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Business Card Holders

  1. Aqua Business Card Wallet 00386619

    Aqua Business Card Wallet
    Liquid filled wallet to hold 8 business or credit cards as standard. Custom liquid colours are...


  2. Belluno PU Business Card Case 00290451

    Belluno PU Business Card Case
    Belluno Business Card Case Colour Collection finished in a soft touch leatherette, which changes...

    £13.70 EACH

  3. Black Garda Card Case 2001105540

    Black Garda Card Case
    Polished nickel card case with imitation black carbon fibre centre section on lid.

    £8.18 EACH

  4. Brent Card Case 2001105372

    Brent Card Case
    Metal card case in matt finish with shiny trim.

    £7.85 EACH

  5. Burlington PU Business Card Wallet 113959

    Burlington PU Business Card Wallet
    Burlington PU Business Card Wallet with gusseted pocket packed in a tuck fold carton

    £7.60 EACH

  6. Business Card Companion 248113

    Business Card Companion
    Exhibition companion with business card holder, 25 sticky notes, 125 page markers and elastic...

    £1.41 EACH

  7. Card Holder Benso 240580

    Card Holder Benso
    PVC business card holder with eight compartments.

    £3.21 EACH

  8. Card Holder Bonus 239989

    Card Holder Bonus
    Aluminium business card holder with clip closure.

    £3.98 EACH

  9. Card Holder Gilber 268835

    Card Holder Gilber
    Aluminium card holder. Coloured lid and silver bottom.

    £6.67 EACH

  10. Card Holder Hektar 240878

    Card Holder Hektar
    Aluminium business card holder with six compartments.

    £6.46 EACH

  11. Card Holder Kanyi 325543

    Card Holder Kanyi
    Antonio Miro soft PU leather business card holder with metal outside plate for laser engraving....

    £13.54 EACH

  12. Card Holder Kazak 240632

    Card Holder Kazak
    PVC card holder with one compartment.

    £0.68 EACH

  13. Card Holder Kunlap 241703

    Card Holder Kunlap
    Antonio Miro leather card holder with 20 plastic sleeve compartments.

    £35.31 EACH

  14. Card Holder Letrix 240633

    Card Holder Letrix
    PVC card holder with two compartments.

    £0.98 EACH

  15. Card Holder Midel 240943

    Card Holder Midel
    PU business card holder with 10 compartments and press stud closure.

    £3.78 EACH

  16. Card Holder Mirror Sofil 325545

    Card Holder Mirror Sofil
    Antonio Miro PU business card holder with mirror.

    £32.12 EACH

  17. Card Holder Mitux 240634

    Card Holder Mitux
    PVC card holder with six compartments.

    £1.46 EACH

  18. Card Holder Rainol 268987

    Card Holder Rainol
    Aluminium card holder. Six compartments. RFID protection.

    £6.67 EACH

  19. Card Holder Talent 241904

    Card Holder Talent
    Microfibre business card holder with space for 144 business cards and elastic closure.

    £15.99 EACH

  20. Card Holder Terun 240674

    Card Holder Terun
    Card holder case with six compartments.

    £3.39 EACH

  21. Card Holder Top 240944

    Card Holder Top
    PU business card holder with 10 compartments on a pivot and press stud closure.

    £3.55 EACH

  22. Card Holder Twelve 239814

    Card Holder Twelve
    PU card wallet with space fo 12 cards.

    £3.30 EACH

  23. Card Holder Vitox 240955

    Card Holder Vitox
    Silicone business card holder with seven compartments.

    £4.78 EACH

  24. Card Holder Wallet Daxu 240770

    Card Holder Wallet Daxu
    PU card holder.

    £13.20 EACH

  25. Classic Business Card Holder 248102

    Classic Business Card Holder
    Slimline chrome effect steel business card holder with textured finish.

    £4.62 EACH

  26. Credit Card Holder. 166257

    Credit Card Holder.
    CREDIT CARD HOLDER Fully lined interior, 6 transparent pockets holding 12 cards stitched in the...

    £5.15 EACH

  27. Credit Card Holder 166239

    Credit Card Holder
    CREDIT CARD HOLDER WITH 6 FULLY LINED CARD SLOTS. Illustrated in Recycled Leather also available in...

    £9.24 EACH

  28. Dallas Card Holder 245047

    Dallas Card Holder
    Heavyweight brushed silver finish holder to hold business cards and paper clips. Dimensions: 25 x...

    £7.74 EACH

  29. Desk Buddy Paper Holder 163435

    Desk Buddy Paper Holder
    This Desk Buddy Paper Holder is perfect for typing notes, business cards and photos.Proven to speed...


  30. Full Colour Card Wallet (express service - 2 side pockets) 200190301

    Full Colour Card Wallet (express service - 2 side pockets)
    Card wallet made from a soft flexible material.


  31. Glass Pen Stand & Card Holder 245106

    Glass Pen Stand & Card Holder
    Green tinted glass, raised section for business cards, recessed area to hold paperclips, shiny...

    £22.87 EACH

  32. Hampton Credit Card Case 002112089

    Hampton Credit Card Case
    PVC card case for credit cards, membership cards, business cards etc. Nicely stitched PVC case...

    £2.73 EACH

  33. ID Card Holder 248126

    ID Card Holder
    Clear PVC ID holder, perfect for attaching to lanyards.

    £0.46 EACH

  34. Leaflet Holders 108718

    Leaflet Holders
    Floor standing, Desktop or Wall mounted leaflet holders. Floor standing holders are supplied with...


  35. Levant Card Case 2001105370

    Levant Card Case
    Black PU and metal card case. Internal mechanism raises cards as flap is raised.

    £7.05 EACH

  36. Lexington Card Holder 245053

    Lexington Card Holder
    Contemporary design with shiny and matt nickel plating. Dimensions: 68 x 110mm Engraving area: 45 x...

    £13.37 EACH

  37. London Card Case 2001105373

    London Card Case
    An all metal card case with heavyweight feel in matt finish which will not show fingermarks.

    £6.03 EACH

  38. Malvern Genuine Leather 96 Business Card Holder 40733427

    Malvern Genuine Leather 96 Business Card Holder
    manufactured in upgraded soft smooth water resistant leather with 96 card capacity and additional...

    £17.49 EACH

  39. Mayfair Card Holder 94604

    Mayfair Card Holder
    Matt and shiny plated desk business card holder

    £10.01 EACH

  40. Metal Business Card Holder "derby" 113553

    Metal Business Card Holder
    Make a great impression and protect your business cards with this sturdy business card holder made...


  41. Mica Card Organizer 245076

    Mica Card Organizer
    Matt Grey with shiny silver trim. 7 card holder sections. Dimensions: 110 x 70mm. Engraving Area:...

    £6.48 EACH

  42. New Como Card Case 2001105375

    New Como Card Case
    Leather card case with polished metal clip.

    £10.39 EACH

  43. Novara Card Case 2001111205

    Novara Card Case
    Black grained PU and metal card case. Internal mechanism raises cards as flap is raised.

    £5.30 EACH

  44. Oyster Card Holder 182478

    Oyster Card Holder
    Oyster card holder made from 300 micron soft PVC with transparent sleeves on the inside covers,...


  45. Pp Colour Business Card Holder 213599

    Pp Colour Business Card Holder
    These budget-friendly folders are available in a choice of eight colours. They are branded to the...


  46. Prestbury Business Card Holder 293739

    Prestbury Business Card Holder
    Business Card Case with gusseted pocket and clear window pocket Manufactured from a high quality...

    £9.08 EACH

  47. Prestbury Credit Card Holder 293741

    Prestbury Credit Card Holder
    Manufactured from a high quality faux leather with 2 scooped pockets on each side and an additional...

    £7.69 EACH

  48. PU Oyster Card Holder 00133438

    PU Oyster Card Holder
    An oyster/credit card holder made in soft grained nappa leather, this product has 2 pockets which...

    £8.24 EACH

  49. Raven Card Case 2001105374

    Raven Card Case
    Metal card case with black chequered lid.

    £4.86 EACH

  50. Sandringham Slimline Card Holder 300174047

    Sandringham Slimline Card Holder
    Slimline card holder suitable for electronic door cards & credit or travel cards.Supplied in a...

    £7.85 EACH

  51. Windsor Card Case 95251

    Windsor Card Case
    Two tone nickel finish with attractive stud design.

    £8.87 EACH

  52. Zenith Card Holder 2001105369

    Zenith Card Holder
    Anodised aluminium business card case that converts to a desk card holder. Available in apple...

    £4.66 EACH

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