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Book Marks & Book Accessories

  1. Adman Bookmark 7043211

    Adman Bookmark
    Fun Character with Bookmark. Large full colour print area.

    £0.48 EACH

  2. Aqua Bookmark 70486239

    Aqua Bookmark
    Make reading more fun! Liquid filled BookMarks are great for children and adults of all ages. A...

    £4.80 EACH

  3. Bonded Leather Bookmark 145317

    Bonded Leather Bookmark
    Gazelle Brand Bonded leather bookmarks, Gold or Silver foil blocked. Available in choice of eleven...

    £0.93 EACH

  4. Book Buddy 253063

    Book Buddy
    The Book Buddy is the perfect accessory to any brandednotebook. Its practical size makes it ideal...


  5. Bookmark 166819

    Bookmark with fringed to one end made from bonded leather in a choice of colours ideal for printing...

    £1.23 EACH

  6. Book Mark 166821

    Book Mark
    Book Mark made to order in the UK finished in soft touch Belluno PU with a real leather look and...

    £1.52 EACH

  7. Bookmark 185x45mm 6023297

    Bookmark 185x45mm
    Square Corner Card Bookmarks185 mm x 45 mm .Printed full colour 2 sides on 380 gsm Card + gloss...

    £0.36 EACH

  8. Bookmark Hirdox 298006

    Bookmark Hirdox
    Bookmark sticky note holder with 15 sticky notes included. Recycled cardboard page marker.

    £0.73 EACH

  9. Bookmarks 291017

    White 0.6mm PVC material. Standard book mark with curved top, 50x90mm with a maximum print area of...

    £2.59 EACH

  10. Bookmark - Shaped Bookmark 307832

    Bookmark - Shaped Bookmark
    Custom shaped bookmark that can be relief moulded or screen printed.


  11. Bookmark Square memo 167638

    Bookmark Square memo
    Bookmark with fifteen sticky notes per colour / size. Notes 5 colours (44X12 mm) and a large set of...

    £0.74 EACH

  12. Bookmarks - shaped 002115150

    Bookmarks - shaped
    White 0.6mm PVC material. standard book mark with bespoke top, 50x100mm. Print anywhere on the face...

    £2.91 EACH

  13. Clips Holder Bomtel 297953

    Clips Holder Bomtel
    Metal holder clips supplied in a transparent box. Page markers in a lightbulb design. 20 clips...

    £6.71 EACH

  14. Clips Holder Oky 297954

    Clips Holder Oky
    Metal holder clips supplied in a transparent box. Page markers in a thumb up design. 20 clips...

    £6.71 EACH

  15. Digital Leather Bookmark 298325

    Digital Leather Bookmark
    Recycled bonded leather bookmark with tassels with a full colour digital print.

    £2.32 EACH

  16. Embossed Foam Bookmark 70813954

    Embossed Foam Bookmark
    Foam bookmark embossed with your details and cut to any shape within 175 x 40mm

    £0.59 EACH

  17. Foam Backed Bookmark 70813991

    Foam Backed Bookmark
    Rectangle Bookmark printed full colour on 1 side with foam backing.

    £0.68 EACH

  18. Folding Magnetic Bookmark 70813992

    Folding Magnetic Bookmark
    Folding Magnetic Bookmark printed full colour both sides with gloss laminate finish.

    £0.48 EACH

  19. Fringed Bookmark. 002111275

    Fringed Bookmark.
    FRINGED BOOKMARK. Available in NewHide Matt PU & Recycled Leather, in standard colours. Also...

    £1.36 EACH

  20. Hampton Leather Book Mark 166822

    Hampton Leather Book Mark
    Book Mark made to order in the UK finished in Hampton finecell leather which has a natural grain...

    £2.23 EACH

  21. Hampton leather bookmark, raw cut. Size 175mm x 40mm 109449

    Hampton leather bookmark raw cut. Size 175mm x 40mm
    UK made in high quality finecell leather in a choice of 5 colours. Embosses beautifully

    £1.32 EACH

  22. Heart Bookmark 172889

    Heart Bookmark
    Never lose your spot again! Solos Heart Bookmark is a durable and delicate looking bookmark made to...

    £8.53 EACH

  23. LILA 220034

    Reading lamp with LED light in clear container. 3 cell batteries included.

    £2.25 EACH

  24. Magnetic Page Markers 62004

    Magnetic Page Markers
    Handy folding magnetic bookmark cut to any shape.Printed full colour.Folded size: 50x45mm

    £0.48 EACH

  25. Metal bookmark 95248

    Metal bookmark
    Metal bookmark in 4 styles, heart, oval, round, rectangle. Bargain for cleaance. Great low cost...

    £0.57 EACH

  26. Philippi - Elephant Bookends 245830

    Philippi - Elephant Bookends
    You love books, good design and in addition, have a playful sense of humor? If all these apply, the...

    £102.56 EACH

  27. Philippi - Eselsohr Bookmark 245838

    Philippi - Eselsohr Bookmark
    The literal translation of Eselsohr is donkeys ear. In English however, it is referred to as...

    £14.40 EACH

  28. Reading Lens With Book Clip "kalkutta" 113352

    Reading Lens With Book Clip
    All in one! This reading lens features an additional book clip and two rulers (inch and cm). We...


  29. Saddle leather Book Mark 166820

    Saddle leather Book Mark
    Bookmark with fringed end raw cut from full thickness saddle leather for a heritage look, ideal for...

    £2.07 EACH

  30. Shaped Folding Magnetic Bookmarks 002103653

    Shaped Folding Magnetic Bookmarks
    Handy folding magnetic bookmark cut to any shape.Printed full colour.Folded size: 92.5mm x55mm

    £0.48 EACH

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