Bespoke Bags

  1. Bag Campax 240990

    Bag Campax
    White laminated non-woven shopper style bag with metal eyelets.

    £2.24 EACH

  2. Bag Carole 240057

    Bag Carole
    Dual coloured Jute bag.

    £4.03 EACH

  3. Bag Dhar 239759

    Bag Dhar
    Jute bag with long handles.

    £4.25 EACH

  4. Bags Lopack 240670

    Bags Lopack
    Set of three laminated non-woven bags.

    £9.53 EACH

  5. Long Handled Jute Bag 248053

    Long Handled Jute Bag
    Long handled shopping bag with gusset, made from Jute.

    £3.46 EACH

  6. Multipurpose Bag Waterpro 239758

    Multipurpose Bag Waterpro
    Multipurpose waterproof bag with carry cord.

    £2.07 EACH

  7. Raincoat Remo 240059

    Raincoat Remo
    Emergency poncho.

    £1.36 EACH

  8. Short Handled Jute Bag 248052

    Short Handled Jute Bag
    Short handled Jute bag with gusset and reinforced cotton handle.

    £3.57 EACH

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