: black, grey and...


  7. 5-in-1 parking disk 116264

    5-in-1 parking disk
    Parking disk with an ice scraper, rubber wiper, trolley coin and tyre tread depth gauge. Disk has a...

    £1.02 EACH

  8. 6-piece car wash kit 187173

    6-piece car wash kit
    Give your car a wash with this . Includes a sturdy 9L collapsible bucket with metal handle,...

    £15.57 EACH

  9. Accident Reporting Kit 132820

    Accident Reporting Kit
    Black PU pouch Includes single use flash camera, standard EU accident report form, tape ,easure,...


  10. Accordion trunk organizer 187172

    Accordion trunk organizer
    This trunk organizer keeps your car clean and organised and folds neatly to store when not in use....

    £10.30 EACH

  11. Acrylic Ice Scraper 188902

    Acrylic Ice Scraper
    A high quality, solid and stylish ice scraper designed by Toppoint. The ice scraper is made from...

    £2.81 EACH

  12. Air Fresheners (Local) 132778

    Air Fresheners (Local)
    Locar car air fresheners manufactured in the UK and are printed on a 1200 micron board. Elastic...


  13. Air Fresheners (Overseas) 132779

    Air Fresheners (Overseas)
    Bespoke overseas air fresheners. Paper air fresheners using high density cotton paper for maximum...


  14. Air Vent Sticks 132780

    Air Vent Sticks
    Logo printed on the dome sticker, up to 4 colour process.


  15. Alcohol Breath Tester 132825

    Alcohol Breath Tester
    LED alcohol breath tester with keyring attachment Does not include batteries – needs 2 x AAA battery


  16. Aluminium Tax Disk Holder-Slot 132792

    Aluminium Tax Disk Holder-Slot
    Each tax disc holder is packed individually in a polybag. Includes one set of sticky pads. Photo is...


  17. Anti-Slip Dashboard Mat 112982

    Anti-Slip Dashboard Mat
    Anti-Slip Dashboard Mats clings to your dashboard, table or any hard service. Anything that’s...

    £1.49 EACH

  18. Apex accessories sun visor clip 218927

    Apex accessories sun visor clip
    Holds accessories like sunglasses or pen. The EVA inlayer protects and holds your accessories in...

    £0.60 EACH

  19. Arial Topper 132807

    Arial Topper
    Spot your car across a crowded car park. Pushes easily onto the car aerial. Available in...


  20. Baby on board sign 132806

    Baby on board sign
    Baby on board sign with a suction cup attachment. Different shapes available square, triangle,...


  21. Back seat organiser 211733

    Back seat organiser
    Back seat organiser with tablet compartment. The tablet compartment can be closed by Velcro? to...

    £9.87 EACH

  22. Bicycle pillow 188923

    Bicycle pillow
    With this giveaway you wont find yourself uncomfortable on your bicycle luggage rack anymore. This...

    £1.22 EACH

  23. Bumper Stickers 132802

    Bumper Stickers
    Material: Vinyl Adhesive on the back Starts on a clear vinyl material – If you wanted a coloured...


  24. Cabot ice scraper 24626

    Cabot ice scraper
    Basic plastic ice scraper with rubber blade and textured side.

    £0.62 EACH

  25. Camber tire gauge 46352

    Camber tire gauge
    Make sure your tyres have the right pressure. This will not only lead to less CO2 emission but will...

    £0.49 EACH

  26. Car Covers 132817

    Car Covers
    Material: polyester with PVC coating on back side. Completely water proof.


  27. Cardboard Concertina (overseas) 132787

    Cardboard Concertina (overseas)
    Made from corrugated board to avoid warping. Material: 450 g/qm Chromoduplex-cardboard white


  28. Cardboard Concertina (UK) 132781

    Cardboard Concertina (UK)
    Popular concertina style carshade, established as the UK’s most popular carshade for more than 15...


  29. Car Flag 132804

    Car Flag
    Material: 100% polyester Pole material: plastic Pole size: 44cm Individually polybagged


  30. Car Flag 30139985

    Car Flag
    Event Car Flag. 2 Ply Car Flag. Size:12 x 18" with 17.5" Flag PoleThe perfect way to get your...


  31. Carflag 30 x 45 cm. 242959

    Carflag 30 x 45 cm.
    Car window flag with the text 'Hup Holland' and a image of a lion in the middle. On the top and...

    £0.55 EACH

  32. Car Mirror Flag 002103290

    Car Mirror Flag
    A branding option for the car wing mirror. CAR WING MIRROR COVER. Polyester Cover for your Wing...


  33. Car Mirror Flags 132809

    Car Mirror Flags
    Material: spandex polyester Includes elastic band & plastic stopper One pair packed in a polybag


  34. Car Number Plate Stickers 30992658

    Car Number Plate Stickers
    A pair of self adhesive car numberplate stickers that can be screen printed in up to 4 colours.Each...

    £0.42 EACH

  35. Car Prismatic Reflector 50181819

    Car Prismatic Reflector
    Prismatic reflector to EN13356 Road Safety approved standards. Can be printed on 1or 2 sides and...

    £0.69 EACH

  36. Car safety hammer 188908

    Car safety hammer
    Emergency safety hammer for in the car. In case of an emergency you are able to cut off your...

    £1.18 EACH

  37. Car Safety Kit 132821

    Car Safety Kit
    Ideal car safety pack when health and safety assessments have identified the need for safety...


  38. Car Shade Oval Fold (Overseas) 132783

    Car Shade  Oval Fold (Overseas)
    Silver and wire-frame that can be folded conveniently into pouch. Oval Pop Up Front Windshield.


  39. Car Shade Twin Circle Fold (Overseas) 132784

    Car Shade  Twin Circle Fold (Overseas)
    Silver with double wire-frame that can be folded conveniently into pouch. Circle shape.


  40. Car Sign 31790

    Car Sign
    Made from polyester with an overlocked edge and a sucker attachment.

    £4.23 EACH

  41. Car sunshade. 158614

    Car sunshade.
    Car sunshade. PE foam. Lined with 1 aluminium foil. For windshields. Includes 2 suction cups. 1300...

    £1.46 EACH

  42. Car sunshade. 158613

    Car sunshade.
    Car sunshade. PE foam. Lined with 1 aluminium foil. Wheel cover. 430 mm


  43. Car sunshade. 158615

    Car sunshade.
    Car sunshade. PE bubble. Lined with aluminium foil on front and back. For windshields. Includes 2...

    £2.10 EACH

  44. Car Sun Shade Pair 212117

    Car Sun Shade Pair
    CAR WINDOW SHADE. (Pair) Folding Nylon Car Windscreen Shade with Metal Wire Rim. Supplied as a pair...


  45. Car Sunshades 248475

    Car Sunshades
    Twin pack of nylon mesh pop-up car sunshades. Easily fastens to the interior rear side car windows...


  46. Car Window Shade 002103289

    Car Window Shade
    A Car Window Shade. Supplied individually on a polybag with 2 suction cupss. This is the perfect...


  47. Car Window Stickers (0 - 130 sq cm) 50382027

    Car Window Stickers (0 - 130 sq cm)
    Self adhesive car window stickers that can be screen printed in up to 4 colours and in a range of...

    £0.30 EACH

  48. Car Window Stickers (130-200sq cm) 30978262

    Car Window Stickers (130-200sq cm)
    Self adhesive car window stickers that can be screen printed in up to 4 colours and in a range of...

    £0.44 EACH

  49. Casco car adapter 178340

    Casco car adapter
    Single car plug adaptor. Plug into power outlet to charge your personal devices. Output: 500mA-1A....

    £0.90 EACH

  50. Chamois Cleaning Cloth 132813

    Chamois Cleaning Cloth
    Material: synthetic chamois Eurocham ‘u’ perforated Composition: 40% fibres - 60% synthetic resin...


  51. Chicane tyre tread measurer and key light 187202

    Chicane tyre tread measurer and key light
    Tyre tread measuring key light with single bright white LED. Illuminate by pulling on the key ring....

    £1.02 EACH

  52. Chill Ice Scraper 116273

    Chill Ice Scraper
    Basic handheld windshield scraper. Plastic. 46g

    £0.50 EACH

  53. Colt Ice Scraper 116263

    Colt Ice Scraper
    Colt Ice Scraper with Glove. Ice scraper with a protective polyester padded glove. Polyester and...

    £1.36 EACH

  54. Customised Box 90792 243062

    Customised Box 90792
    Custom made cardboard gift box, full colour printing for Frosty Ice Scraper, item 90792.

    £2.28 EACH

  55. CYCLONE Bluetooth speaker 207906

    CYCLONE Bluetooth speaker
    Multi-function speaker with BT 3.0 Wireless Technology Built-in lithium battery with 4 hours play...

    £17.15 EACH

  56. De-icer (150ml) 132832

    De-icer (150ml)
    400ml de-icer spray Sold per pallet - 960 units per pallet Packed into boxes of 12


  57. De-icer Spray 132830

    De-icer Spray
    400ml de-icer spray Sold per pallet - 960 units per pallet Packed into boxes of 12


  58. Digital Pressure Gauge 132796

    Digital Pressure Gauge
    Determines the amount of tread that is left on the tyre Material: plastic The tyre tread depth...


  59. Disposable Floor Mats 132816

    Disposable Floor Mats
    Material: 80gsm absorbant paper


  60. Disposable Seat Covers 132818

    Disposable Seat Covers
    Heavy duty white disposable seat covers ideal for protecting seats during a service, MOT or valet...


  61. Door or Car Mirror Hanger 54562

    Door or Car Mirror Hanger
    A standard door or car mirror hanger. It can be printed in up to four colour process on both sides...

    £3.36 EACH

  62. Double Tax Disc Holder 70892767

    Double Tax Disc Holder
    This enables coach drivers to display both their Tax Disc and PSV Licence Simultaneously. 215mm x...

    £1.03 EACH

  63. Drink Can Holder 70281561

    Drink Can Holder
    The holder slides into the gap between door and window and holds cans or vending cups. It can be...

    £1.22 EACH

  64. Eco Cord Flashdrive 105968

    Eco Cord Flashdrive
    Unique drive with retractable USB plug and lanyard. Can be PMS matched in 3 parts of the drive for...


  65. Ed Drive 133170

    Ed Drive
    Unusual drive with an LED that illuminates your logo retractable USB plug. From 512mb


  66. Emergency Hammer 132819

    Emergency Hammer
    Emergency hammer with built in seatbelt cutter in the handle Material: ABS plastic Can be printed...


  67. Emergency Triangle 132823

    Emergency Triangle
    Packaged in a plastic carry box for easy transportation & storage Designed according to european...


  68. Essential Ice Scraper 32057

    Essential Ice Scraper
    An ice scraper is a much-loved promotional product thanks to its usefulness and branding...


  69. First Aid Kit 132822

    First Aid Kit
    Ideal first kit. Includes Includes: alcohol pad, trauma pad, 10 wound dressings, adhesive strip,...


  70. Foldable Funnel 167309

    Foldable Funnel
    Foldable Toppoint designed funnel to refill the windscreen wiper fluid. Plastic box with foldable...

    £2.27 EACH

  71. Freezz ice scraper and wiper 178349

    Freezz ice scraper and wiper
    Convenient pocket size ice scraper and windshield wiper. PS and TPR plastic


  72. Frost Guard Polyester (overseas) 132788

    Frost Guard  Polyester (overseas)
    Material: polyester. Frostguard to protect your car from frosty window


  73. Frost Guard Reflective (overseas) 132789

    Frost Guard  Reflective (overseas)
    Material: Foam. Frostguard to protect your car from frosty window


  74. Frosty Ice scraper 167365

    Frosty Ice scraper
    Small but extremly handy

    £0.40 EACH

  75. Frosty Ice scraper 243123

    Frosty Ice scraper
    Frosty ice scraper with large print area. A best seller in the ice scrapers category.

    £0.53 EACH

  76. Frosty Ice Scraper 91808

    Frosty Ice Scraper
    For an 'ice cool' promotional product, why not try our Frosty Ice Scraper? Your customers are sure...


  77. Frosty Triangle Ice Scraper 247412

    Frosty Triangle Ice Scraper
    Triangle ice scraper for removing ice from the windscreen. PS Plastic. 14g

    £0.22 EACH

  78. Funny Holland Car set, 22 pieces 242977

    Funny Holland Car set 22 pieces
    Contents: 2 carwindow flag, 1 mirrorpendant, 8 satin decorations, 1 ball for the antenna, 1...

    £12.07 EACH

  79. Funny Holland Car set, 7 pieces 242978

    Funny Holland Car set 7 pieces
    Contents: 1 carwindow flag, 1 carwindow sticker, 1 t-shirt window hanger, 4 bumperstickers

    £2.41 EACH

  80. Furry Dice 132805

    Furry Dice
    Material: polyester Six sides, printed on one panel


  81. Handi tire gauge and key light 156315

    Handi tire gauge and key light
    2-in-1 key light and tyre gauge. Shows pressure in LBS, PSI, BAR and KGS up to 3.5 BAR. Battery...

    £1.23 EACH

  82. Hand snow brush ARCTIC 237696

    Hand snow brush ARCTIC
    Hand snow brush ARCTIC : with retractable telescope system ice scraper on one side hand brush on...

    £8.50 EACH

  83. Headrest Sock Cover (Overseas) 132810

    Headrest Sock Cover (Overseas)
    Material: 100% polyester 2 pieces per polybag


  84. Hudson Ice Scraper 24596

    Hudson Ice Scraper
    Plastic ice scraper with a sturdy handle and a thumb grip.

    £0.88 EACH

  85. Ice Scraper 243122

    Ice Scraper
    Ice scraper with comfortable handle because of the soft nylon material. Printing possible on the...

    £1.12 EACH

  86. Ice Scraper 3-in-1 167333

    Ice Scraper 3-in-1
    Toppoint designed hardcolour ice scraper with sponge and wiper. An useful promotional product with...

    £1.56 EACH

  87. Ice Scrapers Triangle 132828

    Ice Scrapers  Triangle
    Triangular ice scraper with scraping teeth and smooth scraper edge. Material: polystyrene.


  88. Ice Scrapers Without Rubber Wiper 132826

    Ice Scrapers  Without Rubber Wiper
    Ice Scraper with scraping teeth and grip handle Material: polystyrene


  89. Ice Scrapers – With Rubber Wiper 132827

    Ice Scrapers – With Rubber Wiper
    Triangular ice scraper with scraping teeth and smooth scraper edge Material: polystyrene


  90. Ice scraper triangle 167367

    Ice scraper triangle
    Hardcolour ice scraper. Triangular model.

    £0.17 EACH

  91. Ice scraper with Glove 167370

    Ice scraper with Glove
    Ice scraper with warm glove. More printing possiblities.

    £1.19 EACH

  92. Ice scraper with Glove 243124

    Ice scraper with Glove
    Ice scraper with warm glove. More printing possiblities.

    £1.62 EACH

  93. Ice scraper with light 167334

    Ice scraper with light
    Toppoint designed plastic ice scraper with light. Always useful during the dark winter months.

    £1.18 EACH

  94. Ice Scraper with Lined Glove 132829

    Ice Scraper with Lined Glove
    Ice scraper with a lined glove. Available with a red or blue lined glove. Printing on the scraper


  95. Kerbs car adapter 116262

    Kerbs car adapter
    Adapter with a 1A/5V output for use in a car. Includes a USB port for charging electronic devices...


  96. Lagan Ice Scraoer 159369

    Lagan Ice Scraoer
    Plastic ice scraper with rubber covered handle

    £1.51 EACH

  97. Leather Chamois Demister Pad 132812

    Leather Chamois Demister Pad
    Material: leather chamois


  98. LED Cube Keyring (Overseas) (Air) 132835

    LED Cube Keyring (Overseas) (Air)
    LED cube keyring with on/off switch Can be printed on 1-6 sides Available air or sea freight


  99. Little Ice Scraper 167368

    Little Ice Scraper
    Little frosted ice scraper. Rectangle model.

    £0.29 EACH

  100. Magic 8 Ball (Overseas) 132836

    Magic 8 Ball (Overseas)
    Magic 8 ball decision maker Can be pantoned matched Print up to 4 spot colours Comes in a white...


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