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  1. Biscuit Tube 131813

    Biscuit Tube
    200G BISCUIT TUBE. Filled with Clotted Cream or chocolate chip Biscuits Sealed with a Digital...


  2. Breakfast Biscuits 287067

    Breakfast Biscuits
    A pack of 4 oval shaped crispy biscuits baked from full grain of 4 cereals: wheat barley rye and...


  3. Jaffa Biscuits 287068

    Jaffa Biscuits
    A pack of 7 round biscuits with orange or cherry jelly under a thin layer of chocolate. Supplied in...


  4. Logo Biscuit 149117

    Logo Biscuit
    LOGO BISCUITS - 5-8g Logo Biscuit bespoke shaped as close as possible to your logo embossed to one...


  5. Promo Biscuit 255430

    Promo Biscuit
    A vanilla shortbread biscuit individually flow wrapped and stapled inside a full colour printed...


  6. Shaped Biscuits 244285

    Shaped Biscuits
    A bespoke shaped shortbread or gingerbread biscuit individually wrapped. The biscuits are topped...


  7. Tie-top Biscuit Bags 203845

    Tie-top Biscuit Bags
    200g tie-top biscuit bags (12 biscuits).Flavours available: ginger spice clotted cream ginger...


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