1. Calculator Clip 241888

    Calculator Clip
    Nine digit clip style calculator.

    £1.59 EACH

  2. Calculator Roll Up 239784

    Calculator Roll Up
    Eight digit dual powered flexible calculator with magnet and supplied in clear tube.

    £3.11 EACH

  3. Calculator Ruler 20cm 248068

    Calculator Ruler 20cm
    Dual powered, 8 digit LCD display calculator neatly combined within a 20cm ruler.

    £2.55 EACH

  4. Calculator Transolar 239782

    Calculator Transolar
    Eight digit dual powered calculator with transparent touch button keypad .

    £2.61 EACH

  5. Slim Calculator 248065

    Slim Calculator
    Slim credit card sized solar powered calculator.

    £1.62 EACH

  6. Vision Calculator 160959

    Vision Calculator
    Your full colour design is held underneath a magnetic transparent window, protecting your final...

    £4.49 EACH

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