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Beach Items

  1. Air Mattress Donutk 268966

    Air Mattress Donutk
    Inflatable floating ring.

    £23.34 EACH

  2. Air Mattress Flit 268965

    Air Mattress Flit
    Inflatable lilo.

    £33.51 EACH

  3. Air Mattress Pizzak 268967

    Air Mattress Pizzak
    Inflatable pizza shaped lilo.

    £31.21 EACH

  4. Ashtray Cleansand 239688

    Ashtray Cleansand
    Beach ashtray.

    £0.80 EACH

  5. Bag Anubis 240125

    Bag Anubis
    Beach bag made from 600D polyester, supplied with a fishing style hat.

    £7.89 EACH

  6. Bali Beach Ball 298216

    Bali Beach Ball
    Classic inflatable PVC alternate colour six panel beach ball.

    £2.23 EACH

  7. Beach Bag Mat 239772

    Beach Bag Mat
    Beach bag with a pocket for carrying a beach mat (not included).

    £13.06 EACH

  8. Beach Ball 145676

    Beach Ball
    Inflatable beach ball approx. 610mm per deflated panel.

    £7.55 EACH

  9. Beach Ball 145674

    Beach Ball
    Inflatable beach ball. Approx. 305mm per deflated panel.

    £5.98 EACH

  10. Beach Ball 145675

    Beach Ball
    Inflatable beach ball 460mm per deflated panel.

    £6.14 EACH

  11. Beach Ball Anfield 239876

    Beach Ball Anfield
    Spotty beach ball.

    £3.19 EACH

  12. Beach Ball Bennick 297958

    Beach Ball Bennick
    Inflatable single colour beach ball with six panels. Perfect for holidays and pool parties.

    £3.23 EACH

  13. Beach Ball Magno 239896

    Beach Ball Magno
    Large beach ball.

    £4.00 EACH

  14. Beach Ball Nemon 240803

    Beach Ball Nemon
    Beach ball, PVC. 30cm. Deflated size 40cm.

    £3.19 EACH

  15. Beach Ball Portobello 241722

    Beach Ball Portobello
    Classic beach ball.

    £3.21 EACH

  16. Beach Ball Wembley 241900

    Beach Ball Wembley
    Beach ball with football design.

    £3.39 EACH

  17. Beach Ball Zeusty 297957

    Beach Ball Zeusty
    Inflatable beach ball with six panels. Perfect for holidays and pool parties.

    £3.23 EACH

  18. Beach bucket 185000

    Beach bucket
    PP. With 6 beach accessories. 110 x 155 x 90 mm , Bucket: 88 x 89 mm


  19. Beach bucket Bonito 269909

    Beach bucket Bonito
    Material: plasticInformation: 1 bucket, 1 shovel, 1 rake and 2 sand mouldsBranding Method:...


  20. Beach Flip Flops 248030

    Beach Flip Flops
    Standard flip flops. Available in sizes 4-6 and 7-10.

    £5.80 EACH

  21. Beach Mat Baldux 269063

    Beach Mat Baldux
    Polyester beach mat.

    £33.01 EACH

  22. Beach Mat Hansier 269031

    Beach Mat Hansier
    Cotton 125g/m2 beach mat with storage pouch.

    £34.56 EACH

  23. Beach Mat Kassia 297895

    Beach Mat Kassia
    Folding beach mat with carry handles, made from PP plastic. Perfect for relaxing at the seaside...

    £14.76 EACH

  24. Beach Mat Macenas 241778

    Beach Mat Macenas
    Beach mat with carry strap and zip closure.

    £9.81 EACH

  25. Beach Mat Marley 241770

    Beach Mat Marley
    Beach mat.

    £7.53 EACH

  26. Beach mat Monaco 188389

    Beach mat Monaco
    Material: straw, polyesterBranding Method: screen printingPrint Area: On the polyester head...


  27. Beach Mat Reiven 297894

    Beach Mat Reiven
    Roll-up beach mat made from PP plastic. Perfect for relaxing at the seaside during summer.

    £14.58 EACH

  28. Beach Rackets 224953

    Beach Rackets
    High Quality Brand-able Beach Rackets. Various Wooden And Plastic Styles Available. 900cm2 of...

    £5.51 EACH

  29. Beach Rackets Faluk 241160

    Beach Rackets Faluk
    Set of beach bats and ball.

    £7.99 EACH

  30. Beach Rackets Point 241802

    Beach Rackets Point
    Beach bat and ball set.

    £15.52 EACH

  31. Beach Rackets Quadro 239801

    Beach Rackets Quadro
    Beach bat and ball set with padded handle.

    £7.92 EACH

  32. Beach Rackets Selpik 239715

    Beach Rackets Selpik
    Plastic beach bat and ball set.

    £7.94 EACH

  33. Beach Set Mavast 241056

    Beach Set Mavast
    Plastic beach set including bucket, spade and rake.

    £5.10 EACH

  34. Beach Towel 31510396

    Beach Towel
    woven jacquard 450 gsm cotton beach towel. Pantone colour matched, other sizes/weights upon...


  35. Beach Towel 31510418

    Beach Towel
    Printed Velour Cotton 360gsm Beach Towel. Other weights /sizes available upon request. Please...


  36. Bicolour beach ball Key West 113391

    Bicolour beach ball Key West
    Material: PVCNote: phthalate freeInformation: complies to all EU standardsBranding Method: pad...


  37. Chair Cool Bag Xana 240101

    Chair Cool Bag Xana
    Foldable beach chair with cooler bag.

    £38.29 EACH

  38. Chair Copacabana 239930

    Chair Copacabana
    Foldable beach chair with pillow.

    £79.01 EACH

  39. Chair Mediterraneo 241803

    Chair Mediterraneo
    Foldable beach chair with carry handle.

    £78.12 EACH

  40. Classic Beach Ball 248022

    Classic Beach Ball
    Classic six panelled beach ball, available in a range of colour options.

    £2.18 EACH

  41. Cool Bag 901109685

    Cool Bag
    Great sized cool bag - ideal for lunches that need to be kept cool and a great item for children....

    £3.30 EACH

  42. COPACABANA 220546

    Beach flip-flop in polyethylene sole with pvc strap. 2 sizes available, M fits 36-39 and L fits...

    £3.21 EACH

  43. Frisbees 224952

    High Quality Brand-able Snow Frisbees. Various Frisbee Styles Available. 300cm2 of Brand-able Area...

    £4.48 EACH

  44. JANIS 220455

    Beach set in satin polyester includes a beach bag, foldable straw beach mat, racket game and a set...

    £23.84 EACH

  45. Keyring Bracelet Hersan 241276

    Keyring Bracelet Hersan
    Floating keyring bracelet. Suitable for swimming or at the beach.

    £3.62 EACH

  46. LAYDOWN 220951

    Beach mat and bag. Has a pocket on the back. Top surface material is 420D polyester and backing in...

    £39.45 EACH

  47. Mini beach ball Acapulco 113709

    Mini beach ball Acapulco
    Material: PVCNote: phthalate freeInformation: complies to all EU standardsBranding Method: screen...


  48. Mini Beach Ball "bonito" 170135

    Mini Beach Ball
    Small but colourful! Because of it's size this beach ball is the perfect promotional product for...


  49. MONTALBANO 220541

    Cooler bag made with 210D polyester with nonwoven contrasting colour handles.

    £6.42 EACH

  50. Multicolour Beach Ball 248028

    Multicolour Beach Ball
    Large inflatable multicolour beach ball, great for summer promotions.

    £2.16 EACH

  51. Multicolour beach ball Palm Springs 226460

    Multicolour beach ball Palm Springs
    Material: PVCNote: phthalate freeInformation: complies to all EU standardsBranding Method: screen...


  52. Paper Bag - Small 17324

    Paper Bag - Small
    Our SOS Kraft Bags are ideal for your take out customers. Our paper bags are all biodegradable...


  53. Peg Waky 240820

    Peg Waky
    Beach towel grabber.

    £1.34 EACH

  54. Pillow Blisit 297959

    Pillow Blisit
    Inflatable pillow made from PVC. Perfect for use on the beach or on sun loungers.

    £2.25 EACH

  55. PVC inflatable beach ball 262771

    PVC inflatable beach ball
    PVC inflatable beach ball with globe print.

    £4.00 EACH

  56. Soccer Beach Ball 248031

    Soccer Beach Ball
    PVC inflatable football style beachball. Phthalate free.

    £3.53 EACH

  57. Striped Beach Ball 252218

    Striped Beach Ball
    Six panelled beach ball.

    £2.07 EACH

  58. Table Pelmax 241174

    Table Pelmax
    PVC inflatable beach table.

    £7.48 EACH

  59. Towel Pareo Minerva 298054

    Towel Pareo Minerva
    Towel made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester. This towel has a white base with colourful details on...

    £46.23 EACH

  60. VITEE 220255

    Beach towel with bag. 100% cotton. The towel can be folded inside the cotton bag which can also be...

    £19.50 EACH

  61. WORLDY 220962

    Inflatable beach ball with globe design.

    £4.50 EACH

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