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Business Card Holders

  1. Aluminium Business Card Holder 182468

    Aluminium Business Card Holder
    Light weight aluminium business card holder. Suitable for screen printing and laser engraving.


  2. Aluminium Card Case 95480

    Aluminium Card Case
    Lightweight card case in matt siver finish.

    £3.64 EACH

  3. Blackmaxx Laser Safe RFID Holder 308744

    Blackmaxx Laser Safe RFID Holder
    Graceful business case in perfect combination of materials - Metal housing covered with noble Soft...

    £5.55 EACH

  4. Business Card Holder 90x70x34mm 111800

    Business Card Holder 90x70x34mm
    Business Card Holder 90x70x34mm


  5. Melbourne Full Hide Genuine Leather Business Card Holder 60136848

    Melbourne Full Hide Genuine Leather Business Card Holder
    Made in luxurious soft grained Nappa Leather and holding 96 business cards. The internal pockets in...

    £25.53 EACH

  6. Mosaic Card Case 217512

    Mosaic Card Case
    2 tone patterned lid in shiny and gunmetal nickel plating.

    £9.72 EACH

  7. Westminster Business Card Case 002112088

    Westminster Business Card Case
    Stainless steel with coloured PVC cover. Compact size with easy opening lid. Good branding area for...

    £4.16 EACH

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