1. 8-digit calculator Budd 232609

    8-digit calculator Budd
    8-digit calculator Buddy in a DIN A4 format with dual power

    £6.61 EACH

  2. 8-digit calculator Touc 232611

    8-digit calculator Touc
    8-digit calculator Touchy with rubber-coated orange buttons

    £2.17 EACH

  3. 8-digit dual power supe 232602

    8-digit dual power supe
    Calculator Slim Elegance 8 digits in PU-pouch

    £3.03 EACH

  4. 8-digit dual power supe 232601

    8-digit dual power supe
    Calculator Slim Elegance 8 digits credit card size in PU-pouch

    £2.94 EACH

  5. Arc Calculator 248067

    Arc Calculator
    Dual powered desk calculator with adjustable screen.


  6. Aristotle Calculator 58556

    Aristotle Calculator
    Plastic dual powered (battery and solar) silver 8 digit display desk calculator. Digit display...

    £4.12 EACH

  7. Bendy Calculator 248066

    Bendy Calculator
    Highly flexible dual powered calculator. Available in a bright range of fun colours with high...


  8. Black Solar Ruler Calculator - 12 inch 257631

    Black Solar Ruler Calculator - 12 inch
    8 LCD-Display with Soft-Touch-Buttons, 12inch, powered by 4 eco-friendly solar cells. Individually...

    £3.40 EACH

  9. CA01 Calculator 257075

    CA01 Calculator
    Individually boxed solar powered calculator with full colour printed front face, soft touch buttons...

    £5.65 EACH

  10. Calculator 60181067


    £2.76 EACH

  11. Calculator Buddy 232608

    Calculator Buddy
    Calculator Buddy in a DIN A4 format 10 digits

    £6.61 EACH

  12. Calculator / Card Dispenser 60181052

    Calculator / Card Dispenser
    Calculator / Card Dispenser

    £0.70 EACH

  13. Calculator / Clip 60181079

    Calculator / Clip
    Calculator / Clip

    £0.73 EACH

  14. Calculator / Credit Card Wallet 60181054

    Calculator / Credit Card Wallet
    Calculator / Credit Card Wallet

    £1.81 EACH

  15. Calculator / Memo Pad Wallet 60181061

    Calculator / Memo Pad Wallet
    Calculator / Memo Pad Wallet

    £1.78 EACH

  16. Calculator Myd 241899

    Calculator Myd
    Eight digit desk calculator with coloured trim .


  17. Calculator Nebet 240704

    Calculator Nebet
    Desk calculator. Batteries included.


  18. Calculator Ozone 241952

    Calculator Ozone
    Water powered calculator with dispenser.


  19. Calculator Ozone 229319

    Calculator Ozone
    Water powered calculator with dispenser.

    £4.74 EACH

  20. Calculator Result 241998

    Calculator Result
    Eight digit basic calculator.


  21. Calculator Rollie 239850

    Calculator Rollie
    Eight digit flexible rubber calculator.


  22. Calculator Roll Up 227153

    Calculator Roll Up
    Eight digit dual powered flexible calculator with magnet and supplied in clear tube.

    £3.01 EACH

  23. Calculator Silver-black 167484

    Calculator Silver-black
    Calculator with lockable screen and rubber grip. Includes batteries. Stylish silver with a black...


  24. Calculator "Slim Elegance", 8 digits, credit card size, in PU-pouch 200195350

    8-digit dual power super slim calculator "Slim Elegance" in the size of a credit card with...


  25. Calculator "Slim Elegance", 8 digits, in PU-pouch 200195352

    8-digit dual power super slim calculator "Slim Elegance" in handy size with transparent buttons...


  26. Calculator Swing 167491

    Calculator Swing
    Calculator in a unique design, with round buttons. Size: 144x44x13 mm.


  27. Calculator Transolar 227151

    Calculator Transolar
    Eight digit dual powered calculator with transparent touch button keypad .

    £2.60 EACH

  28. Calculator Transparent 167485

    Calculator Transparent
    Black transparent calculator which operates on solar energy. 8 digits on the screen. Delivered in...


  29. Calculator Water 241945

    Calculator Water
    Water powered calculator.


  30. Calculator WINGMAN 232708

    Calculator WINGMAN
    Rotating calculator WINGMAN in handy size: display is automatically extended and retracted by...

    £2.02 EACH

  31. Calculator with aluminium front, 8 digit 200195341

    Calculator with aluminium front 8 digit
    8-digit dual power calculator with aluminium front and coloured transparent plastic border.


  32. Dart Travel Clock 58576

    Dart Travel Clock
    Folding slim LCD travel clock with alarm date and temperature functions.

    £5.48 EACH

  33. Desk calculator 92075

    Desk calculator
    Attractive dual-power desk top calculator with 10-digit display. With a comfortable keypad and...

    £4.39 EACH

  34. Desk Calculator " Enschede" 188372

    Desk Calculator
    This remarkable PC like dual power- desk-calculator is bound to impress with its PC style keys and...

    £3.99 EACH

  35. Desk calculator " Enschede" 113359

    Desk calculator
    This remarkable PC like dual power- desk-calculator is bound to impress with its PC style keys and...


  36. Easy Grip Calculator 248069

    Easy Grip Calculator
    Flip lid calculator with rubber grips.


  37. Eugene calculator 187268

    Eugene calculator
    8-digit bamboo calculator. Solar powered. Bamboo

    £8.97 EACH

  38. Face-it desk calculator 47474

    Face-it desk calculator
    8-digit calculator and currency converter. Solar powered and battery included. Plastic

    £3.49 EACH

  39. Gauss Calculator 58575

    Gauss Calculator
    Plastic dual powered calculator with black rubber sides and a plastic flip over screen.

    £2.63 EACH

  40. Image Calculator 20194377

    Image Calculator
    The design of this calculator allows your graphics to be printed direct to the inside of the clear...

    £4.02 EACH

  41. Magic Calculator 60181047

    Magic Calculator
    Magic Foldaway Colour Changing Calculator

    £0.90 EACH

  42. Magic calculator 47471

    Magic calculator
    8 digit calculator with hydraulic opening system functioning as back stand. Battery included....

    £1.55 EACH

  43. Manicure Set Beluchi 227401

    Manicure Set Beluchi
    Fice piece manicure set with tweezers, cuticle cutter, nail file and nail clippers in a zipped case.

    £2.80 EACH

  44. Mini desktop calculator, 8 digit 200195344

    Mini desktop calculator 8 digit
    8-digit dual power desktop calculator with slanting screen


  45. Moma Calculator 112473

    Moma Calculator
    Environmentally friendly calculator, made from corn plastic and solar powered. Full functions with...


  46. Morton Calculator 20194376

    Morton Calculator
    A budget-friendly calculator perfect for schools, colleges and offices. Stylish translucent plastic...


  47. Notepad Midas 240030

    Notepad Midas
    Eight digit portfolio calculator in PU folder with note block.


  48. Notepad Midas 227399

    Notepad Midas
    Eight digit portfolio calculator in PU folder with note block.

    £4.53 EACH

  49. PADCAL 220488

    Large size digital calculator with colourful keyboard. ABS casing. 1 cell battery included.

    £7.10 EACH

  50. Pascal Calculator 58569

    Pascal Calculator
    Plastic large white desk calculator wiht 10 digit display.

    £8.22 EACH

  51. Plastic Calculator And Ruler "iceland" 113539

    Plastic Calculator And Ruler
    Dual power (battery- and solar-powered) - ruler with an integrated 8-digits calculator. The surface...


  52. Pythagoras Calculator 23661

    Pythagoras Calculator
    Plastic translucent pocket sized basic function calculator with 8 digit display. Button cell...

    £1.75 EACH

  53. Ruler Calc 23549

    Ruler Calc
    Plastic 20cm ruler with built in 8 digit display calculator. Ruler is marked in centimeters and...

    £2.78 EACH

  54. Ruler / Calculator 60181075

    Ruler / Calculator
    Ruler / Calculator

    £1.05 EACH

  55. Ruler Calculator Profex 240919

    Ruler Calculator Profex
    20cm/8" calculator ruler. Button batteries included.


  56. Single Pencils Princess Made With Swarovski ® Elements 169842

    Single Pencils Princess Made With Swarovski ® Elements
    Black lead pencil embellished with a single crystal MADE WITH SWAROVSKI ® ELEMENTS. Coloured...

    £0.72 EACH

  57. Slimcard Solar Calculator 2017788

    Slimcard Solar Calculator
    A small but effective promotional product, our Slimcard Calculator offers exceptional value for...


  58. Soundz Desk Calculator 187285

    Soundz Desk Calculator
    Large desktop calculator with on/off sound function. 8-digit display screen. Batteries included and...

    £3.44 EACH

  59. Splitz flexible calculator 116461

    Splitz flexible calculator
    Flexible 8-digit calculator with white trim, raised numbers and memory function. Battery included....

    £2.04 EACH

  60. Summa pocket calculator 94299

    Summa pocket calculator
    Colourful 10 digit eco-friendly calculator made of corn. Powered by solar. Corn plastic

    £4.03 EACH

  61. THINNY 220872

    Solar 8 digit credit card size calculator. Presented in black pouch with transparent cover.

    £1.03 EACH

  62. York Calculator Ruler 248070

    York Calculator Ruler
    Dual powered, eight digit LCD display calculator neatly combined within a 20cm/8" ruler.


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